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  1. Rick has become so incompetent he can't even fly the bird correctly. 1-8 vs. Cal and Kentucky, lol.
  2. Yes, the guard play is awesome and the change in the style of the team is interesting. We've gone from power basketball to run and gun.
  3. Allow this post to document history of UK beating Duke for the first time since 1998 NCAA tournament
  4. For those scoring at home IU - Fucking cheaters. Banished from relevance and stuck with that weirdo coach. UNC - Fucking cheaters on an epic level and the NCAA won't touch nor ESPN U of L - Fucking cheaters with strippers and such in players dorms UK under Cal - awesome.
  5. Yeah the A-train is coming. Whoo-whoo (train whistle sound).
  6. Have no idea about the record. Come late January this board will be filled with rationalization, once again!
  7. I know. The topic has the brain rollin thinking about trades that's all.
  8. Going off memory but Dre Kirkpatrick, Gio, Iloka, and Marvin Jones were all obtained from draft picks acquired by trades. Carson Palmer trade. Chad Johnson trade, and I think they moved down to grab Zielter and pick up an extra pick and that series of moves generated those 4 key players. Pretty strong, IMO.
  9. Ambrose was a Free Agent. Deltha was a trade. Both made pro bowls.
  10. I wouldn't call Mike Brown a wheeler dealer, lol. The Bengals have done trades out of TC. Taylor Mays? They also nabbed a former 1st round CB from Seattle can't remember the name? I think they dump a RB on the Saints for a pick, 1 year. Trades involving draft picks have been way more common with the Bengals. There are multiple key players in this training camp that were obtained with drafts picks from trades.
  11. Hunt was more noticeable last night but Carter dominates like you would expect Hunt to do considering the hype around his nature ability.
  12. That sounds too good to be true. Patterson would be an elite return option compared to Tate and good potential as a WR.
  13. IMO, Margus had a couple chances to get in on a play in pursuit and really didn't seem interested. More content to let some other player get the tackle. Of course, I don't think the whole team was really that interested in playing.
  14. There's only so much roster space that can be dedicated to the "future". Every year you typically can mark down just about every team's picks 1-4 are making, it has to be high 90s percentage. You can't go to far in reserving spots for guys that aren't performing and getting out played. Sure you run the risk (as every team does) that the light comes on once you cut the individual. Probably more guys never pay off vs. the ones that eventually do.
  15. Chris Carter's snaps came earlier in the game than other players so I think he's a live shot to make it. Margus Hunt made the 1 play but his motor was lacking a lot on his other snaps. He really didn't look like he wanted to play, IMO.
  16. 33-0 the longest win streak in Kentucky history
  17. A couple things about pressure and UK and this is all true.   First, when you sign with UK you get the fanbase and the expectation.   Which is huge and contains a bunch of crazies.   Crazies from a state that has no other major sports team and a sports team that has been good enough to rival that top sports franchises in the world in terms of success.   Second,  UK gets everyone's best shot in the SEC.   SEC gets trashed on for being a bad basketball conference but that's overblown.   They are still a power 5 conference playing teams getting power 5 players from highschool.    UK is always the big ticket on the road.   SEC and NCAA  tournaments any top UK team not just this one isn't going to face a hostile crowd.   Most of the time it's very pro-UK.   So yeah there's pressure for this team but NCAA tournament in an odd way to bring some relief.   They play first two games in Louisville and that crowd will be 99% blue.   Regional site with be blue but not as big.    Then Indy if they get there,  forget about it.      
  18. The championship is definately the key to being recognized and remember among the all-time great teams.
  19. 31-0. Allow this post to document history. Consider yourself privileged for reading this.
  20. Allow this post to document history 28-0
  21. Allow this post To document history 26-0
  22. Allow this post document history at 20-0.  
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