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    My daughter is in Detroit airport waiting on her flight back to Dayton. She called me and said she thinks she sees Devon Still, I tell her to go ask him. So she does and tells him a big fan and gives him the phone. I asked how he was doing and how his daughter was doing. Said she's 5 years in remission and thanks for asking about her. I told him his jersey was the only former player jersey that's always allowed to wear to a game. I told him I should have had my daughter carrying his jersey so I could have it signed, he said he'll giver an address I can send it to and he'll sign it. Cool guy.
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    Far better games without AJ Green? On the road in Seattle? With a 3rd string LT? GTFO with that nonsense. Considering the circumstances, that was one of his best performances by far.
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    It's encouraging to see the franchise finally getting around to hiring some new fans
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    Per Patriot sources, Antonio Brown's interpreter will be explaining AB's emails to the media later today.
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    Anyone talking about the "Radical Left" is throwing out red herrings to excuse white nationalist violence encouraged & abetted by the President. The next time "Antifa" or whoever shoots up a WalMart will be the first time. LMAO at the 2nd Amendment "protecting us from a tyrannical government." Well it's doing a shitty job of it because we have an unhinged racist throwing Latino kids in filthy tent cities to be sexually & physically abused by ICEstapo agents while you're crying over the fucking bump stocks. All those 3% Oathkeeper types talk a lot of shit but the only time I see them get off their asses is when the fucking KKK needs protection. They're all cut from the some white sheets as far as I can tell. Most of those goons are just playing at milsim cosplay anyway, except for the few genuinely dangerous ones that are committing the mass shootings rather than protecting us from them. Amusing to see we still have some dimwits on here that think it's a (((Globalist))) conspiracy that they never got their GED. Fucking get a grip.
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    Not the first time I've talked about this but Marvin's reaction (or lack of) during the 2015 WC game is when I think he lost whatever credibility he still had with the players. I don't want a HC whining constantly like Harbawww or someone like that but if the other guy is headhunting your players it's time to stop fucking clapping.
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    Take Fat Randy out of the equation and the average drops significantly.
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    Even for the cynical and dejected fans it is hard not to like what ZT is doing and the message he is portraying, both to he players and the fans.
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    I'm not an English major but this appears to be the definition of down playing a performance. Just give credit where it's due that's it. It doesn't mean anything more for Dalton than a positive start for a new season.
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    I know how to read. You insulted me preemptively. And of all of the things you could have touched on when it comes to guns in America. you were worried that White guys were getting too much blame. That alone says a lot. Also you keep calling me a Liberal like it's an insult. Liberals and Moderates are the ones that have made the changes that have truly made this country great. Conservatives want to keep things the same or go backwards. Don't be so smug when the people you support want it to perpetually be 1950 in America. Fuck you.
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    I'm not into moral victories either, but that's not what this is. This is not getting embarrassed, which seemed to happen regularly in the Lewis era. This is not losing because your coach refuses to play the best players or didn't prepare the team, or screwed up challenges and clock management. The players actually can do this....maybe. At least the guy on the sideline wont be the reason they lose.
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    last thought on this game. It was a DAMNED good game to watch. It was refreshing to see two good teams duke it out, some really good defense and head coaches using their strengths and as best they could limiting their liabilities. They could've and should've won that game. The 3-5 plays others have referenced are on the mark. It was refreshing to watch good football. I don't expect perfect.
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    Absolutely...I was totally impressed by what all the coaches did yesterday, from OL coach Jim Turner to D-coordinator Lou Anarumo, the players looked COACHED! I fully expected Seattle to blow Cincinnati off the field yesterday, but was extremely pleased to see the effort and execution of our NEW Cincinnati Bengals. I know it was a loss, and it was just 1 game, but I haven't felt this optimistic about the Bengals future in many years. I think Zac Taylor's got what it takes.
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    If he's bitching about something like having to move from the slot to outside he's probably bitching about everything else, too.
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    I would put Cunningham ahead of Boomer I think - he was a motherfucker to deal with in his first few years - but the others - meh?
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    And his trainer lady, allegedly.
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    Your hat, cap...hoodie what?
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    Hope is always a good thing. I was hopeful too in 1992--even though I was in just as much disagreement with the unloading of Sam as I am with the ML unloading**. In other words, have seen the movie before. Taylor (he is no more going to be referred to as BW) may be the greatest of all time, he may be Shula. We shall see. He shouldn't be here in the first place, but what it is, it is. Here's to hope! **The owner of this site has his disagreement with the herd as to Palmer and Bratkowski. It is no crime against humanity to disagree here either.
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    I like how Zac owned the mis-managed clock. Nice to see a coach take accountability, for coaching.
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    If someone would have simply typed, "Dalton has a great game but the Bengals couldn't capitalize" that would have worked for me. "Career Day"? Nah, not in loss it isn't. 51 pass attempts is WAY too many but I realize that is not his fault, it was the only thing working. It is still the little things that bother me, something that was rampant in the Marvin Lewis era. The team plays very well overall but one or two little things cost them the game. Andre Smith holding on 2nd and goal from the 4, missing makeable field goals, blown coverage costs the team an easy TD, 3rd and 2 on the Seattle 16 and they take a delay of game penalty. At least the coaches figured out what was working and made adjustments instead of looking lost in the 2nd half.
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    Can we dispense with the Andy got screwed in the final drive. If that play had NOT been ruled a fumble, it would have been 2nd and 4 from the Bengals 31 with 9 seconds left and no timeouts. Call me a half glass empty type but I seriously doubt we score either a 69 yard touchdown or run a 35 yard play AND get out of bounds to set up a field goal in 9 seconds. No, not impossible but highly improbable and that game was lost long before the highly questionable fumble with 9 seconds left. And coaches screaming like idiots don't accomplish shit and cost their teams calls later in the game or season. As a referee we do it ALL THE TIME. Coach acts like an asshat, start looking at ways to shut his mouth by inventing penalties or missing calls. I love when a coach starts screaming at me, license to make his life miserable. Yeah, it is entertaining though and last time I checked the Reds were 14.5 games out of first place and had the 3rd worst record in the National League.
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    The offense is Taylor made. DIE HOBSON!!!! DIE!!!!!!
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    I am not trying to downplay it. I thought he played well but if that was a career day for Dalton, fumbling twice in the second half and only managing 3 points then he hasn't had many good games. Getting excited about 1 game Dalton and Ross played well in is kind of hilarious if you ask me. The offense didn't convert. It did a lot of good things except run the ball and score points. Not all Dalton's fault but some of it was. This discussion is an excellent indication of where we are as fans, praising a QB for throwing 51 times for a lot of yards in a loss. To put it in perspective, Dree Brees has attempted 50 or more passes 17 times in his career. The Saints record in those games is 4-13. Sure, it looked better than last year no doubt but I just ain't the participation trophy type. This team should be 4-4 by the bye worst case, so lets see how it goes. And I am sorry but I have seen this play before. Dalton has a good game then shits his pants against a team like Cleveland at home 24-3 (2014). Add in his inability to play well against the Stealers (3-12 lifetime) or at night or the playoffs. He will need to give me way more than one game before I get on the wagon.
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    Almost as if the whole mess was driven by Shitsburgh's constant whining about him
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    That game in BAL wasn't "far better " at best it was comparable. Also, not sure how Dalton gets blamed for a missed FG or a RB getting stopped on 4th and 1 or a holding penalty followed by a sack when they had first and goal. Just stop with trying to downplay his performance on Sunday. It was unquestionably one of his best given the circumstances.
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    No conspiracy, just a lack of respect. I would personally struggle with officiating a stealers game fairly and objectively because I do not respect that team and how they play. I may THINK that I’m calling a fair game, but my disrespect for that team would have an influence on the calls that I make. Most (if not all) referees and NFL personnel do not respect the Bengals (and there are historically many valid reasons not to), and I believe that that disrespect influences some of the calls (or non-calls) even if they are trying to be fair. Unfortunately, it will be a long process to start earning that respect. I personally believe that Zac Taylor is starting us on the right path...and maybe in ten or twenty years with a turnover in referee personnel (and Bengal ownership?) the level of respect will be sufficient to render the officiating in most Bengals games to be fair. just my two cents.
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    Makes you wonder how many more rapists there were in the stealer org.
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    Without reading his response as im just getting on this morning and catching up. I can guarantee its in someway to downplay Zac Taylor and how composed he seems to be on the sidelines and in his pressers, how he handles himself and the media to exact. As if its some sort of con job or "shame on you all" for believing this bullshit. You know, typical negative Nancy shit and i dont care what happens ill keep being this way until something proves me right bullshit. Exhausting.
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    He just wants everyone to be as miserable as he is. One of the reasons I blocked him. It's too bad the system doesn't block his quotes as well.
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    My favorite crew on either network.
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    What is the purpose of the question? But I'll play. Simple illustration of how everyone can be impressed with a new coach's presser language after a loss--the same way they could 27 years ago.
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    Interesting times we're living in when "Let's make it harder for assholes to shoot our kids at schools, or kill our citizens at churches, concerts, movie theaters shopping centers and other everyday mundane places" is seen as "Liberal foolish, bullshit" by the "Pro-life" crowd. You sir are a hypocrite and part of the disease. I'm looking for a cure. Crawl back under your rock.
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    How are you so certain? I agree it's unlikely but you act like this sort of thing is impossible. Do you think the NFL is too pure to do things like that? Are you actually Goodell & have inside knowledge? People do underhanded shit to suit their own interests & lie about it all the damned time but you act like it's some X Files episode to even consider the NFL (of all things) might sometimes do the same. Fact is you're just as in the dark as the rest of us, only far more trusting of the product.
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    If the Seattle game was not some sort or mirage and we can count on the effort, energy and execution we saw Sunday each and every game then this new coaching staff is a beautiful thing. It remains to be seen just what we've got, but I'm about 200% more optimistic about 2019 than I was Saturday.
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    Great hypotheses there, Harry. I approve the message.
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    I assume they're only going to move teams up or down a certain number of spots in a given week, and who knows, the Stealers and Stains outcomes this past week may prove to be anomalies. However, keeping the Bengals at #27 is just stubborn and stupid. And it's not that they don't respect the team that they almost beat on their own field -- the moved the Chickens up from #15 to #11. Apparently beating the Bengals at home was worthy of a significant jump up, yet the Bengals get no respect with their own ranking. So, which is it? if the Bengals are that bad, then why move Seattle up for beating them by 1 at home? If Seattle's that great, then why not reward the Bengals? Oh, well, these things are nothing more than click bait anyway, but I'm as guilty as anyone else for looking at them. It's kinda like reading the tabloid covers while standing in the checkout line. You know it's bullshit, but you're curious anyway.
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    This Glenn situation is troubling, I wonder if he doesn't want to play.
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    Was he sad he missed out on the opportunity to redeem Antonio Brown?
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    I think it's painfully obvious his agent already had a deal in place with New England but
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    I'll disagree about the players being overpaid. The NFL is raking in billions for the franchise owners & they aren't the ones out there on the field ruining themselves. We've seen that the players risk a significantly reduced QoL after football even if they don't completely lose their minds in the process. They're getting paid what the market demands, just like anybody else. Does the CEO of Chase Bank deserve it more than them? Blame the market itself, IOW our collectively fucked-up sense of priorities, for their salaries if you want to blame someone. They're not the ones making us spend more on pro sports than public education. Most of them spread their money around through various pet NPO's too, & even if that's just for tax relief I would bet NFL players engage in more philanthropy than the average multimillionaires. Even if they blow it all on hookers & frog dust I don't begrudge them a nickel.
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    did he make mistakes? Definitely. Did he come back and make plays? Hell yeah he did. That's what you want. No?
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    thanks JB, saw money come through, i forwarded it on. I really appreciate it!
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    sorry about that, i got a new debit card like 4 months ago and forgot to update tapatalk payments, so the apps stopped working, allis synced and working again now. Apps are free of course, no ads, no bullshit, i pay for all that to be removed. Enjoy! APPLE iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/go-bengals-com/id1137824582 ANDROID: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tapatalk.forumgobengalscom&hl=en_US
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    With an outlook like that, why bother following the team at all? Seriously, what do you get out of it?
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    It's nice to see we arent looking at a complete rebuild. The D being as bad as it was last year and then going out and playing that game was encouraging. Even so it's one game and not enough to have any sort of thoughts about where we are or are not as a franchise. Hope to see more of these kinds of games with a better outcome next time.
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