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    My daughter is in Detroit airport waiting on her flight back to Dayton. She called me and said she thinks she sees Devon Still, I tell her to go ask him. So she does and tells him a big fan and gives him the phone. I asked how he was doing and how his daughter was doing. Said she's 5 years in remission and thanks for asking about her. I told him his jersey was the only former player jersey that's always allowed to wear to a game. I told him I should have had my daughter carrying his jersey so I could have it signed, he said he'll giver an address I can send it to and he'll sign it. Cool guy.
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    Far better games without AJ Green? On the road in Seattle? With a 3rd string LT? GTFO with that nonsense. Considering the circumstances, that was one of his best performances by far.
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    Damn, Troy - dropping profanity on social media? I like it!
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    Quitter (First, someone was bound to say it) "Colts Out of Luck" ... "Luckless Colts Come to Cincinnati" ~~ Gee Off Hobslobber
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    Looks like John Ross isn't the only big bust in Cincinnati.
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    I will never, ever forget this game and the fact that in my opinion only two players came to really play that day - Ced and Peko - and the rest could have stayed home. He showed the heart of a warrior when nobody else would. RIP Ced.
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    Things I like about the Taylor regime so far: Moving fellas around on the depth chart, creating even more, fair competition within position groups Seemingly, honestly, trying to figure out who to scheme based on existing and developing skill sets (the old way was counter to this: get talented guys, make them fit a specific mold)
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    Here are a few observations: - Taylor's offense is going to be a sight to behold, very creative and going to attack defenses in various ways. On one play he had 8 guys on the line in a power blocking scheme and the next play he's going 5 wide. - Dalton looked very comfortable only had one play that I'm sure he wishes he could get back, when he underthrew a wide open WR that would have been a TD, but the DB tipped it because Dalton threw a duck. - The quick passing game will help the offensive line and Dalton, definitely pick up Tyler Boyd in your FF league. - The young WR's are coming into their own, Core, Malone, Erickson, and Tate all made some big plays. They seem more confident and sure of themselves. - Jefferson and Evans are athletic but seem like they study game tape very much, they have no awareness are very slow to read and react to any type of shift or motion. - The LB's are still a work in progress and got exploited early and often, it's going to be interesting to see how they progress this preseason. - I hope Clayton is ok, he's a key member of the team. Overall there was only one major injury and the offense scored a TD on their only drive with the 1's and they were without Mixon, Green, and Eifert so I would say it was a success.
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    Thanks for this thread. So tired of the constant doom and sadness. Frankly, I am super interested in what a fresh approach and new coaches and new coaching might do to breathe life back into what is still, at its core, a group of very talented players.
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    It's encouraging to see the franchise finally getting around to hiring some new fans
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    Per Patriot sources, Antonio Brown's interpreter will be explaining AB's emails to the media later today.
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    Anyone talking about the "Radical Left" is throwing out red herrings to excuse white nationalist violence encouraged & abetted by the President. The next time "Antifa" or whoever shoots up a WalMart will be the first time. LMAO at the 2nd Amendment "protecting us from a tyrannical government." Well it's doing a shitty job of it because we have an unhinged racist throwing Latino kids in filthy tent cities to be sexually & physically abused by ICEstapo agents while you're crying over the fucking bump stocks. All those 3% Oathkeeper types talk a lot of shit but the only time I see them get off their asses is when the fucking KKK needs protection. They're all cut from the some white sheets as far as I can tell. Most of those goons are just playing at milsim cosplay anyway, except for the few genuinely dangerous ones that are committing the mass shootings rather than protecting us from them. Amusing to see we still have some dimwits on here that think it's a (((Globalist))) conspiracy that they never got their GED. Fucking get a grip.
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    Team Eeyore? Hell, he has his own team, Team Schleprock
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    I think the OLine has to be at least in Good category. Did they have a false start? I don't remember one. In the second loudest stadium in the league, that's impressive. I
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    Being someone who generally rips this team a new one, this game was such a breath of fresh air compared to the latter years stench of Merv. The coaches had a good plan on both sides of the ball that utilized the skills we have and tried to not show the weaknesses. The players were inspired, again, not seen in 3 years and played hard. Hopefully they play like this every week. Kudos to the coaches and players for a well played game overall in a very tough place to play. The offense could be very good if we had a respectable OL. Teams will adjust now so lets see how it goes. But I actually enjoyed watching the team play for the first time in 3 years.
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    Well.....here we go again, boys. I'm really really hoping we can shock the football world this season. I have a good feeling about this squad, despite the injuries, but I'm also an idiot so let's see how it goes.
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    I see your screen name. Your Screen Name = Our Depth Chart
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    Cream of the crap apparently.
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    I like it too. Gottlieb is a hack dipshit and I am happy and actually a little shocked the Troy called him out. Anyone bitching about Luck retiring is a dumbass.
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    LOL at this "millenial" shit like he's the first or even 100th player to act entitled. It's not even close to generational, it's just the NFL & pro sports culture in general. Give a 21 year old a million dollars and a TV commercial, good chance he's gonna get a little sloppy. If anything it's harder to get away with shit now. We can talk about Jim Thorpe if you want but after that it's a steep downhill grade into 4-game suspensions & "we haven't seen the tape."
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    I'd probably "fade" too if I knew that no matter how well I played my coach was going to bench me as soon as his designated starter was healthy again. Or worse, put us both in a rotation where we play alternating series on some little league juiceboxes-for-everyone bullshit. This is a totally different scenario & I have no reason to think he doesn't step up.
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    Interesting to me that teams cut players under contract all the time and "it's a business" but when it's the player making that decision we act like they're on suicide watch. Granted the timing couldn't be shittier for the team, but fuck the Colts & every other NFL franchise for that matter. These owners don't give 2 shits about the players once they're no longer useful. Dry those crocodile tears.
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    This a gazillion times eleventy. THIS IS WHAT WE WANT! Identify raw talent, mold it to your scheme and get it out onto the field! Fuck Marvin Lewis!
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    I think Old is hoping that lady sees our depth chart and long suffering fan base and buys Trent Williams for us.
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    dude... we are so much alike (except I never voted republican and don't have grandkids) I was raised in Roseville (Zanesville area) and all of my family and friends from there used/use the N word like its just a word. I never did, but thought it was just the way shit was until I went off to college. I was just down there this weekend and got into a huge fight with my father.. I just cannot understand how people support the fucking POS in the white house. I also still love my family...but I fucking hate their views on the world soooooooo much... I just told the wife I have to stay away for a while And the clapton dude is either a total troll or a nutjob that you can in no way have a conversation with...like my dad and brother... lol wish I could give this a million likes
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    You know, after your last post addressing me, I was like why waste my time? So I basically disqualified you from any further conversation. You weren't worth my reply. But now I'm so tired of dumbass motherfuckers like you that I am forcing myself to take the time. I am 50 years old. While I am definitely not young, I am definitely not old. Matter of a fact I feel like I am just hitting my prime. I have 5 kids, 4 grandkids and I have worked my ass off for everything I have. I help neighbors and the less fortunate around here by volunteering my time when I am not working or on here posting shit for your stupid ass to act like it's a reason to judge me. It takes little time for me to add content to this site. I do it as a form of relaxation. But again, it takes little fucking time. I work doing hard physical labor 6 days a week. And when you live in Wisconsin, just being outside can be taxing enough on your body and soul. So sitting in from of a computer for a little bit is really nothing. And you're welcome for all the shit I provide YOU that isn't political. It's amazing to me that you have came to all these conclusions about me all because of what I post. I was born and raised in blood Red Conservative Ohio. Most of my family and friend are still that way. MY MOM LOVES TRUMP! Guess what? I still love my Mom! My cousin who I look at more like a brother LOVES TRUMP! I still love him like a brother. I lost a person here that I considered a friend because HE couldn't stand the fact I wasn't a fucking sheep anymore. Hell, I voted for Republicans for President more than I have Democrats. My Dad was a flaming racist. I heard the N word daily through out his time on this earth. I saw KKK members passing out pamphlets in my hometown. Ever since I could remember I knew it was wrong. My Dad and I bumped heads many times over his racists views. But up until he died a few years ago, I never really knew how much I disagreed with him on. I voted for John McCain in 2008. But then I watched how my family and friends and the Conservatives tried to make him an "other". "He's a Muslim!" "He's not American!" He's a socialist!" Once I started actually opening my eyes I realized I don't give a fuck if they have an R or a D if front of their name. I care about if they care about people over profits. If they care about all Americans or just the white ones that think like they do. I'm not here to support your views or be a fucking echo chamber. If you want to have a civil debate and conversation on what the topic is, I can and will. If all you want to do is attack me personally and call me evil and other dumbass shit, then
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    Eifert is expected to miss 4-6 games due to hypothermia
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    Remember that time Ryan Shazier tried to blow up Josh Malone? This guy does.
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    Friday Random Thought of the Day
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    This is where I’m at. The big thing is seeing if a fresh, younger coaching staff can manage to gameplan and scheme based on the talent in the building. That is, acknowledging round pegs and creating round holes for them to play within. It’s tough to tell how shitty or lackluster some of our guys truly were the past couple seasons and how much of it was just shitty, uninspired and unbending coaching. I am a believer that good coaching and teaching actually can make a difference, even at the NFL level. Time and time again New England, for instance, has been able to weather tough mid season injuries and still win championships.
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    @Jamie_B Wrong kind of birb
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    Hopefully this truly is the beginning of a New Dey! We all deserve our Bengals to be perennial winners for the next few decades. JUST WIN WITH NO INJURIES!!! FUCK THE SEAHAWKS!!! WHO-DEY!!!
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    Even for the cynical and dejected fans it is hard not to like what ZT is doing and the message he is portraying, both to he players and the fans.
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    I'm not into moral victories either, but that's not what this is. This is not getting embarrassed, which seemed to happen regularly in the Lewis era. This is not losing because your coach refuses to play the best players or didn't prepare the team, or screwed up challenges and clock management. The players actually can do this....maybe. At least the guy on the sideline wont be the reason they lose.
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    Did somebody say that it was or just preemptive banging the same old drum? They lost because they didn't make plays when they needed to, but that doesn't negate the constant fucking on booth reviews. That was obviously not a fumble, but the leaguecwanted it to be. And explain to me how you can rub a pylon with your inside knee, tuck the ball in your outside arm and cross the goal line. Not the reason they lost, but discouraging nonetheless. Look no further than the Driskell TD last year. The booth said that he was giving himself up while diving into the end zone. Tell me with a straight face that Mayfield, Murray or any other QB darling would get the same call and I'll drop it forever. Yes it was a year ago, but that defined for me how the league can fuck a team if they want to. Again, not making excuses for the bengals' shortcomings, just expressing my distrust of the league. And yes, they screw other teams too based on the scenario.
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    I find it hard to believe this wasn’t the plan the whole time. Patriots did next to nothing to shore up a weak WR position, especially after Gronk retires, and Brown pulls this stunt to get released and less than 2 hours later signs with the Pats? Nothing to see here you conspiracy nuts, move along so Tom can get to 10 SB wins before retiring at the age of 55
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    I like it.. He is a really good player and very valuable to this team. They have been trying to draft his replacement for the last few years and they keep getting hurt, getting into trouble or just aren't good enough. The cap keeps going up and up, this is not a significant amount of money.
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    The surgery he had has atleast a 12 week recovery time, its been 4 weeks so he has 8 weeks to go which would be the end of October. The next game is after the bye, November 10th...week 10 for the NFL but the 9th game for the Bengals. It's going to take some time for Green to go from not walking to playing in the NFL, no reason to rush him back in what is essentially a rebuilding year.
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    I think you are wildly overestimating the amount of fucks anyone here has left to give. They could roll an old bin from Rumpke out there & my only surprise would be that Redeemer paid full price for one that still has both wheels.
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    There's 1:10 of my life I will never get back again and could have been put to better use...
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    Yeah it's funny, I don't see AJ "Way Better Than Dalton" McCarron on that list. Am I spelling that right; "AJ "Way Better Than Dalton" McCarron"?
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    Boo! I’ll be be heading to Chicago in a couple of hours to help our Cincinnati Half Century Club’s over-60 team defend its title in the 7v7 Days of Glory Soccer Tournament. ️
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