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    Some of you are straight hilarious! You bitched for YEARS about wanting change, and NOW that it's here, you want to BITCH about how it is occurring.
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    Hey, Michael. I just got an email from Zac Taylor. He said for me to tell you to shut the fuck up and let him do his job.
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    22 veterans kill themselves a day. All are brave. Brave people have mental health problems. They need people to care about them when things are going wrong and to be brave and step up in difficult and awkward situations. This is the exact type of guy I wouldn't want anywhere near anyone I cared about. Doesn't seem to have learned a thing from his mistakes. I agree 100% this is an indictment on Zac.
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    I agree, although I might try to slide a team option in for a 2nd year.
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    Pacman was definitely a fuck-up. Some combo of anger issues/lack of self-control. Wouldn't surprise me at all if he is suffering from some CTE-related issues as well. Lumping Burfict in with a guy fighting with & spitting on cops doesn't seem very fair.
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    No argument there. I look forward to seeing who becomes the new league scapegoat. Hopefully they play for a different team.
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    Burfict is a homebody that hangs out with his woman and dog. WTF are you smoking dude? Burfict is a thug because the Stealers got butthurt? What happened to all your ITS FOOTBALL tough guy shit? Every black man you find intimidating isn't a gangster by default.
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    You sound like the type that was pushing for Marv to get a 10 year contract extension.
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    Behind the Scenes With Coach Turner: https://www.captiongenerator.com/1276692/Behind-the-Scenes-With-Coach-Turner
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    Hey adult psychos are needed amongst the kid coaching staff. Get a little blood in there...
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    This is silly. Bringing in veterans makes complete sense because it's the toxic masculinity that leads to these people feeling week for having emotions and seeking help that attributes directly to their deaths. The same one that says these are grown men playing football and they shouldn't have emotions. Coaches at literally every level will make much more of an impact on their players lives if they focus on them as humans before players.
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    You don't have to diagnose their psychosis to try to create an atmosphere that is safe, where a worker can be vulnerable enough to grow which is the best case scenario to lead to success for the entire team. You don't have to be their counselor. All you have to do is show you care enough about them that your invested in them holistically. The beginning of every good team is a good climate and atmosphere where people buy in. Where people are not afraid to take risks and grow. He not only didn't create that he did the opposite.
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    Are you fucking kidding me? Fuck you for bringing veterans into a conversation about two huge grown men getting in trouble for teasing each other. You should be ashamed of yourself.
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    This idea is toxic and problematic in a bunch of different ways. The idea that someone is tough so he can be treated poorly just doesn't jive with a rational society. Your job or size doesn't insulate your brain from how it fires, it doesn't insulate how you were conditioned growing up, it doesn't insulate what it tells you. The more we recognize that the more people will feel comfortable getting help. Luckily your mindset is going the way of the dinosaur and young people are embracing this idea. There is nothing strong about bullying someone. No staff was witch hunted. The staff couldn't handle what should have been a simple situation. A quality coach diffuses this. Not only did Turner not diffuse it. HE TOOK PART IN IT.
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    I am assuming your just trolling. 2 of his players had mental health issues, he did a terrible job coaching them, acted like he played no role in it whatsoever and the line was bad. I cna't imagine a worse hire. A brave tough guy would have actually tried to help these guys instead of avoiding responsibility to save himself.
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