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    Consensus seems to be that picking Sample at #52 was a reach. The Bengals didn't think he'd last another round so they took him earlier than most expected (including Sample himself). It doesn't make it a terrible pick. His blocking ability is unquestioned. He tested well at the combine and has shown good hands despite limited chances. There was a need at TE and clearly they weren't banking on Eifert when they drafted Sample as early as they did. For now, I'll drink the kool aid and believe what they've been saying about scheme fit and Sample's upside as a pass catcher.
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    Discuss. Please don't name any 1 person to more than 1 position.
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    New England Patriots - 2014 - Jimmy Garrapolo - 2nd round. New England Patriots - 2106 - Jacoby Brissett - 3rd round Fucking morons, those Patriots.
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    The NFL just announced that Vontaze Burfict will never ever be suspended again.
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    Yeah maybe, when I read about the madam & her Magic Fingers Salon businesses or whatever it sure sounded like the typical human trafficking supply chain, registered owners kept changing & they were deporting people. I am skeptical of retractions from local law enforcement where billionaires and presidents are concerned.
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    If I’ve learned anything in my life it’s that if Michael Jordan is one of your guards you are going to score a lot of points and win a lot of championships.

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