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    Thanks for one of the (if not the) best decades this franchise has ever managed, Andy. Go somewhere, prove your haters wrong, and get us a juicy comp pick.
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    No, a clueless Bengals fan would think an average NFL QB like Dalton can make a team with a TERRIBLE offensive line, injured WRs and a bad running game make a playoff run. It is utterly ridiculous. Dalton was an emergency pick due to the Quitter. The fact he managed to lead a 4-12 team to the playoffs the next year is pretty amazing. The cold hard fact is the Front office kept him around. They could have picked Mahomes but didn't, they chose Ross. If you want to blame anyone for Dalton being here 9 years its Mike Brown, Duke Tobin and Marvin Lewis. Why people continue to shit on Dalton bewilders me.
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    In Burfict's defense, he had one of the greatest games ever played by a Bengal's defensive player. He almost single handily won the game by forcing a fumble we recovered, killing Big Jen and picking off Landry Jones with the lead and only 1:43 left in the game. In fact Rey Mag, Burfict and the defensive line had huge games, perhaps one of the best defensive games the team ever played. Fuck Jeremy Hill.
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    I wish Andy and his family nothing but the best.
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    no, Comments like this are just ridiculous. they gave him centers of guisuck and then bodine , and as far as 2nd chances after 2016? they let jones and sanu leave before 2016 season ..... then let whit and zeitler leave before 2017 season. . learn your facts before you post like you have a clue.
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    Dalton deserves credit for taking over when Palmer quit during a lockout. Five straight playoff appearances is also a legit accomplishment. Bottom line, the guy maximized his talent, which was average. Decent athlete with a decent arm, nothing more. We repeatedly saw his ceiling and he came up small repeatedly in big games. He had quality talent around him on both sides of the ball for the first half of his career and his play dropped off noticeably with his loss of supporting cast. We should have been trying to upgrade from him for years but that's not the Bengal way. I'm looking forward to not watching the Dalton show anymore.
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    Thank you! Everyone is disappointed with how things went, but the guy was nothing but class. Slamming him now just comes off as nasty.
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    It's hard to top Burfirt's season that year. Leveon Bell? Check Big Jen? Check Antonio Brown? Check If you aren't going to win it all, at least destroy your rival. Brilliant.
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    Andy was what he was...no more no less. But I have thought for a long time, earlier in his career the Bengals should have given him more competition for the QB spot. I thought they coddled him a bit and it showed in his lack of progression.
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    And how many rookie QBs start game one on a 4-12 team, throw for 20 TDs and have a QB rating of over 80? Oh, and Dalton and the offense managed this with a brand new playbook ala the new offensive coordinator Jay Gruden. Man I am going to laugh my ass off when Pittsburgh signs him.
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    Wait, what? I thought a team was going to give the Bengals a draft pick to get one the worst NFL QBs in 2019 and a playoff loser? Really, they didn't? A dose of reality to clueless Bengal fans. Dullton should have cut years ago. But hey, at least he did great in garbage time beating the Ravens and helping the Bills. Good riddance.
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    I wish him well and hope he wins a Super Bowl ring with the Patriots. A real class act and I'll miss him.
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    fuck him. wasted a decade of my life, wasted a top 10 defense, wasted the prime of AJs career. he got paid $83,000,000 to drop the ball.... i mean literally and figuratively... good fucking riddance. worst 10 years of my sports life. what could possibly be worse than know you had no chance to win it all? after two playoff games, you knew he couldnt do it.. the dfense outscored him in one of them. and to sit there for 7 more season with that nightmare looming, knowing the defense and weapons would drag him into the playoffs 3 more time... (one he didnt play, and unironically thats the one we technically won if the refs didnt fuck us 3 times. no more backfield screen pass interceptions..... no more throwing a pick and hurting yourslf making a tackle. no more fumbling with no one around you in the playoffs. no more squeeky girly voice in pre game hype talks or playoffs after throwing a pick. its. finally. fucking. over.
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    That source: Numbers.
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    I did the same. Wishing them nothing but the best. They will surely be missed in this city.
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    Good luck to a class act. I wish him well.
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    I'm guessing Jaguars or maybe Patriots.
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    He's a wonderful human being, made a comfortable living, and has a smoking hot wife. I weep no tears.
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    The writing has been on the wall for a while. At this point i think this is the outcome that is best for both parties. I harbor no ill will towards Andy, he led a pretty exciting group of seasons. Good luck to him.
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    I'll root for him wherever he ends up. Other than the North.
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    Agreed. I wish for nothing but the best for Dalton moving forward. He did lots of good things for the franchise and city. He’s a good, good dude.
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    I want one of those Eifert/Ross/Glenn etc deals where I get the millions of dollars but don't have to waste any time playing football.
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    Before the draft, we were about 7 mil under. Signing the rookies will cost about 12 mil total. But the team also would like to have some cushion to sign replacements for injured players inseason and also like to be able to pick up a mid-priced vet or two if the opportunity presents itself. We can potentially save money on longer term deals for Green and WJ3. But Mixon is in line for a substantial raise. So yes, we do need to cut or move Dalton.
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    Joe also has me woke(n) up. It's been a few losses and some dalton 4thdown throws out of bounds since I posted. Mazel!
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