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    There's 1:10 of my life I will never get back again and could have been put to better use...
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    Eh, I think they did at first. I was watching this yesterday, not realizing it was from this site...
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    Karnak says the Bengals must have won the scrimmage...as the comments are tinged positive?
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    making the team was never in question Hell..he's in the top 4 receivers, besides being amazing on teams
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    I'm in Va so I have the game on TV with the redskins announcers
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    no way a kicker is making a field goal or extra point in this town! so much spin there's no chance.
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    Forget everything I said about reducing the # of preseason games. In fact I think we could use a couple extras.
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    Things I like about the Taylor regime so far: Moving fellas around on the depth chart, creating even more, fair competition within position groups Seemingly, honestly, trying to figure out who to scheme based on existing and developing skill sets (the old way was counter to this: get talented guys, make them fit a specific mold)
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