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    I'm sure many of you knew who Onyx was on here, some may not. His real name was Jason Holland. He and I became really close friends through this website. I would go so far as saying he was like a brother. At 1pm (ish) he was lost to Post-Covid Sepsis. He got Covid a few weeks ago but in he hospital as of last Saturday he tested negative but got Sepsis from it. He didn't make it. It was like he knew, one of the last things he said to me was that he wasn't gonna get to see Joe Burrow play, he was so exited for him, he believed he was gonna take us the playoffs this year. I am going to miss him every single day for the rest of my life. Nobody could be silly and have a quick witted sense of humor like he did. I told him in tribute that he was one of the friends that I was going to ask to be a groomsman if I ever got married. Rest in Power my friend Onyx, Jason, my brother. I love you and will miss you every single day.
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    I am new here. I am old at CincyJungle as JungleJohn and posting regularly for over 10 years and being a Bengals fan since day one. I am looking for a new Bengal's site to frequent as the new system at CJ is untenable right now. It is a good site though it has fallen in the last few years regarding legitimate discussion. I want to post about the game and the Bengals without all of the crap and with a focus in intelligent, knowledgeable and civil debate. Am I in the right place? It is okay obviously if I am not as this should be the site all of you want it to be. You should know that I am an old guy, Vietnam combat vet and recently retired business owner. You will also notice mis-spelling as I suffer from a bit of macular degeneration and don't see the screen as clearly as I used to. Thank you for allowing me to introduce myself off topic. On topic, I get Ross' prioritizing his family and hope all goes well for him. I also hope he returns soonest but I never really factored him into being a major player for us anyway.
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    I totally agree, dude. This year is lame as f. I mean, crap, I spent almost 50 years of suppressing my freedom, paying taxes and shit, so I could finally retire--and all this stuff happens. Well, I ain't taking that lying down. People know me and know I'm politically-wise and an activist and shit. But for some reason I can't get people excited about my latest issue: "Homer Rice's Life Matters!" They, like, laugh at me and stuff. I don't know why all the bulletheads and libtards treat me this way. Lame as f. And, sad, too. To top it all off, the GoFundMe I set up to raise money to buy a refrigerator so I could have a nice, cold beer from time to time hasn't raised a dime. 2020 def sucks, man.
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    Because of COVID the funeral is going to be a drive through visitation. Friends and family will be having a private zoom on Sunday. Funeral home. Hall & Jordan Funeral Homes located at 11400 Winton Rd, Cincinnati, Ohio 45240 to make available on Sunday, August, 9th, 2 to 3pm, a "drive-thru" visitation They've asked that to honor Jason ... To honor Jason's memory and to add meaning to his untimely death, we beg that, in lieu of flowers, that each of you register and vote for mature, responsible, well-informed, and morally decent leaders who will unify us and set national health policies and measures to protect our children, siblings, friends, and all of us as we try to survive this global pandemic. Because COVID-19 really IS a big deal.
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    I think Baker does the douche bag part for free.
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    I didn't sleep but maybe a couple of hours last night. Went through and will likely go through many of the old threads last night. The 9th mile freestyle thread, The thread where that kid came in acting like a fake gangsta and Jason told him the way he was acting made him want to join the KKK his damned self The thread where that Stealers fan lounge singer got exposed for his real idenity.... The world got a little less funny yesterday. I will miss him every single day for the rest of my life. Please take care of your loved ones, don't make this thing political, just put on a mask and do the things the experts are telling us to do.
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    Got your email, Jamie and came right over. Onyx was a good contributor to this board and I'm feeling for his family right now. And you, too. And if anyone from the Bengals team/organization reads this board, just a gentle reminder. We fans invest a lot of our hopes and dreams in your success. I know it's just a game, but please find a way to show a tribute to Onyx and the many other fans whose families have been tragically touched by this plague.
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    This 20 minute video on Joe Burrow from Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks "Move the Sticks" podcast is TOTALLY worth watching if you haven't already. Kirk Herbstriet's segment is solid gold! https://www.bengals.com/video/why-joe-burrow-s-nfl-projection-is-so-promising-move-the-sticks
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    Imagine reaching a point in your life where your claim to fame is reminding people you were once part of what is possibly the most dysfunctional organization in pro sports.
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    This is all good stuff. Very exciting! And I just want to remind everyone what this 'solid source' said back in January... especially after Tobin said there was never any doubt that Burrow was the pick...
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    I wish they would do that with the other line.
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    I lost my dad May 30th. I have been pretty lost since. My dad takes the whole family on a florida beachhouse vacation each year, he goes down in march, we meet in april, all come back end of april. We all couldnt go, he was already there with corona kicked off. corona cancelled the beach house part, he was there for 2 months, decided to come back late during the lower corona time, made it back safe. We didnt see eachother while he was gone, and once back since he was 68 and im afat ass with asthma, we kept apart aside from 2 meet ups to exchange some items, and then towards the end we went to the grocery store he and my sister and i. Mind you he rode his bike in the sand on the beach 10-20 miles per day while in florida... on the 20 mile one he felt some tightness in his chest, and when he finished it took 1-2 hrs for the heart rate to go down. he thought it was odd but it didnt happen again. on another longish ride no pain but heart rate took a while to slow down... he didnt tell either of us this... so he is at home, pulling weeds and mowing grass, feels the pain again, and again heart rate slow to lower. he calls the heart doc, doc tells him to go to ER now... he reluctantly goes..... again he didnt tell us shit still, didnt even know he was at the hospital. i talked to him an hour before he went. so we find out the next day, he texts us in the AM that he is getting tests done. and then doctor calls my sister letting her know its a serious thing. so we head down, we have to take turns going in due to covid, they tell us he is moving hospitals for analysis, so she just stays in there until the move, i dont get to see him then... once moved we rotated every hour... i got to spend 2-3 hours with him, but he was fine, we bullshitted, turns out he needs a triple bypass...... wtf.... this is a guy who exercises daily, he is thin, healthy, he eats fish and chicken, brown rice, a little wine, once or twice a month pizza or burger with the rest of us... takes vitamins, fish oil, red yeast rice, etc.. low dose aspirin daily, does all the right things.. turns out all 3 arteries are 90% blocked... what. the. fuck. so they prep for surgery, it happens the next day, we cant be there, covid. so we get phone updates, 7 hr surgery.. these things are 98% successful, 200,000 done per year... the odds are good here. we are concerned but not worried or scared. he makes it out.. nurse gives updates, all is good that night, all is ok, blood pressure little low, but within normal range after that procedure, not worried. that night... my sister shows up on my porch, tears in her eyes. hes gone. one of the bypasses didnt take, they tried to get him back into surgery to fix it, he coded, they couldnt bring him back. i have never been so lonely in my life. i lost my mother to H1N1, one of 13,000 deaths int he entire country in 2009. I lose my dad, during covid, to a bypass procedure with a nearly perfect success rate. ... both before i am even 40 years old. i have no parents, i have no grandparents, i have some cousins in ohio i dont see or talk to really. I have one aunt/uncle with 3 cousins i do talk to... and my sister... so my entire family consists of 6 total people now. and i talked to my dad 5-6 times a week. that cutoff is a tough one, i have reach for the phone to call him many times. there are many many things that im having trouble processing. as my sister and i are going through the estate process, he was pretty frugal and minimalistic, but also kept everything, if that makes sense. he had not a cent of debt. he didnt decorate, not a picture on a single wall, but he had 65,000 tools it seems, and kept every piece of lexan he ever met. you need a screw? bolt? he has it. i promise its in a jar in a cabinet. labelled and in order. ever issue of boundry water journal? got it. his abacus from college? got it. his college text books? got em. going through someones stuff, makes you think youll find stuff you didnt know. not with him, he was who he was on the surface his whole life. we have until monday to be done with his belongings at his house. we never put it on the market but a buyer popped up and we went ahead with the offer. the home means nothing to us, he didnt care for it, he moved here to be with us. so that im not sad about. it wasnt our childhood home, it wasnt the one he built in ohio. it was just a place. there ahve been some tough calls on what to keep and not keep. you want to keep everything. how many thousands of times did i see that eyeglasses case on his counter? how many months did it take for him to pick that perfect wood furniture for his room? but you cant keep it all, and there is no logical reason to. so we stuck with what pulled at our heart strings. which is still probably too much to keep. im having some big issues dealing with what to do with my life going forward. life is too short to do thinghs you dont like, to work where you arent appreciated, etc... i do like what i do and i AM appreciated. so im good for now, but my industry likely has a life span. he retired at 55 or 56.... even that seems too late. work your ass off for 30 years and live for 10-12 years? seems kind of pointless. i did what i wanted and what i loved from 17-22(managed musicians, ran record label, ran teen club). from 23-35 i did what i HAD to(shitty retail and sales jobs) . now as i am 39 and hit 40 next year.. i am going to make sure i only do what i like to moving forward. I dont know what that looks like. I have a sophmore with sports aspirations and an 8th grader with video game aspirations (lol). who both will start the year schooling from home. my wife has a better job after leaving Chase, that soulless hellpit. we will be debt free by the end of the year, and i have a small income that wont ever go away if i dont make it. every day sucks, its like office space, every day i wake up is the new worst day of my life. im trying to force positivity back into the world around me. but im dead inside, i always said i was dead inside when my mom passed, but man im 100% dead inside now. my only motivation is not fucking up my kids as they become men. after that there isnt a ton of meaning in anything i do on a daily basis. you never really stop trying to impress your parents, is subconscious but its there. there is no one left to impress. having to spend a few days a week at his place cleaning and selling and packing things is brutal, its an emotional day, then takes a day or two to get head back to normal, then youre there again. its been 6 weeks of mind games with myself. that part is almost over. i dont know what to expect then. i just needed to vent all of this. i need to get into a psychologist, but i only want to do that in person, and thats not going to happen right now either... covid. with all the terrible things this virus has done and is doing, its making this already terrible process a complete nightmare.
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    Having my best friend just die from this. I'm not really sympathetic to those who can wear a mask, but choose not to. And no amount of virtue signaling about that is going to make me any more sympathetic to these "freedom" lovers. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
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    Yep. He's smart, durable, and his orange hair is easy to see on the sidelines to look for signals.
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    Jacoby Brissett is going to be paid $12.5 mil to back up Rivers this year. Marcus Mariota $9.25 mil to be Derek Carr's backup Baker Mayfield being paid $9 mil to be a douche bag.
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    If he and everyone around him had masked up and followed social distancing guidelines, the probability of Covid getting him would have been substantially reduced. Instead, he encouraged large gatherings without protection, thereby aiding the spread. This is a pretty clear case of Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes.
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    Some players bring more to a team than their play on the field. Domata is one of them.
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    Thanks ShotZ. I had a good cry talking to a mutual friend yesterday about it, and am sitting down right now writing a eulogy since his family asked me to speak. The pen to paper stuff makes this real. :(
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    There is a connection here. Sure Biden is kinda shitty but Trump is on a whole other level. I'd legit vote to pull a name out of a hat instead of a 2nd term of this white supremacist grifter dipshit. Really easy choice for me even though I'm no fan of Biden. He's a sleazy career politician but I'll take that over a rabid fascist man-child 11 times out of 10. There's really no comparison in my mind, you're not going to convince me that Biden is "just as bad".
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    Considering I hopped on the Burrow train pretty early last fall, this has been very gratifying today...
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    According to MMQB twitter the Bengals have agreed to terms with Joe!! Fully guaranteed, four-year, $36-million contract with a $23.9M signing bonus
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    Thanks! I did/do have some health issues I face, but I face them with a grin on my face. Outside of pain, I cannot let life get me down as I fear my time is short. Plus I am dancing with the gummy bears 100% of the time. It helps. A LOT, lol.
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    I think a lot of you guys are ignoring an important thing: the o-line, as offensive as it was last season, got better WITHOUT Williams as guys were shuffled, settled into roles and found a spot. It literally improved. I could SEE it. Mixon's games in the latter half of the season reflect that. Other than Hart we don't have any BAD players that we're aware of, and I honestly will be surprised if Hart is even starting this season. He'll be a vet backup, which is where he belongs. Plus we DO get Williams back and we drafted that dude from K-State that can ball. I actually for once have confidence in the direction of the team, etc. Seriously!
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    Fathers and Sons. Sons and Fathers. Sorry to hear about this, Go. Just remember that your Dad lives on within you. Sounds cliche, but it's true. Over the years I have spoken with others about this phenomenon and it turns out that this happens to a lot of us: In the period after my father's death I used to have dreams about him. Then I would wake up and feel crushed. Yet, as time passed, I came to realize that it was a blessing when I had a dream with/about my Dad. I'd wake up and feel like I had just had a nice conversation with him, etc... . Doesn't replace the real thing, of course, but it helps. Hang in there.
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    Do all the right things. Jason was one of 2 friends that got it. My other friend has since recovered. Mask up, wash your hands, ect... I keep telling people this thing is real.
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    I am very sorry to hear this Ryan @GoBengals Solid advice here as well. I'd add that you need to be the bro that @Jamie_B needs. I will always poke you both with a stick to try to get you to smile a bit.
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    I wouldn't say they "missed" on him, he was solid in the run game. Some of the best run defenses in the history of the franchise came with him in the middle. He couldn't cover for shit but I think calling him a miss or a bust is a bit of a reach.
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    Hope he has a great uninjured season.. Big targets for JB in Green Tate and Higgins....
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    Stealers, Browns, and Bears all look pretty overrated.
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    Out of the last 72 games AJ has played 43. In the last 32, he's played 9. He's had one 1,000 yard season in the past four years and hasn't caught 80+ passes since 2015. I have a ton of respect for him as a professional and as a player but there is very little ammunition in his contract gun right now.
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    This is the first off season that this team has at least started to think about players 'clinically'. That is, you don't re-sign them just because you drafted them and you pick up free agents if you have some weak drafts. If they want to win they have to continue on this path.
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    I frequent another Message Board, but not because of the level of discussion, but more so familiarity with posters from the old Bengals.com MB. I will say this site is better moderated and has knowledgeable posters. To the OP: I hope JR does what's best for his family. I'm just not sure going to them is the best, but I do not know the details.
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    Man, if we're relying on him to solve everything... At best he's an unproven rookie, but these guys that get hurt their first 5 minutes in camp, IDK. Maybe it's the last significant injury he has for the next 10 years but from what I've seen that's rarely the case. At the very least I'd be looking for another Winston type at the end of their career to come in and mentor the guy, split a few reps when the predictable newbie struggles happen, because they will. At worst they are good for 1/2 a season in relief if it comes to that. People tend to think I'm bashing Williams or Burrow, but it's not about the individuals. Bad teams rely on rookies. Good teams make them earn their starts. Doesn't mean they are bad players, they just lack experience - but the team can't even pretend to have other options on this roster. I've never had any faith in Turner but I really think mixing him with Bobby Shart is going to poison the entire OL. Turner publicly went all-in on an objectively awful player and given his nature, I expect he will blame everyone else for Hart's failings. If I'm being completely honest I think our coaching/FO are full of shit. Taylor so far to me looks like someone doing a good impression of an NFL coach. He says all the right stuff, he sounds enthusiastic (which is a nice change I admit) but he fielded a team last year that didn't even know how to block or tackle. Compounded by a minimal TC and no preseason, I am very skeptical of his ability to instill these fundamentals in a group so lacking in vocal veteran leaders. This was the worst team in the NFL last year but they're acting like they lost another WC game or some shit. From where I'm sitting, they're not close. I'm just hoping they can not give up another 50 sacks & maybe flirt with 8-8. That would be a successful season to me but the fanbase seems to be expecting a miracle. /rant
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    The Bengals should consider signing Domata Peko The Bengals need depth on the defensive line, and former Bengal Domata Peko is looking for a job. By Nick Manchester@NickManchester9 Jul 31, 2020, 2:09pm EDT Photo by John Grieshop/Getty Images The Bengals have taken a lot of damage at defensive tackle this week. Two promising rotational pieces, Ryan Glasgow and Josh Tupou, are out of the 2020 picture. On Wednesday, the Bengals waived Glasgow after a failed physical. Then on Friday, Tupou opted out for 2020. While neither would have been starters behind Geno Atkins and D.J. Reader, they would have been able to provide relief so the starters could rest. They also could have been added to the formation if the Bengals were ever in a five-man front. With the depth at defensive tackle dwindling, the Bengals should look to the free agent pool for help. Domata Peko is currently a free agent, and in “great shape” according to NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero. Peko was a fourth round draft pick in 2006, and went on to play for the Bengals for 11 years. He considered Cincinnati to be his home, as his oldest son was one year old when he was drafted, and his two youngest were born in Northern Kentucky. Peko would in all likelihood love the chance to comeback to Cincinnati, especially with the way the organization has changed in the three short seasons since his departure. After the Bengals let Peko walk in 2017, he played for the Broncos for two seasons. He played better in Denver than he did towards the end of his time in Cincinnati. Peko returned to the AFC North when the Ravens signed him mid-season last year, and he’s been waiting to sign with a new team since he became a free agent this offseason. The Bengals could bring him back as a rotational piece and a leader in the locker room. His bar of expectations would be much lower now than it would have been three years ago, given he will have a different role. And while he is not stranger to the organization, it would be his first time playing with Zac Taylor and Lou Anarumo. Things would be different for Peko, but perhaps the change would help. He would be a great addition to the Cincinnati defensive line and provide some depth for the highly touted duo of Atkins and Reader. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I was one who called for his release, now I would like to see him back as a back up and in occasionally to give Geno and Reader a break. I think it would be great for him to be here for a season or two and retire a Bengal... like Whit should have.
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    Nice resource, thanks
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    Im sorry for your loss Jamie.
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    May God rest his soul, and comfort his family and friends.
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    Anthony Munoz Ocho Cinco (although I like to make fun of him calling him Ocho Stupido) Cedric Benson Willie Anderson You know, players that are actually good. You won't see me praise players like Brian "Richard" Simmons or Kevin Wasteverharn. For some reason Bengal fans lack the intelligence to decide on who is actually good. The fact that Rey the Drunk is praised is comical. He did nothing here. Ravens and Stillers would never play a bum like him. Of course, Bengal fans thinking that the Patriots would trade for Andy Dullton takes the cake....
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    Nice. Now lets get Mixon done.
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    We have to remind ourselves that he was the best LT in the draft last year
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    Maybe it's just me, but I think 18 million for a year is big money!
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