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    If you zoom in there are a few letters I can make out. b R O w N F a M i l YG e T sR i C H e R.
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    I'm posting updates because I am excited - if you are still reading this thread, hope you are interested. Tour was way cool - though I was starting to get disappointed until we stepped on the field. Did 4 40 yard dash races with my sons... still beat them. Didn't get to go in the weight room, it was being used. Saw the new German fellow doing squats. Only got to see the visitor locker room, but still cool. Tour guide was a sweet lady named Sue. Decided to have lunch at Moerlein. Really tasty. Based on what we've heard here, and your suggestions, going to pass on Montgomery Inn. I do like the sauce, but I can get that in Kroger in Houston. Boiled ribs are common and gross - they do it because the meat falls off the bone. Pass. Will probably take the wife to Knockback Nats - have heard good things. Tomorrow will take the fam to Skyline. Want to share with you some pics of our trip to Koch's. So you all know I didn't come here to fuck around.
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    Mike Brown wanted to just turn in black sheets of paper to save on marker ink and the cost for someone to mark out all the words.
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    100% agree and the sauce isn't that great either. BOILED RIBS?! What kind of joyless degenerate prison cafeteria shit is that? IDK how this place got to be some kind of destination but even a chain like City BBQ makes me wonder how Monkeymeat Inn stays in business. YOU AIN'T FANCY MFER
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    Warning about Montgomery Inn. Living in Texas you're probably used to real BBQ. Montgomery Inn isn't. They boil their ribs and cover them in sauce. The sauce is good, but after leaving Cincinnati and having real BBQ I don't like MI anymore. Except the sauce.
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    I see what you’re trying to do there, but your attempt fails when the article specifically states that no other NFL team has one.
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