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    Dude...we have threads discussing this very topic ad nauseam, we don't really need anyone starting a brand new one. Also, if you're gonna link articles, you might want to find something more legitimate than "The Game Haus." Looks like some 37-year old who lives in his mother's basement jotted down a bunch of frustrations, based on so much that has already been hashed out in the court of public opinion, grabbed himself a domain, and thought he'd start a revolution. Welcome to the board.
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    Why be hateful? It is only a game. And by the way, the millionaire players on both sides seriously could care less about you and me. I learned a long time ago not to put my identity of who I am to include a sports team, a national brand of clothes, shoes, car, etc. Be your own person. God bless you and your family.
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    False. 12 4th quarter comebacks say otherwise. Forget Baltimore and Seattle in this year alone? His 12 rank: 1 behind Wilson Tie Cam Newton 2 ahead of Rodgers and Luck Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    If Andy had played, there would have been no need for a 4th Quarter comeback. Indeed, had he played the entire December, there would have been no Stealer game in January.
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    People are severely overrating McCarron if they think he's worth the #2 overall pick in the draft. The "should have won a playoff game" stuff is ridiculous. TJ Yates actually won a playoff game. Nobody's giving up a top 5 pick for him. And McCarron was thoroughly mediocre in the Pitt game. We were getting shutout after 3 quarters against one of the worst pass defenses in the NFL for fuck's sake. He's worth slightly more than a 3rd rounder and I'd pass on that offer, but nobody's going to give up a top 5 pick for him. That's insane.
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    Does anyone really feel like if Andy was healthy, the Bengals would have crashed the Manning-Brady party? Neither of those teams really look deserving of a Super Bowl.
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    We'll give you AJ for a first, Thomas and a player to be named later. I look forward to Hue being fired at the end of the season, coming back to the Bengals for a season, then off somewhere else. We could spend years trading away QBs to Hue coached teams for their first round pick.
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    http://thegamehaus.com/2016/01/18/marvin-lewis-must-be-fired-so-the-bengals-can-take-the-next-step/ Lewis can't control his players, and it's his fault! I'm a Bengal fan, and can't stand him anymore. I wanna know what Bengal fans have to say
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    It not like he's been accused of faking before...except by his own coach. The drama queen started pulling this crap in his rookie season. http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/sports/football/nfl/Stealers/2005-01-26-cowher-ben_x.htm
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    glad to see the irrational hate is still alive
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    I would take their 2nd rounder (which is basically a 1st rounder at #32 overall). McCarron is going to be a free agent after the 2017 season and I'm sure he'll want to go somewhere and try to start at that point. So all we're really giving up is two years worth of having a pretty good backup QB. Two years of a good (and cheap) backup QB definitely has value, but so does 4 cheap years of a 1st round talent we could grab at #32. To add some context to the conversation, I just googled up a 2-round mock draft and here are some of the players currently going in the 27-40 range: LB Jaylon Smith LB Darron Lee S Vonn Bell WR Josh Docstson CB Kendall Fuller DT Jarran Reed I'd trade 4 years of any of those guys for 2 years of McCarron
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    I'm not the best future teller but honestly I think AJ will surpass Dalton in terms of playoff results if he stays in Cincy. I wouldn't trade him to the Browns unless it's for multiple 1st and 2nd rounders.
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    1. Marvin Lewis has the best winning % of any coach the Bengals have ever had. 2. Marvin Lewis is (by record) the best coach the Bengals have ever had. 3. Marvin Lewis just led the team to 12-4 and an AFC North title. 4. He deserves an extension before a firing. 5. Marvin Lewis has the team in the playoffs 5 years in a row, something only 2 other teams have done. 6. Marvin Lewis is one of the 5 best coaches in the entire NFL by almost any measure you want to use.
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    Way to make Post #1 memorable, Timmy.
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    Anything short of the #2 pick is laughable. I think AJ might compete for the starting job in a year or two.
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    Too late. Sorry. I already sold them to a Stealer fan.
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    There are so many differences between TJ and AJ it's not even funny. First off career TD-INT ratio is 6-2 for AJ and 6-8 for Yates. Completion % is 66% for McCarron and 58% for TJ. Passer rating is 97 for AJ to 74 for Yates. Plus the fact Yates didn't win any individual or conference awards in college in the weak ACC whereas AJ won 3 national championships, 1 BCS Offensive MVP, Maxwell Award and Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Trophy. He only slid down the draft board because Alabama's QB reputation and apparently he was really cocky in interviews and even said when asked what he was good at "winning" ? Or maybe it was the chest tattoo. Anyway, what I think is that QB's are the most variable crapshoot of the NFL draft. Bengals can draft a quality LB and some other need positions and still be in a good position to be #1 seed. AJ was in both games against Denver and Shittsburgh. Played pretty good for a de facto rookie in my book since he missed 6 weeks and didn't play any his first year. He's shown enough in my book to have the Bengals at least see what he's got before they trade him to a division rival. I think we can all agree that if Dalton goes down and AJ isn't there, the Bengals won't make the playoffs.
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    Because I like your pro-Bengals posts (ArizonaRising), I'll mention this: We have been through this over and over in this subforum. Rarely in J&D is anyone going to change anyone's mind. Most of us post here to vent, cheer each other on, or to boo the opposition. Opinions are already formed. Chew on this: My girlfriend, who grew up under actual bona fide communism, thinks Atlas Shrugged is a diatribe against cronyism, not socialism. Put that in yer pipe and smoke it. Oh, and Rand Paul is my senator. He does not represent my interests.
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    And then acted like they got roundhouse kicked by Chuck Norris when an empty beer can hits the bottom of the cart?
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    There is a huge difference between his value to the Bengals vs. holding out on a hypothetical trade with a division rival, and his actual draft value. None of these things are remotely close to each other, and anyone who equates them (not necessarily you, dude) is a fucking idiot.
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    I couldn't tell if it was AJ Hawk or Caleb Miller out there this year. One of those situations where you actually have to take notice that he's out there to notice he's out there. Hawk needs to go.
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    His labia was torn pretty bad too.
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    Seems simple to me. Lower your head and leave your feet. Outside tackle box or in open field. PENALTY. Then fine/suspend accordingly. There's very little difference in the Mitchell/Eifert and Shazier/Gio and the one above. Very dangerous and always have been dangerous. Basically using the helmet as a weapon when the defender could easily run through the player.
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    Come on dudes,they had just reattached his head after that despicable hit from Burfict. They had to get him to the life support as quick as they could.
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    I'm down for adding another head hunter to the LB core. Don't back up, stack up.
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    All I can say is Pacman has mastered the art of trolling. Shamed AB into not playing, Stealers lost. That's what I call mental warfare.
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    It's catering. The first drive they went deep, it was nowhere near the receiver. Nancy Pantz and Extreme Deep V Neck Sweater absolutely gushed over how he was able to throw it that far, "he even overthrew him!" while showing 3 replays and different angles of said incompletion.
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    With Duke losing again and about to fall out of the top 25 this is a real bad week for stealerz fanz. When do Yankees pitchers & catchers report?
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    if you haven't paid attention to the Steelers, this has been Rapistbergers M.O. Cry about how bad he is hurt all week then ride out on his white stallion to win the game dramatically so everyone can sing how tough and awesome he is to overcome such adversity!
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    Honestly I feel like if we had a healthy Andy their would have been no 4th quarter comeback. Dalton gets impatient and makes mistakes where it seems AJ stays cool as ice and that is what it takes to come back. Dalton has cracked under pressure every time in his Bengals career.
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    I don't see how they could trade him. In just one 4th quarter he has shown more hope and promise than Dalton has in four post season games and AJ only had a few games under his belt as opposed to Dalton who had season upon season to prepare for his playoff flops.
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    Domata Peko Long before the playoff game got out of hand, Peko got a 15 yard penalty for running out onto the field. Let's face it, Peko is an average player at best. Sims played better most of the year. The argument for his continued tenure is his "leadership". What kind of leader gets his team -15 trying to run out on the field in his coat to needlessly bump another player? What message does that send to his teammates? Burfict and Pac - Heat of the moment. High emotions. Not forgivable, but understandable. Domata Peko - Thought he was being fucking cute. Did something stupid for no reason. If there's one idiot I don't want to see in stripes next year, it's Peko, and I've defended him in years past.
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    Andy goes to Southern California to work on his mechanics and footwork. House isn't going teach him anything about reading defenses, developing situational awareness of the pass rush, perfecting his play-action fakes, or his ability to move and find receivers when a play breaks down. That's the job of quarterbacks coach.
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    Yeah and Pacman didn't throw a punch at Porter nor did Nelson and their cock-faced, hair-pulling mongrel of a coach. Not only does her tone suck, her logic is deeply flawed and based on events that didn't happen.
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    Hue is a fish. Wait him out and he'll come up with a better offer.
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    I think I hate Tomlin more than Cowher and Noll combined.
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    +1...but... However, reviewable by who/whom??? The same "powers that be" that gave Shazier a free pass and made an example outta Burfict after days of review??? I'm not saying I completely buy the conspiracy theory, but let's just say that I'm a bit skeptical.
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    Darn! Those idiot refs are at it again! If only there was something like a "sports league" or whatever that was responsible for them... Make being a ref sort of like a "job" where your "performance" is "reviewed" and you could be "fired" if you "suck at your job"? Someone should really do something about that.
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    Hobknob says "thanks!!!"...expect to see that in his next article.
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    Adidi Slumdogwhore needs to get back in the Stealers locker room quick before Rapistberger realizes she chew through the bathroom stall zip ties.
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    I hope we hang on to this guy for another season or two.
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    I'm glad you mentioned #77. I thought he had a bad year plus a few costly penalties. I can't remember the game, but there was a long completion to AJ or Marvin Jones down the left sideline that was called back because of a hold by him. If you watch his blocking technique, he could be call for holding against every speed rusher he has faced. I can see now why the Bengals were reluctant to give him anything more than a one year extension. Maybe the reason for his down year could be in correlation to dropping weight in order to line up as a WR on gadget plays
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    I know I am a Homer. But I would love to have this guy ... PICK 24 Darron Lee - LB, Ohio State: Lee is a three-down linebacker with big-time speed and athleticism. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000624753/article/mock-draft-10-cowboys-pick-qb-wentz-at-no-4?campaign=Twitter_nfl_cfb
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