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  1. [quote name='sneaky' post='317689' date='Aug 17 2006, 02:06 AM'][b]dont worry about my blood pressure cuz im built to last
    and if im Japan, you're Sony cause i own your ass
    the only thing scattered and messy is your rhyme
    i could give you some lessons but i dont have the time
    yeah im in a wheel chair but it aint because of old age
    lets just say if i was a underware model, you'd need an extra page
    my dick may be old but its still the bomb
    but dont take my word for it, go ask your mom
    you say you got men singing......... that i doubt
    better not have me "plug it in" cause it'll take your tonsils out
    it will blast up your spine, pop your eyes and give you glaucoma
    it'll have you speaking Chinese even tho you from Oklahoma
    my dick is agent 69 cause like James Bond it fights the Kremlin
    its cute and cuddly now, but when it gets wet, it turns into a gremlin [/b][/quote]

    This will probly be my last one for this round cus i got a sftball tourney tonight and this weekend.
    so here yah go.

    did u say.. build to last? ha.. baby you aint no Ford truck.
    the rhymes you keep spittin are like quicksand every word just gettin you stuck.
    Okay..im Sony ,but im playin you just a Playstation game..
    & you still aint showin me how you got that MVP title you claim
    lol oh and i had my tonsils out when i was five
    but allright we'll see, i might take you out for a test drive
    cus i dont like my cars old and rattly, but i'd rather have a used than a new one
    just as long as you keep it clean and and your engine will still run
    your right about the "gremlin" comparrison to your dick, theyre little & ugly & a short mess
    but dont take my word for it you can ask BAB im sure he'd confess
    he told about that night you two had your thing
    but he had to go to the doctor, he said when he peed it would just sting
    i dont need your rap lessons baby you should be the one askin me for some
    cus my rhymes they stick in your head just like as if they were gum
    and its been new school to old and this is round three
    it was me, Whodey, & CCC vs. You and Jamie B
    now this rounds allmost done and we need to switch it up next time
    so next round Dr.Suess throw me somethin other than a pitiful nursery rhyme.
  2. [quote name='sneaky' post='317216' date='Aug 16 2006, 02:17 PM'][b]look little girl im trying to be nice but you making me frown
    im a gentleman by nature so dont make a pimp slap you down
    and where you get this "1 minute man" stuff from? girl you'za lie
    i'll hit the wettest coochies so long, they all turn dry
    cuz the O is Casanova reincarnated, i aint lying, shit i swear
    hoes walk in my bedroom and roll out in a wheel chair :1hump:
    and all this talk about my pops is really kind of crass
    i aint hatin on my old man, but i cant believe you give it to his old ass [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons//31.gif[/img]
    but its all good, just didnt know you were that kind of chick
    oh well, differnt strokes for different folks, maybe you like wrinkled dick
    are you sure you clean? (sniff-sniff) cuz something smells like sushi
    you might want to go back and give yourself a double doushey
    and whats up wit the HIV thing? thats not a cool rap :onoudidnt:
    i aint tryna spread any rumors but i heard you gave Ian "the clap" :ninja: [/b][/quote]

    Sorry sneaky i dont wanna make your blood pressure any higher ,old man.
    My rhymes have the same effect on you as WWII did Japan, -_-
    leavin your brain scattered and everything a mess.
    if this were school i'd be givin you an F ,on every test. :contract:
    the ppl rollin in wheel chairs around your house is you.
    i cant help your pops is so good and expeirienced i just didnt know what to do.
    baby dont talk about your daddy like that, your dicks just as old.
    sneaky your dick is so old its startin to grow mold. [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons//31.gif[/img]
    haha..my shit dont smell of sushi, more like a air freshener to these men.
    i smell so good i have every guy takin a whiff and leave singin "plug it in..plug it in" :D
    oh im nto sure where you heard that one about my boy Ian and all that
    but i can rest assure you we arnt the ones with the clap,
    its you who needs that check-up on your dick
    cus from what i heard you fucked Jamie B and now he's sick. :ninja:

    sorry Jamie b..i had to. if my mom reads it i will assure her you arnt infected by sneaky's diseases. ;)
    jk, well okay talk to you guys tonight got school tomorrow so yah i'll have to slow down just like Ian.

  3. [quote name='sneaky' post='315867' date='Aug 14 2006, 07:47 PM'][b]im the best rapper here so stop all the hatin', Britt
    you know im the man of your dreams and the best you'll ever get
    your rhymes are really shit but you spray it with perfume
    my pops had you but hes gonna pass dat ass to me like a family airlume
    see lil girl, the words i type are flawless and near perfection
    you cream your panties when you read them cause im the object of your affection
    no STD's here, my dick done passed the governments inspection
    i bet my rhymes annoy you cause they give you ah yeast infection
    im tearing you up like Tokyo as if i was the lyrical Godzilla
    you aint even old enuff yet but you already craving my chocolate in your vanilla :o

    :lmao: [/b][/quote]

    Your gettin a lil cocky baby, and that aint cute
    i wish you came with a remote cus when you rhyme all i wanna do is press "mute." [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons//23.gif[/img]
    the best i'll ever get? mmm i think your old mans a better catch..
    i'll tell you what, me and your pops we a perfect match.
    cus he gets the job done, he aint no "1 minute man"
    are u adopted?cus you remind me of that little engine.. "i think i can..i think i can" :blink:
    my rhymes arnt shit , cus if they were you wouldnt said what you did in round one
    but sneaky i know you admire me, you dont gotta front hun.
    the object of my affection is about a few years younger sorry baby
    so do you got a son? then we could keep taht in the family, maybe?
    nope no yeast infections here, im fresh and im clean.
    im gone for a day you miss me so much jsut readin my rhymes make you creme. ^_^
    your chocolate in my vanilla? i wouldnt want to infect myself with all your HIV.
    Maybe you should hook up with someone who has it too..like BAB. :ninja:

    [quote name='sneaky' post='316765' date='Aug 15 2006, 09:33 PM']yeah that will be a good idea, take some time off son, because your "Rumpelstilsken" rhymes
    need some work

    anybody seen "jail-bait" today???[/quote]

    lol got school thursday..been gettin ready and had softball games everyday.
    you guys cant go a day or two with out missin me.. aww how cuttte. :)

  4. [quote name='sneaky' post='313266' date='Aug 10 2006, 12:47 PM'][b]neck and neck? girl the only way that happens is if you're standing on a chair
    because when we stand toe to toe you'll always be lookin in the air
    you buy your rhymes from a department store, but my words are sacred
    you lucky this aint "strip poker", cause you'd be butt ass naked
    my rhymes are like SARS cause its unstoppable, the flow will overwhelm you
    and as far as having sex alone, somehow i get the feeling that you already do
    you need batting practice girl, cuz you cant hit the rhymes i got hurled
    yeah, the only times i see stars, is when your mom takes me "around the world" ;)
    who said u can come out da kitchen? take yo ass back in there an fill my cup
    my rhymes will leave u like Britney Spears alright, ..played out, barefoot and knocked up
    a pad and a pen? girl pleeeze, i'll never have rhymer's block
    cause my words stay hard and fuck little pussies, just like my cock[/b][/quote]

    The only thing that overwhelms me is how pitiful your rhymes are.
    You the MVP? Twice? how the hell did that happen? i aint seen you be MVP so far.
    haha as for me having sex alone baby, just ask your pops he'll tell you otherwise ^_^
    boy your rhymes annoy me so much i swat them off like flies
    You say i need batting practice but my average is higher then the number of your STDs :lol:
    So that must say somethin. & When your gay you have better chance of gettin disease
    If this was "strip poker" sneaky i'd call your bluff..baby cus you all talk
    because I dont believe you about "fuckin little pussies with your cock"
    for battling me your just like Dickie Roberts..your "nucking futs".
    Before you talk about fuckin little pussies, put the peanut butter up and take your dog off your nuts. ;)

  5. [quote name='sneaky' post='311876' date='Aug 8 2006, 05:06 PM'][b]i hope your mom is tellin you what i like so listen and learn
    cuz in a couple of years then its gonna be yo' turn
    and yaw only in debt cuz your moms got a habbit
    but its all good cuz she gives head non stop like the energizer rabbit
    see babygirl a pimp like me knows how to handle a hoe
    i'd keep them occupied at night,.....out making me some gawd-damn dough
    so face it, you aint beatin me cuz i got more rhymes than the population of China
    no one can defeat me, especially someone with a vagina
    keep on runnin yo mouth, im gonna have u workin truck stops then change your name to Nancy
    my rhymes are screwin you so bad, i feel like Roman Polanski[/b][/quote]

    O N Y X . . .

    you're definatly not winning, im pretty sure it's about neck and neck
    your playin this game like poker & all you doin is sayin 'check'..
    in a couple of years i hope don't end up fuckin or suckin your cone
    tell you the truth you know ...i'd probly rather have sex [i]alone[/i]. [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons//3.gif[/img]
    China? your rhymes are so sick your givin me SARS.
    no one can defeat you?..im knockin you out so hard your seein stars
    its gunna take more for you too beat me then what ive seen this round number 3
    your rhymes? screwin me? mmmm nope i tend to disagree
    lets talk about whats screwin you? could it be your lack of creativity when you rhyme? :ninja:
    im so good when im done with you you'll be sayin [b]"hit me baby one more time"[/b]
    so takes some notes , get your paper and grap your pen..
    i got you once more..so here's some more Britney.. [b]"oops i did it again".[/b] ^_^


    won't be home tomrrow shoppin all day.
    and doin big things all you old scool papis have fun at work
    as for Ian have a nice day at SCHOOL! byahh,

  6. [quote name='BadassBengal' post='310995' date='Aug 7 2006, 04:52 PM']OG, you fuckin know, that ya love the dick
    you'll take it nice and slow, or rough and quick
    in your mouth, vajaja, or maybe in your ass
    when my cock is offered, you never pass
    and Jamie B, you cunt munching dirty tampon sucker
    ya mom was live and kickin until i fucked her
    lathered her up with KY jelly and butter
    then fucked for 10 hours, they call me the 8th wonder
    witht he blinds pulled up, neighbors starin thru glass
    takin videos, takin notes, like students up in a class
    remind me of when sneaky's sis lost a bet
    skull fucked the trick, put the vid on the net
    now come at me if ya want, cause i aint done yet...[/quote]

    Fuck you BAB, you fuckin dick suckin shit
    You couldnt fuckin pay a bitch to use her clit
    she had a choice you or every member of the special olympics
    and that hoe chose all the retards dicks
    if you offered me your cock i just might hurl
    cus i dont like to think of all the AIDs of a dick tahts never been with a girl
    you wanna talk shit then stay in the game for more than a min
    and heres a suggestion..stops gettin your rhymes out of sneaky's garbage bin.

    [quote name='sneaky' post='311025' date='Aug 7 2006, 05:40 PM']:wave:

    [b]hey look guys, its my son, where the fuck you been? you muthafukin bum
    they call u the 8th wonder, cuz we all wonder when you'll ever get some
    nucca, i done burned your yard so many times, i could join the klan
    when you gonna stop these hit and runs and throw it down like a man?
    but keep on talkin dat shit im gonna dot yo' eye
    you aint nothin to me but ah busted rubba an accidental creampie
    so bitch, you more than "done" yo' ass is just thew
    run your mouf again, and im slappin the fuck out of you[/b][/quote]

    hahah sneaky take em out...:)

    [quote name='Jamie_B' post='311088' date='Aug 7 2006, 07:51 PM']Now look who's decided to drop a rhyme
    Hell spit one verse then complain about his time
    This one has to do with my moms
    little did he know I took his to prom
    a tampon sucker? Only mouth bleeding is yours
    after sneaky slaped you and told you to do your chores
    they dont call you the 8th but they do wonder
    how this sorry busta became such a blunder
    Son I got so many rhymes you need a thesaurus
    Now everyone sit back and listen to my chorus

    I think it's time we stop, children what's that sound?
    BAB only spits one verse a round

    They call you badass but you quit on your team
    I think that sorry ass is more the theme
    now eveyone thinks you have no heart
    so spit your one verse and then depart
    but you can go on thinking your off the chain
    now eveyone sing my chorus again

    I think it's time we stop, children what's that sound?
    BAB only spits one verse a round[/quote]

    JAMIE .. i almost pissed my pants readin this..speciallythe chorus! hahah

    [quote name='sneaky' post='310993' date='Aug 7 2006, 04:47 PM'][b]babygirl, i know im a nice guy, plus i got skills
    when i pay your mom to suck me, im really just helping out with the bills
    i dont recall you suckin on me baby, chill with that cause these walls have ears
    but i can see that happening though in about 2 years :lmao:
    hell no, im not gay like Elton John, girl, im as straight as it gets
    the only thing we have in common, is that we both write hits
    girl i may be getting old but im still sexy cuz all the ladies want a smooch
    i aint going bald but i like it shaved, you know, just like your mom's cooch
    STDs? girl what are you talking about, my dick is pristine
    i pay your mom sixty bucks a week just to come keep it clean
    got insurance on my dick because it makes the women moan
    it stays black and shiny cause hoes like to polish my cone
    i respect your skills but if you think you can beat me, you must be high
    but i'll be careful with you, cause i dont trust anything that bleeds for a week and doesn't die[/b][/quote]

    I appriciate the car payment and the house payment too
    im really not sure how we'd make it without you.
    but you aint payin momma enuf we startin to get in debt
    lol no your right i aint sucked on that shit yet.. ^_^
    im not sayin i won't and im not sayin i would
    but in two years ima want a guy who can bring in the goods
    keep me occupied at night ,not playin online
    i want a dude who can please me, tingle my spine ;)
    baby i know i can beat you and i know i can win
    you in denial honey..cus im knockin you down like the wall in Berlin
    you and me next round we on the same side okay?
    but let you beat me? baby not today. there's no fuckin way
    and while you talkin about periods and the bleedin in a chick
    just remember that same thing that bleeds is where your stickin that dick... :o

  7. [quote name='sneaky' post='310897' date='Aug 7 2006, 01:56 PM']:lol:

    [b]yeah i been locked up before, my mug shot is on most wanted dot com
    not for nothing major though, just bought solicited sex from your mom
    and yeah i work at a convienant store, i put slushies in a cup
    but considering you're ass is from Oklahoma, gettin with me would be a step up
    had no ideal you were such a potty mouth, i should put soap in your mouth & make you rinse
    as far as jizz upsetting your stomach, i figure you're talking from experience
    girl i dont get down on my knees, you need quit talkin all that smack
    what im more concerned about is, why are you only 16 and always on your back?
    i only put a sock on my cock when tapping your moms blubber
    cause i dont know where she's been and it gives mo' protection than a rubber
    correction, you mean i've been gettin pussy since highschool, and i still aint done
    girl, i see more pussy than you......and you got one
    do you think im gonna lose to a chick, not today
    one day you'll be blowin my ass, but not like Timothy Mcveigh :ninja: [/b][/quote]

    hahahaha....okay here it goes..again.

    sneaky your a nice guy why dont you try gettin with a real chick?
    & not just payin some hoe to suck on your dick
    yah I've had my mouth washed out a time or two
    Once from saying dirty words and once for suckin on you.. :o
    i don't see how those whores do it for a price
    to suck your excuse of a dick i wouldnt think twice [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons//33.gif[/img]
    you dont see pussy..your analogy is all wrong
    i'd say: you've seen more dick than Elton John B)
    ive done a few things & for 16 i may some expeirience i probably should not
    but im 16, got time to make mistakes..but your outa luck, you allready gettin a bald spot..
    i'd rather be on my back then takin it from the back
    you probly got so many STDs you cant keep track :wacko:
    lol if you dont wanna lose i suggest you quit now
    cus im gunna beat you..and you wanna know how?
    if you think i can't do it you must be insane
    watch out cus i'll get your ass as if you Sudam Husane... :ninja:

  8. [quote name='sneaky' post='310840' date='Aug 7 2006, 12:48 PM'][b]do i "wanna taste of you"? no thanks i'll pass
    the last thing i need is the cops to come arrest my ass,
    yeah i run this thread, thats not a dream its real life
    you're the one with the dreams, wishing one day to become my wife
    and as far as my yang is concerned, nothing is wrong, thank you very much
    lets just say, if i hooked up wit your mom, afterwards she would also need a crutch
    girl you need to stop actin all hard, talkin' like you can brawl
    this is the same chick who injured herself playing female softball
    and the way you root for the Cowboys i think you taking a risk
    cause Drew Bledsoe done seen more dick than a men's urinal disk
    by the way, thank you for sharing that you use "playtex gentle glide"
    it was news to me cause i thought you country girls just crammed a sock up inside
    you say you're a "southern belle" but do you know who i am?
    this ain't "Gone With The Wind" and frankly OG, i dont give a damn[/b][/quote]

    It probly wouldnt be the first time,im sure you been locked up before.
    as for being your wife..ha-i need a man with a real job..not no convieniant store. :)
    I root for the cowboys loud and proud..maybe he's see more dick but only in the lockerroom
    im tellin you you must be sick from all that jizz that you consume :o
    its not good for your stomach, but do what you please
    im just tryin to help you from gettin autheritus in your knees :D
    yah i play softball, im a cheerleader, & i got soccer too..
    besides go to work and play online, what the fuck do you do?
    haha no thats not how i wear my sock
    but as for you i hear you use you sock on your cock :D
    poor 33 year old dude who aint got no pussy since High School
    run your mouth and like Eminem: bitch "i'll slap you off that bar stool".
    and this is all fun and games dont any thing i say to you personal okay?
    But you gotta admit im blowin your ass away like Timothy McVeigh. :ninja:

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