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    Also ESPN: "Can we induct Ben Rapistburger into the HoF now or do we still have to wait? Here's an hour-long Ben Rapistburger clip show where we try to fit his balls entirely in our own mouths!"
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    You missed the point: forget Hue and insert the who-the-hell-is-this-guy passing game coordinator. Is average John Q going to race down and buy season tickets in anxious anticipation? The Quitter being #1 overall did not have an immediate effect on people in the seats. Again, being there, I didn't see much change one way or the other until the following year. The difference was negligible to the negative pre and post David Shula 1992-1993. So, to head off one of your cherry-pick stat or opinion piece, let's just say that the average fan will no more buy tickets in anticipation of any coach this side of someone who is already known and successful. If/when winning starts, then they may return--although with the product quality of the NFL, even that is a dubious prospect.
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    Ask Bronco and Colt fans what they think of Josh McDaniels and you'll drop to your knees thanking the stars above this "punk" won't come anywhere near Cincinnati.
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    And you should see that guy get ketchup out of a bottle. Pure poetry.
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    Will never get this Zimmer worship. Or this Hue hate. I just conclude that, at least the hate part, will be transferred to the next David Shula around these parts this time next year.
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    Well crap, Kenny likes him, now I don't want him.
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    That’s good and all but can he be a good head coach for this club??
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    Bieniemy is a Good Guy. He got me tickets and field passes when I went to the Bengals/KC game this year, and came over and said hi to my wife. She's a Huge KC fan. I thought that was really cool!
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    If you all haven't seen this yet, please consider this my gift to you all for this holiday season. Feel free to watch on repeat until it no longer brings a smile to your face. https://www.barstoolsports.com/dmv/i-cant-get-enough-Stealers-reaction-videos

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