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    Don't be ridiculous, when has a rookie QB ever struggled adapting to the NFL? He's a Heisman Trophy winner & first overall pick QB, those guys never fail. He's a legend after all. Winning pro football games and stuff should be easy.
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    I threw up a little in my mouth reading that. What a load of BS!
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    I was there. For a few moments, we all thought he may have died (seriously). Then, Gary gets up and starts running and jumping around. He was greeted heartily by Bengal linemen, but unfortunately the refs got mixed into it too soon.
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    I remember that well. My neck hurts just thinking about it.
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    It is not like he will get any pressure from the Brown family
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    I'm quite sure they don't. Fans are unreasonable all over the place. Besides, this question is something apart from the crux of the controversy in this thread. Is it reasonable for fans to want an upgrade over Dalton? Sure it is. Is it reasonable for fans to want to see the divisional round in their lifetimes? Sure it is. Is it reasonable for fans to shit all over the quarterback on his way out because he played here longer than they wanted him to? Hell no.
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    New days , having a Bengal included in stuff like this:
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    I'm not surprised message board dorks can't do better than "Dullard" for their idiotic nicknames. I don't care what you think "any normal team would do". You haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about.
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    quitters don't win super bowls
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    You can take this post and switch Andy Dalton with Carson Palmer and have the exact same results. It was always fun watching Pick Six Palmer who blamed others for his failings besides himself. Hell even Willie Anderson called him out on it but please keep telling us how Andy Dalton who had a better career with the Bengals is worse than the guy in your sig.
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