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    A. "READ BEFORE YOU POST" This is a requirement before registering or posting to the site. Continued violation of the following rules will result in a warning, suspension, or banning. (edited 01/18/2016) 1. Personal attacks - name calling, insulting, material that defames, abuses or threatens others, etc. (Subsections: if necessary to delineate the offense/reason for moderation) a. Verbal violence or threats b. Statements that are bigoted, hateful or offensive to any person or group of persons. c. Bigoted or Insensitive references to any race, sex, religion, etc. 2. Spam - Any communication that contains spam (multiple copies in one area or the same communication in multiple areas). Please search the forums for similar threads before posting. Duplicate threads will be closed and/or merged. 3. Troll behavior - Not contributing meaningfully and or respectfully 4. Thread Hijacking - We understand that threads will wander, but keep each thread on topic. 5. Selling items - outside established guidelines. 6. Jerkish behavior. 7. Smack Talk outside established forums. 8: Re-posting previously moderated content. (added 5/18/2015) 9: Arguing with a moderator in the public forum about moderation may result in suspension of posting privileges. If you have issues with moderation, contact moderator or admin via PM. (added 5/18/2015) Please Remember 1. "Attack the post, not the poster". 2. "Don't be a jerk" 3. "Smack talk stays in the smack talk forum" 4. If you have an issue with another poster and don't know what to do, think about it for a minute, breath, and if you still feel the same way, hit the "report" button located on the bottom right of the post. Try to be specific and rational.
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    [quote name='Xombie' timestamp='1310086773' post='1000006'] The only problem with this is the fact that [b]our collective laziness and inflated sense of worth[/b] "bars" many of our healthy, unemployed to take jobs they find demeaning and the sea of job opportunity [b]has evolved[/b] to be service industry-centric, which, in many cases, is truly underemployment. The American workforce of today must accept some responsibility for [b]pricing themselves out of jobs[/b], and not solely blame corporate greed. 40-50 years ago, and this quote would be spot on. Now, at best, it is very debatable. [/quote] The first bolded statement seems rather presumptuous, the second is loaded as if there was a natural progression as opposed to concerted efforts on behalf of the suppliers to eliminate labor (costs), and the third can be seen as dishonest because in many cases we never see a decline in corporate revenue, in fact we see bold increases as jobs are eliminated or shipped elsewhere. As I've come to understand it, from the beginning of the industrial revolution until the 1970s there was generally an increase in American workforce welfare. Representation in legislation, safety conditions in work environments, child labor laws, wage increases all brought the general welfare of the labor force up. But since the dawn of globalization the welfare of the worker has not risen at the same rate as the profit of corporations. What examples can you offer that would help me believe "Americans priced themselves out of jobs" as opposed to "Corporations seized the opportunity to exploit slavery abroad." I'd be inclined to believe that if corporate profits grew at a relatively stable rate from a time prior to globalization through now as opposed to the exponential growth "hockey stick" graphs that their profits were soon reported as once they abandoned the symbiotic relationship they developed with American labor and leeched onto slave labor abroad.
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    5 posts of exceptional insight.
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    We should be happy that an offensive player is blocking anything.
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