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  1. When you think about it this kind of makes sense. We are set at QB and WR , where we need help (RB and maybe TE) are deep and the oline class is weak. That really only leaves the D to draft from for the premium rounds unless someone falls.
  2. Only TE I want is Washington and hes still there. So is DT adobore (sp)
  3. I don't think they take a TE til late. No inside knowledge or anything, just a hunch
  4. I expect CB/IOL/DT/RB in the next few picks. Think they will take a flyer on TE til late unless someone falls.
  5. Whoever we take will never be as good as whoever we pass on.
  6. For some reason I want Washington or nobody at TE in Rd 1
  7. You may be right, I don't remember the Jets getting all those peeps in FA
  8. Gibbs also, I just don't think RB is the most pressing need this team has. Then again, I was team Sewell so what do I know?
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