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    Sounds epic. All it lacks is someone calling Chick Ludwig a creepy little jock-sniffer.
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    I compare Hines Ward to a sack of rhinoceros cocks
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    I belive 4 years in a row which had never been done before
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    True, but when the other team is getting away with trying to cripple them they're probably more concerned with defending themselves. It's not really a football game at that point. This is why I'm not jealous of Shitsburgh; they cheat so they didn't really win anything. If we're playing a high stakes game of Candyland and I hit you with a brick, that doesn't mean I won the game.
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    If he had his head on straight could have been an all time great.
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    The Patriots wouldn’t be in the Super Bowl without one of their 6th round picks.
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