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    He’ll get a Super Bowl ring. He'll probably drop it.
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    I wish I could give this more thumb up! Rex Burkhead actually contributed unlike Fumbleina. Imagine being the 2nd best former Bengals running back on the Pats after being the 3rd best RB on the actual Bengals.
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    Is that Kyler Murray in the Bengals huddle??
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    Is there an update? You know, Fox News?
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    I have no intention of ever touching are saying anything bad about the lovely wife of our future backup or possible starting QB. She is a hard working role model for all women across this great country. She is an avid fisherman and won the Miami Dolphin Foundation charity fishing event with a 19lb tuna. She also loves to shoot her AR-15 with her husband and has two children. Total respect.
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    I am sorry but Mrs Tannehill err I mean Ryan Tannehill MUST become a Bengal.
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    Hey this guy has a pulse! Maybe even a little bit of a temper. That is both new and (re)fresh(ing).
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    after 16 years, anything that's not Marvin should really be considered.. "fresh and new" ..
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    Loving the energy & enthusiasm. No tired voice, no bags under his eyes, no 100 yard stare and so forth that way.
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    I didn't have problem with it, thought it was funny.
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    I hope it's better than the 2nd. I watched the entire season and can't really remember anything about it.

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