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    Yeah guys, let's cool it with the Fat Randy jokes.... everyone knows the camera adds 50-60 lbs
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    Looks like it was an injury waiver.
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    I imagine he will be active just for depth. Rawls gives them a RB with experience (unlike Walton or Carson) and he is a very physical runner. He's had trouble staying healthy and broke both his leg and ankle in Seattle. The Jets had him in training camp this year and released him in final cutdowns so it's not like he's been sitting on the couch all summer.
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    Thanks for the heads up. Not on locally for me either:
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    If it's any consolation, I heard that "Billy" was being sent down to The Villages to rehab.
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    https://www.cincyjungle.com/2018/9/19/17878872/nfl-free-agents-bengals-sign-thomas-rawls-waive-tra-carson Pulled a hamstring in practice Monday
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    I blame this all on Rick!
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    This is a good move. He's bounced around the league but has become a consistent kicker for the Bengals. Nugent missed an extra point Sunday for the Raiders in a game they lost by 1.
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    I remember that game. It was my oldest son's first Bengals game. What a great comeback that was against the defending SB champs. And fuck Mike Mitchell.
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    Fuck Mike Mitchell. Burfict should kick his ass on sight.
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    $$$$, of course. There are a handful of teams that are the major earners for the NFL & everyone gets a cut. Goodell is a lackey to those same owners, so any change to the status quo is seen as potentially killing the cash cow. Pittsburgh starting the season 0-3 is bad for business, and the possibility of them being eliminated from playoff contention in October probably keeps him up at night. It's sports entertainment - a fair playing field, who wins and who loses, that's all secondary at best if it even enters the equation. His job is to find ways to make the NFL more money and do media/public opinion damage control. That's all.

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