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    Why be hateful? It is only a game. And by the way, the millionaire players on both sides seriously could care less about you and me. I learned a long time ago not to put my identity of who I am to include a sports team, a national brand of clothes, shoes, car, etc. Be your own person. God bless you and your family.
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    We'll give you AJ for a first, Thomas and a player to be named later. I look forward to Hue being fired at the end of the season, coming back to the Bengals for a season, then off somewhere else. We could spend years trading away QBs to Hue coached teams for their first round pick.
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    Anything short of the #2 pick is laughable. I think AJ might compete for the starting job in a year or two.
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    Hue is a fish. Wait him out and he'll come up with a better offer.
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    +1...but... However, reviewable by who/whom??? The same "powers that be" that gave Shazier a free pass and made an example outta Burfict after days of review??? I'm not saying I completely buy the conspiracy theory, but let's just say that I'm a bit skeptical.
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    Darn! Those idiot refs are at it again! If only there was something like a "sports league" or whatever that was responsible for them... Make being a ref sort of like a "job" where your "performance" is "reviewed" and you could be "fired" if you "suck at your job"? Someone should really do something about that.
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    Hobknob says "thanks!!!"...expect to see that in his next article.
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    I hope we hang on to this guy for another season or two.
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    I know I am a Homer. But I would love to have this guy ... PICK 24 Darron Lee - LB, Ohio State: Lee is a three-down linebacker with big-time speed and athleticism. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000624753/article/mock-draft-10-cowboys-pick-qb-wentz-at-no-4?campaign=Twitter_nfl_cfb
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    It has more to do with Mike Brown being a thorn in the side of the NFL.....so I could easily see where the refs are instructed to make an example out of the team whose owner doesn't want to roll over and vote for everything and anything the NFL proposes.
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    Awww. There's an old saying that comes to mind at times like this if I can just think of it........oh yeah, I remember now...Fuck Them!!!
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    Too bad you weren't blinded forever. That would have been funny as hell. Your genetic eye problem more than likely came from your immense inbreeding. You want to talk about needing a psyc eval...what kind of basement dwelling loser has time to troll a forum and publish plagerized psyc evals? You're the true definition of a loser. Go fuck yourself and die. I wish ISIS would take you hostage. I'd run the video over and over as they cut off your fucking head. Eval that dick face.
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    Look at all they had to overcome? C'mon now, don't we share the pain?
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    From the article .... “No one gave us a chance,” Pro Bowl guard David DeCastro said. “All year we just kind of put our head down and went to work. I guess he missed all the Stealer sucking all year. "Most Dangerous Team". "No wants to play them".
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    Since you put it that way. The true answer is Marvin. Watching the AFC games. They should be in AFC champ game hosted in PBS.
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    Nobody "absolutely must go". We are talking about a 12-4 team with the #1 scoring defense in the league, after all. Andre Smith is an easy target, but he's as good as gone. A.J. Hawk could be on the list, but he did exactly what the Bengals wanted him to - fill in at each spot. I doubt he'll be around next season, but if he is, it'll be as depth only. How has Domata Peko not made anyone's list? This friggin' guy... And Emanuel Lamur... Maybe Jim Haslett can teach him to be an impact player. The idea of Lamur as an athletic cover-backer has always been better than ends up on the field.
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    Nothing odd about this, imo, except that it was finally allowed to happen after years of needing to. Vance is the real loss, and he's the one guy we clearly wanted to keep. Hayes and Burke both made lateral moves. You can read from that they were asked to leave. Carrier is just flat out gone. More of the same. Anyone who thinks this defense is great pays too much attention to stats and not enough to what happens on the field. Major fail in big moments, big games, and sadly, as we've seen, big moments when all we need to do is keep the opponent from driving 60 or 80 yards in 90 seconds. And that predates this season by a long stretch. Let's also keep in mind that Guenther has now fully settled into his spot, and may have decided that he had the leverage/clout/bona fides to remake the coaching staff in his own image. One thing's for sure, the whispers about lack of discipline were focused on this side of the ball, and given the character blemish tarnish (much of it either unwarranted, trumped up -- or nothing to be ashamed about, in my book) following the playoffs, Mike Brown may have had some demands. Things were eerily silent from this team early this week, and you just know some things were going down. Now, if we can only turn our focus and take the same approach on the other side of the ball. And let's start with our vastly overrated O-Line. It's painful watching so much draft capital continually regress. Let's hope Paul Alexander is next.
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    As long as it has seats facing the pitch, and enough seats for everyone who wants to see, then I don't give a stuff about the rest of the shenanigans that count as a stadium "getting old". They're steal concrete structures with plastic seats right? I don't see the Buckeyes asking to move because their stadium is older than the NFL, and I'm pretty sure they don't struggle to fill it.
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    Which brokerage do you work for?

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