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  1. Do you think he will last until our fourth? Not saying he won't but I have my doubts. And if he's as good as advertised he will be a hell of a weapon
  2. I'd take him with our 3rd rounder in a heartbeat. Better grab him before the comp picks start happening.
  3. David Gilmour called and left a message. <cough> Comfortably Numb <cough> <cough> Dogs <cough> (Best Floyd song EVAH. Damn shame Roger Waters is such a pr!ck.
  4. Are they done cutting or do you think here will be more? $230 million ain't exactly chump-change.
  5. Just add another round or two to the draft.
  6. Fix the oline in free agency and go all in on defense in the draft.
  7. If they sign 3 OL in free agency I can't imagine them drafting one a 31 (I know I wouldn't). I mean they drafted Carman/Hill/Smith for a reason and giving up on them in their 2nd year seems unreasonable to me. Much rather they go defense though YMMV.
  8. I don't think he made it out of training camp IIRC.
  9. Best to give one a good offer, otherwise the Bengals will be outbid before they even start.
  10. We also have Wyatt Hubert AKA Hair! Height: 6-3 Age: 23 Weight: 258 lbs
  11. I think the Bengals are a better team than the Stealers, I'm just not confident the y will go out and prove it on the field. Part of it is just the jaded outlook of "I'm not sure they are as good as I think they are" and the other part is a hangover of Marvin Lewis abysmal record against them. I/n not sure what it is but I'm fairly certain it looks something like this: 🤮 Hope I'm happy come 4PM or so.
  12. I hope we get off to a quick start and don't wait til midway thru the 2nd quarter to get going. A couple of 3 and outs at the beginning and the Stealers are gonna jump knee deep in our shit and stay there for the whole game.
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