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    Watching Mike Zimmer today just makes me even more sad about what could have been. His passion on the side lines is undeniable, and for me, that is the biggest flaw Marvin has. Getting in players faces, letting the refs know how he thinks about certain calls and not looking like a deer in the headlights is something is so refreshing to see. And it helps he built his team into a contender as well. Sigh...
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    Since Dalton entered the league in 2011 only 7 NFL QBs have more tds (124), passing yards (18008), and a higher passer rating (88.4) than Dalton.RodgersBreesBradyRoethisbergerRiversRyanStafford Since 2011 Cam Newton is the only QB with more rushing tds and among QBs with at least 2500 attempts only Drew Brees has fewer fumbles. So far Wentz is nothing more than a one year wonder and his passer rating this year (103.4) is not as good as Dalton's best season (106.2). Since 2011 only 9 QBs have had a higher single season passer rating than Dalton had in 2015. But all of that aside, please explain how Brandon LaFell ranks higher among WRS than Dalton does among QBs.
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    Wasn't that playoff game you refer to a fiesta of made and missed field goals in one of the coldest games ever played in the history of the game against the Seahawks? I'd still rather have Zimmer, and I don't care about the comparisons to Marvin. Zimmer's players love him and live and die with him. Marvin's players are "meh". Can't the Thanksgiving games be flexed to reflect good matchups like they do for Sunday night games? FFS, Thanksgiving has GOT to be the NFL's biggest rated set of games every season. Even if people aren't watching the TV's are tuned into them for background noise.
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    Palmer was not drafted with the first pick to make Jon Kitna a better QB. Kitna was terrible here. Maybe if he had not started the season 1-4 in 2003 we would have made the playoffs. Oh, and shitting the bed against 4-11 Cleveland at home with the playoffs on the line?? Get fucking real. Marvin has failed here. Get over it. Marvin's claim to fame will be that he sucked less than the other guys.
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    I laughed when he put his face through a car. Fuck that guy, he's a POS in ways that have nothing to do with football (other than keeping him out of prison). I hope a bird shits in his mouth every time he opens it.
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    Agreed, & the trailers really didn't do it justice. (it makes sense if you've seen it, trust me)
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    You're cherry picking your stats.You're making your judgement on a single game,the Jets.How'd he do in his next game against the Dolphins?Here,let me help-53.3 rating.The game after that against the Ravens,a whopping 43.4.The Stealers next-52.1.The Browns-63.2.The Monday Night game against the Broncos-he did ok,didn't lose the game with an 85 rating.Titans-65.4.Game EIGHT-Dallas-94.8,better.Game nine,Redskins-63.7.Game ten Stealers-82.9.Game ELEVEN,the game imho where things really starting slowing down for him,101.4.Game twelve was his monster game against the Ravens on the road where he absolutely torched them in a great comeback-127.1.Game 13,the game where was injured and lost for the last three games,Patriots-110.1. So to summarize his stats with his first game against the Jets being the lone exception were mediocre twice,and freaking terrible the other seven games.His last three games before getting hurt were,101.4,127.1,110.1.Notice a trend there? I'm not disputing the Bengals would have likely finished worse under Palmer in 2003,but all that means is that the Bengals would have a worse record and NOT make the playoffs...just like they failed to do under Kitna.The point I'm trying to make,is that it stands to reason that if the Bengals start Palmer in 2003,we would have have seen 2005 Palmer a season earlier,and most likely have made the playoffs in 2004.
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    I thought exactly the same, keeping Zimmer on our sidelines was a no brainer.
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    Your right, the coaching staff was having a hard time trying to figure out if the 6-5 230lb Heisman Trophy winning, pro offense set trained, USC record shattering, #1 oveall pick QB was better than the 6-2 pixie handed noodle armed reject from Seattle. Kitna got dumped for Matt Hasselbeck for Christ's sake. I am sure giving Carson the starter's job in 2004 took countless weeks of analysis, debate and trips to a Tarot card reader.
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