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  1. Bengal Migration

    I figured this topic needed its own thread.

    Not really. I'll own a gun as soon as (if) I get back home. But it's not gonna do much good against a drone, I'm afraid..
  2. I LOVE that clip! Thanks BB!
  3. Bengal Migration

    UDFA Signings

    His nose for the ball at the LOS reminds me of a certain shaggy dog safety we face twice a year.
  4. Bengal Migration

    Future Concern

    Certainly sounds more like him than Shula.
  5. http://espn.go.com/college-football/player/splits/_/id/500890/giovani-bernard   Looks to me like he busted 3 long TD runs, and had 2 long receptions. All of his other TDs came in/near the red zone.   I guess that averages out to one huge play every 2-3 games - a number I'd surely be thrilled with if he could do it on Sundays. Especially in January and February.   Nice 12.3 yard average receiving on 3rd down. :good:
  6. If he has Ray Rice speed, he should be fine. Just doesn't look that fast to me. With those short strides it looks like he's running in quicksand.   :lol:  That would be awesome
  7. I'm not down on the pick, and I'm happy to see so many people who follow the draft closer than I do be so excited about it. I'm curious/nervous to see how his skill set will match up vs. NFL speed. I love my Cavs, but ACC football is hardly the toughest group of opponents to face.   Fingers crossed. Go get 'em Gio!
  8. I see quick feet, but not much in the way of top end speed...
  9. If he doesn't have the dropsies like Gresh, I'm all for it. We needed an UG. Gresh has come up short too ofter in big situations.
  10. Anyone but Teo, anyone but Teo, anyone but Teo, anyone but Teo...
  11. Bengal Migration


  12. Bengal Migration

    Happy Birthday Lucid!!!

    Happy birthday! Hope it's a good one!

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