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    Exactly! And Rick does what the F he wants. That's what happens when you bang different 50 yr olds ea night after taking them to Max n Erma's for dinner at 3:30pm and taking advantage of that happy hour. Rick's fav line: "Hey baby....you like fitness? How about fitness d*ck in your mouf."
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    I lay this loss solely at the feet out Jeb. Thanks Jeb! 9-0 Bengals if you guys want to lose, ....enjoy! :ninja?:
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    stop acting like you didnt see Cincinnati being featured last night. It was a segment built around "the bungals." That's what you get until you start winning when it matters. It will continue to carry over from season to season until they shut people the fuck up and start making them take notice of something else. They are a historically fucking terrible franchise that have turned lots of things around except for winning in the playoffs. The fucking Texans, thats right, have 2 more wins in the playoffs than the bengals in the past 5 years. Both wins over the Bengals. In addition to that, they have a player, who is very marketable and has been in the discussion as league MVP.....as a defensive lineman! So yes, their team, albeit at 4-5 competing for an AFC South crown and said player on their team is going to be featured. I know, I know, they would never come into Paul Brown stadium in January, during the playoffs, and beat the Bengals right? Couldnt happen...right? I know pal, its inconceivable. How could they, they suck so bad. Tell that to the Texans in 11' and 12, and the Chargers in 13'. Its become expected by everyone outside of this fan base for them to fail. Now, after reading this, i realize you'll go on your pompous rant about fans wishing this, wishing that, to prove their right....blah blah blah. Not at all what im doing. Just a heads up to ya, those outside of this fanbase, dont give a flying fuck about the Cincinnati Bengals. They need to prove it to them or they will continue to disregard them. Fans, "real fans" apparently, will continue to cry about it. None of hit means jack shit. But, whine on as you may.
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    whats bizarre is that you devote so much of the space in your mind worrying about a fucking espn feature and then getting so angry at other people because they dont agree with you and your pompous ass tone.
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    maybe its his ability to have a grown man(i assume) still whining, i mean crying, i mean talkiing, about him the next day. wah wah wah. you dont want cam newton to dance, keep him out of the endzone. You dont want Jose Bautista to have the most epic bat flip ever, dont serve up a fucking gopher ball in a huge game that allows him to hit it 500 feet. You dont want JJ Watt to chop wood and be commercialized, dont let him make plays on the football field. Afterall, that is how he made his brand, amirite? (god, i can believe i just allowed myself to type amirite). as an aside, he's no different than the clown(ochocinco) im sure you cheered on for years. the difference is, Watt isnt an asshole and destructive to his team. Fucking jealousy, its incredible.
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    Straight to the name-calling as usual. It's ok, I'll leave you and JJ alone. For the record I thought it'd be nice if one of our players got profiled for a change, but whatever. Get all assinjured defending JJ Watt if he's that important to you. Bizarre.
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    Yes but we're talking about before & during the game. Did I upset the secret Bengals JJ Watt fan club or something? Yeesh. Belay that nut-swinging, fellas.
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    Dalton wasn't told the complements Watt said, just the joke. Media baited him, and he took it and overreacted while still hot from the loss. All he knew was Watt was making fun of him post game. Should have simply been "I didn't hear it, no comment." I'd expect Dalton to take to twitter to apologize at some point after he sees Watt's full interview.
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    What Andy should have said: "well, it's true. I often play like a red Ryder BB gun in games where the entire nation nation could be watching, and virtually everytime against the Texans. If I don't like what he has to say, I (and my entire team and coaching staff) need to actually play like we care about winning, so It's a Bengal being interviewed after the game, not the opponent"
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    Inexcusable for Hue Jackson to continually allow Winston to go 1 on 1 with Watt. Shouldn't happen after the first 2 or even 5 times he went straight through Winston. Yet, no chips, no double team of Watt.....he was allowed to go to work 1 on 1 against an old, immobile, 2nd string tackle. Results speak for themselves. Eifert really hurt this team last night. Shades of Gresham in the playoff game in Houston. Dalton played a bad game, missed guys, bad throws, not going through progressions when he did have time, played scared and timid which manifested in his body language as well......but Eifert drops were the killer. Even with the bad game Dalton played, which is going to happen from time to time, his skill players need to pick him up, which they didn't. They pushed him further down. As the weather changes, I worry about Dalton. Kevin Huber had his worst game of the year, very un-Huber like performance. Carlos Dunlap was MIA. Geno wasn't himself last night for whatever reason. Dline barely got pressure on Hoyer/Yates. MJ had a nice game, but he's the only one from that unit that did. The penalties couldn't be overcome last night. There were simply too many and they came at the worst time. Dre's hands to the face one was a killer. Completely unnecessary. As soon as I recognized Walt Coleman's voice I knew the refs would have to be overcome as well as the Texans. Texans got away with a few holds, Bengals got away with nothing. Everything called against them that could have been called. First game of the year where the coaches didn't make the proper adjustments at half. Guenther got too cute with his blitzes at times and allowed long 3rd down conversions to Yates. Players late getting to their assignments due to the false alignment to confuse the offense before snap. Hue should apologize to the team after his playcalling and plan in general last night. Good game by Gio, who should get 80% of the snaps. Hill is disappointing terribly right now. Gio plays with an attitude, a chip on his shoulder. Hill, not so much. Offense looks much more fluid, faster with Gio in. Good game by Dre, the defense in general aside from the Dline's lack of consistent pressure. Glad Burfict is starting to look like himself as he gets his legs under him. 8-1 and #2 seed currently is nice, but can't loose to teams you should beat, especially at home. Not when you're chasing a Patriot team that isn't going to lose more than 1 or 2 games if that. On to Arizona....
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    That 31-10 win against cleveberg last week ring a bell?
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    So I'm not going to post all the national articles saying 'same old Bengals,' 'still can't win under the lights,' 'Dalton's a choker,' etc. I don't want to read them and I'm sure MOST of you don't either. As far as I'm concerned, this is just one of those games that happens to all good teams every year. The trick is to not let it become a trend (like it has for Green Bay and Denver). So I'll only be posting national articles about the upcoming game in Arizona this week. If anyone doesn't agree, feel free to post all the negative articles on our own.
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    I never said Dalton had a good game. He was bad, no doubt. But we didn't lose that game because of "Andy's Nerves". Here are my top 5 "Issues" which I don't pin on single coaches/players because THAT is what is just stupid: 1) Having no answer to JJ Watt despite the enormous hype. Really??? Single team him with Winston most of the night??? Continue to do it hoping for a better result??? 2) Halftime adjustments or lack thereof. Hell, go back to what you were doing in the 1st half since at least that was a little better. 3) Not Prepared to play on the national stage on MNF 4) Constantly getting into 3rd and 18's and other dreadful and predictable down and distances, and typically deep into our own side of the field. Penalties, sacks, tackles for loss, etc. Makes the offense really predictable. 5) Blocking in general If you insist on putting "blame" on individuals, which I don't think is accurate/fair, then my top 5 would be: 1) Marvin...get your players ready to play a MNF game 2) Hue...Romeo Crennel kicked his ass and continued to win the chess match all night 3+) Others above Andy would include Eifert, AJ, Huber...Offensive line as a whole...hell I'd put Hill above Andy too...I'm all about effort.
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    Mods: please delete Bengals Forum until next win. TIA.
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    Blame me/Blame you Blues. Figured this would happen.
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    Lemme guess....a red ryder BB gun??? If you watched the game and your #1 takeaway was that we lost the game because of Andy's nerves, I just don't know what to tell you. Andy wouldn't even make my top 5 issues list from last night. Are we starting the Dalton wars again already???
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    Absolutely the highlight of their season to date, but now they are tied for 1st place with a Colts team that is struggling. I would not be shocked to see them win their division. In fact I kind of hope they do and the stars align so we get them at home again. I want revenge.
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    They went from a military silent drill team to something you'd expect at the grand opening of a discount mall. Not a good look for the national spotlight.
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    Does anyone make noise when they go to a game anymore? Most people sat on their asses and clapped gently as to not to disturb the other team. Bengal players over and over again had to try to encourage the crowd noise, which picked up for the 2 seconds after the plea was made, then quickly died down again right before the snap. Bengal fans should get a no 12th man penalty.
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    I would hate to see Andy apologize, he said what he felt and he should stick to it. JJ Watt said what a lot of people around the NFL feel, they don't respect Andy. He has to change that and so far this year he has but the year isn't over and every time they have a bad game the haters will come out and say "told ya so". Everyone doesn't have to get along, it's ok for opponents to talk shit to each other and genuinely not like each other. Hopefully Andy sees all of the haters around the league that laugh it up at his expense uses it as motivation to make them love him...just he did with the booing at the celebrity softball game this summer. Andy has to realize he's a red head QB for a small market team with a history of futility and being the punchline of jokes, no one is going to give them anything..they are going to have to take it by winning, that is the only remedy.
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    I know consistently year in and year out he's been one of if not the top DE in the league. But I guess we can talk him down since he only got his one sack. But hey you know if we respect his play it clearly means we are his biggest fan and looking for the issue of TigerBeat where he dorns the cover.
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    Dont care about the stuff before or during TBH. But you are always cute when you try to play people that disagree with you as fans of the other team. Carry on princess.
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    Seriously?? Man you have lived a deprived life if you have never seen "The Christmas Story"... put that shit on Netflix like yesterday!!!
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    The winning team is always the feature interview after the game. Don't like that, win the game.
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    The entire offense played like chumps save for a few guys...the oline got their asses handed to them all game long, consistently got pushed back and had Andy running thinking about the rush too much. Andy played horrible, his worst game of the season by far. Eifert was choking, dropping catchable passes. AJ needs to toughen up and stop fumbling the ball late in games, instead of bracing for the fall he should have protected the ball. Just a bad game all around, hopefully they will use JJ's taunts as fuel to get better. I want to see some fire from Andy, some anger. Carson was fined for taunting the Seattle bench, if I was his teammate I would be happy that QB is showing the competitive fire that he's so emotional involved that he's talking shit to fans after he scores a late TD. I know Andy is an upstanding Christian man who has great integrity and blah, blah, blah...but if he plays like he did last night no one will care about any of that stuff.
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    Relax, buddy. Nobody is asking you to get rid of your JJ Watt of the Month calendar. Funny you would mention talking about him the next day - after a game where he was just about the only player mentioned - when you so clearly spend a lot more than a day thinking about him. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
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    They have the chance to show that they are for real by coming out pissed off and playing to shut the Cards down this week. Show it was just a fluke game and not that we cant win in primetime. It was one game, lets not make it a trend.
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    Oh nothing, that was a great game by the Houston JJ Watts! JJ Watt also played well plus they got some good snaps from JJ Watt. Not to mention JJ Watt really stepped up against whatever bums he was playing this week, certainly not JJ Watt whoever they were. Too bad the 8-0 home team didn't have any great players & good guys that do things the right way, they should probably sign a guy like JJ Watt or at least change their names. Unfortunately most people have some semblance of a personality and aren't bland & inoffensive walking billboards. Problem? No problem here! So inspiring to see him chopping that wood all alone out there, avoiding the spotlight save for a studio team with two semis full of cameras and equipment. What a motor, amirite? High football IQ for sure. A "smart" player. I wonder how he feels about chicken parm sandwiches? I bet he likes them almost as much as being a good guy that does things the right way. Most people do things the wrong way - I don't know what things or what the right way is exactly but the important thing is that other people are not JJ Watt because he is.
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    Hes a great player and seemingly good guy that does things right way, which makes him very marketable. What the fuck is the problem?
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    WTF? That happened? Feels like we were billed as the Washington Generals for ESPN's JJ Watt special
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    He is being whiny. Its a cornball ass joke. Get over it Andy and move on. Ridiculous.
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    Eifert played like shit. Our so called stellar offense was MIA. Jeremy Hill I'm fucking done with. Put in Terrel Watson or Wilder cause Hill hasn't done fucking shit all season. I don't blame Andy at all, his WR couldn't catch a fucking pass. I hope this wakes them up for the Arizona game or we will be 8-2.
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    Yeah I'm not gonna be posting all the national articles this week about how the Bengals are 'pretenders' how Andy Dalton chokes under the lights, etc. Defense played really well (would have been nice to have a turnover that mattered) but anytime you hold a team to 10 points you should win the game. Dalton didn't play great, but the whole offense shit the bed. Dalton didn't drop 3 passes (one of which would have been a TD), Dalton didn't run block like shit, Dalton didn't fumble the ball as they were driving for the go ahead TD. ON TO ARIZONA!
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    Andy does come off like a whiny bitch in that article, sorry. Unless there's more to what Watt said than what was quoted above that comment doesn't even deserve recognition by anybody. He uses "great" multiple times. Grow a set.
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    Bruce Arians is going to take that recipe of Houston Texans and kick our ass. With no running threat this team is easily contained. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The only thing JJ Twatt did the whole game was get one sack in the second half. Fuck him.
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    Which is why it kind of bothers me that he's the one starting in place of Andre despite spending the first two draft picks on OT's
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    GOOD Gio Bernard-Bernard should be in for 75% of the offensive snaps. He's running better than Hill (by a LONG shot) and is a much larger threat out of the backfield Mike Nugent-Did his job. Put the only points on the board Record-8-1 and in first place Secondary-Specifically Dre Kirkpatrick-Not a fan of his at all but, he played well last night. Iloka had a good one too. Defense-You only give up 10 points, 3.3 YPC, and have 5 tackles for a loss and 3 sacks...you should win BAD Andy Dalton-Had an off night. Not terrible, just off. he's still making way better decisions than past years and is taking better care of the ball Jeremy Hill-I have no clue whats happened to him but I am tired of watching him dance around for 9 weeks. Guy needs to sit down. Lack Of Holding Calls-Multiple times the Bengals defensive line was out right tackled on plays on no calls. Really poor. 3rd Down Efficiency-4/14. Not going to win many games like that. UGLY Tyler Eifert-That was an abysmal performance. 3 drops and terrible blocking. Guy stunk last night. AJ Green-You wanna be the big money man, you can't fumble in the dying seconds. What was worse was him not trying to secure the ball afterwards. Kevin Huber-SUCKED last night. The Bengals got thumped in the field position game thanks to it.
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    JJ Watt showed what a good pass rush can do to Daltons nerves. It's a well known fact that Dalton gets rattled under pressure. It's been Pittsburgh Stealers recipe for years. Add pressure and Red rifle becomes ........ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Eifert possibly had the worst individual game i can remember (aside from 2.0 Andy last year). Three huge drops and an awful blocking effort. Really bad football.
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    Last night sucked. Dalton wasn't great, but he got no help. The O-line did not pass protect well, Jeremy Hill can't find a hole, Eifert had 3 drops and AJ fumbled away Andy's game winning drive. Gio, Nugent, and the defense did their job. But 8-1 is still the best start this team has ever had. Time for Arizona.
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    Just got home... completely deflated. The cliche that keeps running through my mind is "good teams beat the teams they are supposed to".
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    Tyler Eifert either a) read too many of his press clippings, b) had money on the Texans to win the game outright, c) was sick, or d) was playing in a tub of butter on the sidelines.
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