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    We know its there. We are all being affected in some way or another. We are all friends. Would like to know what is going on and how others are affected. That said, I would like to wish nothing but good health and all that goes with it to all, your families and loved ones.
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    What a totally eerie feeling not having any sports to watch, lacrosse to officiate, teams to coach or high school games to go to. Hasn’t been this way for 25 years.
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    Didn't our former head coach and current co-defensive coordinator (whatever the fuck that means) of the ASU Sun Devils once say that any team would be glad to have Andy Dalton? Could be why hes co-defensive coordinator at ASU.
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    Not to mention I think we have a need for 2 more LBs.
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    Reshan Jones Antoine Bethea Alec Olgetree are targets.
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    Yeah and in those same 4 years JJ Watt had 21.5 sacks and 16 of them came in 1 season! lol Watt, Mercilus and Clowney didn't have big sack numbers during Readers time with the Texans. Readers rookie year, (2016), Watt missed 13 games with a back injury. 2017 Watt missed 11 games with a leg injury. Watt had a good year in 2018 but missed another 8 games last year, (2019). Mercilus missed 11 games in 2017. 2016-2019 Watt had 21.5 sacks total and 16 of those came in 1 year. 2016-2019 Mercilus had 20 sacks. 2016-2018 Clowney had 24.5 sacks. The only 1 out of those 3, (Watt, Clowney & Mercilus), that ever registered a double digit sack during that time was Watt in 2018 when he had 16. He didn't have a whole lot of help. 2016 the other NT/DT was Vince Wilfork, and he had 0 sacks. 2017 it was Brandon Dunn, 0 sacks. 2018 it was Brandon Dunn again, 0 sacks. 2019 it was Brandon Dunn again, wow he finally a sack! The only one but hey! lol He's only 25 and hasn't even played a down for the Bengals yet! I'd like to think having him alongside Geno vs. Billings, (who by the way only had 3.5 sacks in 3 seasons), will open up opportunities he probably didn't have in Houston. If not for himself, definitely for Dunlap, Hubbard and Lawson. Not being able to stop the run killed this team last year and has for years to be perfectly honest!! Even when we had better overall defenses looked how bad we got gouged in the playoffs versus the run! 2011 vs Texans 35 carries, 188 yards and 2 TD's 2012 vs Texans 39 carries, 158 yards and 1 TD 2013 vs Chargers 40 carries, 196 yards and 2 TD's 2014 vs Colts 25 carries, 114 yards and 1 TD 2015 vs Stealers 29 carries, 167 yards and 0 TD's That's horrible! Gave up an average of 34 carries for 165 yards. Almost 5 yards a carry!
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