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    sorry i missed this. paypal@abrstudios.com also works, its my wifes account instead of mine. Thanks!
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    They signed a guy despite rape allegations hanging over his head & then immediately cut him after The Hoodie got annoyed with questions about it & walked out of a press conference. I don't think this was some 4d chess move by the Patriots.
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    Mr Go, Paypal will not accept your paypal@fnnsports.com. for some reason. Suggestions? Would prefer to send to you and have you forward.
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    you're a good dude man... helping out a pal like you are is awesome
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    Just spitballing. 1. Is he capable of running his situation past a Social Security lawyer to find out if his disability is enough ? A little research on which lawyers are more successful shouldn't be that much of a problem. There are lawyers on this board that might be able to get you in the ballpark. 2. Certain disabled people can actually get the business they work for extra money. From my understanding this occurs with businesses employing over X number of people. In some cases; "...provides reimbursement of up to 75 percent of the paid salary in the first year of employment, up to 50 percent in the second year of employment, and up to 25 percent in the third year of employment." In other words it's a win win for both sides of the employment equation.
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