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    This is exactly what goes through Hart's head before the ball is snapped
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    1 hour Offense Tackle Cameron Fleming If anyone wants what I'm smoking, c'mon over!
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    Nothing like having your ESPN team reporter constantly troll you. She sucks. And not in a good way.
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    Bortles will be free. That’s right in the Bengals’ price range.
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    I got nothing but respect for Hart. 7th rounder stepped up and played the entire year because our 1st and 2nd rounders sucked shit. He worked hard and is good enough to be a backup in the NFL while most of his fellow 7th rounders are working at the Sun Glass Hut. That said paying him $21mil for 3 years is on a Front Office that fucked up trying to salvage a shit draft by keeping Ced and Fisher an extra year. Hart didn’t make that offer to himself.
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    This is the worst move in Bengals free agency history. I am absolutely fucking floored by what a colossally terrible move this is. It reminds me of when they tagged Stacy Andrews in 2008...but worse. This guy is dog shit. My very slight hopes of free agency upgrades have already been crushed. Fuck this fucking team.
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    Duke Tobin Sighting!!!
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    No I mean I'd rather have a great player that gives me something than a shitty player that gives me shit.
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    I'd rather have a great player that is injured, than one that sucks and is always on the field.
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    Overhaul? Do the Vikings not know it takes 10 years to overhaul your OL?
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    Ok, here goes: 19 hours defense LB Kwon Alexander
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    People keep telling others to move on, but "moving on" doesn't guarantee "upgrade". No draft pick or FA signing is guaranteed. We know what Eifert is "when healthy". And yeah he hasn't been healthy much, but I'd rather take the chance on a low risk high reward contract with him and hope he remains healthy than move on and hope for someone else to be better or stay healthy. ETA:Plus one of my twins loves Eifert and just got his jersey for Christmas last year!!!
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    Am I supposed to be mad at AB for quitting on the Stealers and then milking the Raiders for all he can get? He's a douche for plenty of other reasons but, I mean.. fuck the NFL's money.
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    if 2015 was his peak, it's only because management fucked him over by allowing all of the talent surrounding him at that time to walk away. He was a legit MVP candidate that year until his injury. The only thing that's changed since then is the lack of Eifert, Marvin Jones, Kevin Zeitler, Andrew Whitworth and a beast of a LB wearing #55 leading the defense.....and then who replaced them all? That's the only difference between Andy then and Andy now, IMO.
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    Exactly. Going with a young staff light on experience hasn't been tried before with this franchise and nobody can predict what it's going to look like. Frankly, if Taylor matches the 8-8 record Marvin had as a rookie, I expect most will be disappointed. I don't know if that's fair since it would be an improvement from the last three seasons and Taylor is a first year head coach. All I know is that I can't write him off before we even get to see any results on the field.

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