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    "We didn't extend Marvin, we let his contract expire before giving him a new one, which is basically a new hire" - Geoff Hobspin, probably.
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    Fuck PissBurp! Fuck their fans! And fuck the combination of black and yellow! I kill bees just because they look like they're wearing Stealers throwback jerseys
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    Why would I? He didn't get my team in the playoffs.
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    changes....lol MB is going to start having clam chowder on Thursdays instead of Wednesdays.. that's about it
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    Agreed. A Jewish dude spray painting a swastika doesn't change its inherent meaning. It's like the Confederate flag and many other things; there is a shared social context that can't be reasoned away with "what-if's". I can claim the burning cross on my lawn actually means I like chocolate cake but I would be foolish to expect anyone else to accept that. Likewise the image of a lynched black man carries a historic message well beyond "I Don't Like Vontaze Burfict". Claiming personal ignorance of that message is no excuse for perpetuating it, and probably bullshit anyway. They knew what they were doing. Further, to try and deny that history because "MEEEEEE!" is trollish dickweed behavior. Nobody GAF if you like chocolate cake or your great-great-granpappy served under Jeb Stuart. "well to MEEE it means _____" Sorry, no. Quit being an asshole.
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    You should cover your work space in Jags gear for the next week or 3.
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    Sure. Alexanders scheme is to get the quarterback sacked as often as possible and open up no lanes for the running game. Whereas Dallas - like 30 other NFL teams besides the Browns - try and run a scheme to protect the QB and have a ground game. Hope that's cleared things up.
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    I must say I'm very impressed with the coaching staff Marvin has put together. I will say I was not excited about him returning for the next two years, but so far I'm extremely pleased with the direction the team has taken with these new coaches. I feel like Marvin is putting together a great group of coaches that have had elite level success throughout their careers.Getting the Cowboys oline coach, Aaron Rodgers former QB coach, Austin for DC, and the other assistants are all great hires in my book.
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    We all know he has played poorly in 4 playoff games, but so have the rest of the Bengals. I just don't see Dalton as the problem with this team. There are 35 active NFL QBs who have at least 1000 pass attempts since '11. Among those 35 Dalton ranks. 1st in td receptions (tied with 3 others) 2nd in rushing tds 3rd in "Fourth Quarter Comebacks" (per Profootballreference.com) 4th in rush attempts 4th in "4th Quarter Game Winning Drives" (per Profootballreference.com) 6th in wins (regular season) 6th in lowest fumble rate (fumble per pass attempt) 9th in passing yards 10th in passing tds 14th in passer rating Does he rank among the elite? No. Is he top half of the league? No doubt. Is he top 10? Questionable. His passing numbers alone suggest he is just slightly outside of the top ten, but when you also consider "rushing tds", "fumble rate", "Game Winning Drives", and "Fourth Quarter Comebacks" you could easily argue that he is a top ten overall QB.
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    Before Kitna, Palmer could only throw Pick-5's.
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    Pinning this for a bit
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    No better place for this I guess.
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    People did not write him off because he was very successful for a coach of the Bengals. He's basically fighting with one hand tied behind his back. I'm all for fixing what's wrong, but the problem isn't named Marvin Lewis.
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    You need to come to the realization that just because you have facts that support your argument doesn't make you the one that's "right". There are statistics that support both sides. We believe that other teams generally having a stronger second half than us has really hurt the 2017 team. You're free to disagree with it but you need to cut out the "you're proven wrong" bullshit.
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    Do you not understand the crucial difference between a hanging and a lynching? Abolitionist John Brown was executed by hanging. Emmett Till was lynched. Oh yes, clearly having a basic functional knowledge of history and not ignorantly celebrating the most hateful, shameful portions of it are what's keeping this country down. Mock lynchings would make American great again! I bet you're one of those amazing people that thinks everyone is "too sensitive" these days, but gets upset over some stranger on TV kneeling during the National Anthem or a clerk telling you "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas".
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    You were told to shut your dirty whore mouth you dirty whore.
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    I would take whichever QB is the best offensive tackle in the first round.
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    We were talking about it at work the other day.. Guy asks me "you mean you won't even root for the stealers against the Patriots?" I said I wouldn't root for the stealers if they were playing the taliban.. they all laughed and I just smirked/nodded and walked away.
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    What if he sidelines FrankenBen on a helmet-to-helmet sack? That'd be glorious.
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    If a person is too unobservant to realize his or her actions are racist, are those actions still racist? I'd say yes. Relocating to J&D in 3...2...1...
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    2007? When he was in junior high? Can you please, for the love of all things holy, go away?
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    Marvin: "On the one hand you have Washington which is in a better conference, and then there's San Fran... Can't beat the weather out there. Of course, if the Miami job opens up..." Katie: * That ball boy looks like head coach material... * Mike: * Eggs. I think I'll have eggs. *
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    Click on "Watch it on YouTube"
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    From a Stealers fan. This warms my heart ...
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    Just reported....Chris Collinsworth on suicide watch with no Stealer's cocks to suck till next year.
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    The Cowboys offensive line lost two starters in 2017 and also struggled with injuries and the loss for six games of Elliott. I found this article on Pollack: http://www.espn.com/blog/dallas-cowboys/post/_/id/4755048/frank-pollack-finds-success-in-mastering-the-mundane I wanted the Bengals to go out and bring in fresh eyes on the coaching staff and so far, they've been doing it. I think both Austin and Pollack were good external hires. This is another thumbs up for me.
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    It's on a forum and not a PM, so you said it to everybody.
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    Seriously? Guy was a consummate pro and team leader. The cheap ass owners only offered him a 1 year deal after a great 2016 season. Fuck Katie, Mike and you. You have have to some kind of special dumb fuck to expect Whit to stay here for significantly less money.
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    the hits continue... Good for Whit... dude deserves the glory... been one of the best for years... he just didn't get any recognition because he played for this shithole franchise...
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    Great point. More proof that Dalton's poor performances were not the reason we lost all 4 of those games. Football is a team sport and the entire Bengal team looked bad in those playoff losses.
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    I always have been and always will be a Bengals fan. If I can survive the 90s I can survive this.
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    Since cheap ass Mike Brown and his cheap ass daughter are not about to spend any real money in FA we will not have NFL quality starting offensive lineman in 2018. We may have a rookie or two but they won't contribute much next year. This team will not make the playoffs next year and 2019 will see the mass exodus of FAs from this team. Marvin knows this but since the Browns (Mike and Katie) want to hand him $4.5 to $5 mil a year to oversee the final exodus of what was once a very talented team, he doesn't have a problem with it. He doesn't have to worry about this organization's success, he is picking up a check and knows there is no accountability for his record.
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    When the reason for not having a lead at halftime is because of the shitty coaching by the head coach, it renders any of your further strawman arguments/fight starting trollish behavior moot. Better step lightly troll, the board is tiring of you. Come on Mods... give this ass a break for a while. All he does is argue and start fights in every forum.
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    uhhhhhh. no... It's not racist. It's what sport fans have been doing forever. And everyone from black, white to brown have had their fair share of hangings. It's this perpetuation of a hanging = black = racist is what's keeping this country down. We are all citizens of the USA and are all brothers. It's this constant "hey that's racist" crap that's causing divide.
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    Not because they didn't believe you, but because they did.
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    It's past noon on Black Monday and the longer this drags on the better the chance of Marvin returning is. No news is bad news. I am physically sick.
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    dude.. that game was a roller coaster ride... they overcame so much suck.... what is wrong with people being emotional about the team they love/hate??????? if you don't have any emotion at all about it...wtf are you watching?
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    I hate the Cheatriots, I really do. But I will always root for my second favorite team, which is whoever is playing the shitball, inbred, dirty cocksmokers.
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    I don't hate to admit it.... that's always an objective...
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    If you're that close to the edge of jumping ship, just do it. There is no need to support something you are no longer passionate about. Life is too short to be "stuck in fan hell", if that's what being a Bengals fan truly is to you. I'm sure there are some folks here that would take this site off your hands.
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    See, that's what frustrates me as a Bengal fan... Pro-Bowl left tackles aren't a dime a dozen. Like.... Marvin had to fucking force Katie's hand for her to even insult him with a lowball 1 year deal? Mike and Katie... They're smart. They went to Ivy League schools. They won't offer an older player who is still playing at a very high level a 2-3 year deal. Because, you know, he's old. If we gave him a 3 year deal, we might have suffered for it in 2020 and had a bad season. He's going to dry up like a raisin after his 35th birthday and we won't be able to re-sign Eifert. I mean, just think of the state the team would have been in today if we had kept Terrance Newman or Reggie Nelson or Leon Hall... I have an Excel spreadsheet that says older players get injured more, etc... So let's get rid of Mr. Reliable for some jack-ass who hasn't been healthy for two years straight. We'll sign back the guy who was so fat he kept breaking his foot - just in case. We might have had to cut him and be stuck with dead money. Smart people don't pay players who aren't playing. We pride ourselves on honoring contracts - so we just insult people before they ever sign one. We like to show faith in our players by offering them deals that mean we can get rid of them easily when they start to suck. And with the way your deal's structured, we think that's going to be in two years. Smart people DO take players with problems though. It allows you to get a more talented player for the money. Of course, it means you have to make sure you have an "out"... But those are exactly the kinds of players that know they need to take those deals. We have to keep that $10-20 Million in roll over money so that we can afford to pay our super bowl winning team so we can be a dynasty! Let's front load some contracts! Because, you know, Mike and Katie are smart. They went to Ivy League schools. Sure, the last 40 years have been statistical outliers... They haven't seen the success that their brilliance deserves due to bad luck. Injuries, suspensions, deaths... But pretty soon now, reality is going to stop messing with the algorithm and you'll see a Lombardi Trophy or 12 right here in column S on the spreadsheet.
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    If anyone thinks protesting is Anti-American, can we have our tea back? (idgaf about the tea, or even the concept of it, we know who came out on top there, but protesting is clearly American)
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    This had to happen. Despite whatever else has gone down, Marvin lost me forever with the Pittsburgh wild card loss, and more specifically the Jeremy Hill fumble. His, "I shouldn't have to", response when asked if he stressed ball security to the team on that play was my final nail. Honestly, I was VERY over him before that, but after that loss, and that comment, I went from being fairly rabid in my support of the team, to kinda just checking in to see if anything had changed. That game was essentially over. The 0-6 playoff curse was finally gonna be lifted from him, in dramatic late game fashion, and against a team we all despise more than evil itself. After the Burfict pick any novice football fan could calculate that a turnover was the Stealers only chance. A first down and we could start taking knees. A touchdown would've been a dagger through their heart. But in no way can you risk losing the ball to do it. It sure didn't look to me like all eleven men on our side of the ball we're on that page, especially Hill. He should've been pushing for yards behind a wall of beef, not screaming into the Steeler secondary alone with the football. They didn't even have to burn a timeout to get the ball back. I was very curious wether Marvin even told Jeremy to protect the ball or wether Hill defied him trying to be a hero. Marvin's "I shouldn't have to" response made it pretty clear. Now we've been fairly lackluster for two years and we've progressed to "It's not my responsibility to motivate my players." Time to go.

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