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    Or theyre totally committed to giving Zach a team that might actually be good..
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    I guess Zac hasn’t been getting Hobson’s input regarding available cap space...
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    Mike Brown outside PBS right now.
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    Keep Andy Trade the #1 overall pick Fill remaining holes at OL, WR, TE make popcorn to watch the meltdown
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    I stole this from Twitter... Holy shit.
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    With all the free agent acquisitions on defense this off season I've shifted my assumption from defense at 33 to offense. Quarterback - We're taking Burrow #1 so hopefully we don't draft another at 33. Runningback - With Mixon, Gio and the 2 guys we drafted in 2019 on the roster this is highly unlikely. Wide Receiver - This is where it gets interesting. This draft is historically deep at WR. There will be some talented potential WR1 guys available at 33. With AJ being 32 and only playing on a franchise tag, it makes a ton of sense to take a guy to replace him. Also helps to have someone develop with Burrow. The WRs: Brandon Aiyuk, Arizona St - Good chance he goes off the board before this. He is explosive and dynamic with the ball in his hands. Freakishly long arms. Laviska Chenault, Colorado - Swiss army knife at receiver. Dynamic athlete who is built like and runs like a big RB. Has a lot of injury concerns. Tee Higgins, Clemson - Tall and lanky contested catch guy. Not the athlete as the other guys on this list but has great hands and unmatched length. A better version of Auden Tate. Jaelen Reagor, TCU - Insane athlete. Deep speed and uses it to create separation. Really struggled with a terrible QB and offense his last year. Chase Claypool, Notre Dame - He's getting hype late 1 early 2 but I don't see it. Tested better than any WR and he's HUGE. Some talk he moves to TE. Tight End - Yes we spent a 2nd on Sample last year. That was unanimously considered to be a massive reach and he showed nothing his first year. Taylor uses a lot of 2 TE sets. Now I doubt we take one here but there is 1 good one worthy of 33. The TEs: Cole Kmet, Notre Dame - Has the best size and athleticism of any TE in the draft. Good blocker and receiver. Not a dynamic down field threat like a Kelce but can dominate in short to intermediate area. Offensive Tackle - I see RT as a massive need. Bobby Hart is terrible. Fred Johnson is an unknown. We have no quality depth at the tackle position as a whole. The OTs: Ezra Cleveland, Boise St - Lots of quality experience. Perfect size (6'6 311) with long arms. Tested out of this world at the combine. Much more of a finesse guy than power. Austin Jackson, USC - Similar player to Cleveland but more raw in his technique. True Junior. Excellent athlete but can be beat by power guys. Interior OL - We signed the Cowboys guy to a backup contract. Price and Jordan have not performed well enough to count on. Hopkins is a solid starter on a newer deal so I don't see center as a high need. Interior OL rarely go this high unless they are truly elite players. There's 1 like that. The Interior OL: Cesar Ruiz, Michigan - True Junior who played center for Michigan. Has experience at guard. Excellent size and all around technique. Great athlete. Not weak but is still young and needs to continue getting stronger. Rankings of listed players: 1. WR Brandon Aiyuk, Arizona St 2. WR Laviska Chenault, Colorado 3. WR Jaelen Reagor, TCU 4. OT Ezra Cleveland, Boise St 5. WR Tee Higgins, Clemson 6. TE Cole Kmet, Notre Dame 7. OT Austin Jackson, USC 8. G Cesar Ruiz, Michigan 9. WR Chase Claypool, Notre Dame I'm sure I forgot or missed some guys. I don't expect Josh Jones to fall to 33 like some places. Also don't see the WRs Jefferson or Mims lasting until 33. Thoughts on offense at 33???
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    I can relate..had a close family member who went thru it...3 times at age 3 5 and 8.. Many months in hospitals.. Shes been cancer free for allmost 10 yrs now.. The chemo and radiation treatments have taken a toll on her body.. It makes u see life differently.. I never complained about any of my woes after watching the fight in her... At that time it was about 40% curable but now its about 70%..
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    So theyve decided to keep trade or release him.. Well that took some thought into it. Lol
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    I've had Boxers for over 20 years and they are the best dogs ever. They learn early and never forget the lesson. I can contain him in a room while I'm gone by simply laying a 2x4 across the doorway. As a puppy it's what we used (started with a 2x6 and shortened after the lesson was learned) and he learned not to cross it. They are brilliant and quick learners. I do recommend keeping some air freshener handy; as they are known to pass gas and it is not pleasant
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    Slow down there Hoss.... still need a few LB's and to actually play some games before you can even have that conversation
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    Was Mims gone? overall great draft
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    He was adopted as well.. Hopefully they treat him good..
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    I think Baun will be there at 33. That’s who I’m sticking with. If not then WR all the way.
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    Id be especially happy if they drafted .. Tee Higgins at receiver.. Patrick Queen at linebacker.. Josh Jones at OT.. Hopefully one of them falls to 33...
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    He's the only NFL coach I know of that's been booted from the league for shit like that so it obviously went far beyond any normal standard of behavior, even for an NFL locker room.. Guy was encouraging Richie to leave rape threats toward's the player's sister & mom on his voicemail at all hours, this wasn't someone getting snapped with a towel. That, his behavior at A&M, it all adds up to total dirtbag. Then he got here & called Hart "phenomenal" so basically my impression is that he's not only scummy but he's also dumb as fuck. Whatever scheme he implemented left his players standing around looking like they didn't know whether to shit or go blind. Taylor made this big speech about bringing in high-character people & "Changing the Culture" then made Turner one of his first hires.
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    Good friggin' lord ...somebody better tell Mike Brown the Cincy front office's been busted into and there's people in there just signin' players like it's not their money !
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    Frankly, the bengals having been at the senior bowl is a massive help in this environment.
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    I hope the camera crew and production staff take up the slack and boo Roger.
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    Signing Vonn Bell is something I definitely didn't see coming, if anyone was doubting that it's a new dey, sorry couldn't resist, then yeah... Just our luck that as the Bengals finally start operating like a franchise that wants to win the world is literally coming to an end...lol.
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