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  1. Taylor inherited a shitty, losing team that cost Marvin his job. These are not players he drafted or courted and this team would have a losing record regardless of the coach. Taylor or any coach needs at least 2 to 3 seasons to build their team. If it’s true he’s so bad that it can be determined 6 games in, I blame the FO for shitty hiring.
  2. AJ is set to return to practice. *He needs to get in shape for his new team.
  3. AJ has never been used right. Go to him until they can stop it. Put him with a great QB and an OC that’s willing to use him to his full capacity and he would kill it. Send him to NE - Randy Moss II.
  4. This is so beyond Dalton at this point. They have to draft a QB with the top 3 pick they will have. Hopefully the kid from Clemson.
  5. AJ Green will never play another down for the Bengals. He is an UFA. There is no reason to make any comeback and risk injury this year. Any decent, compassionate person could see he’s given his life’s work to this organization. It would be a crime to waste all his talent on this team any longer. He’s been a model citizen. He’s no diva. Let him go and salvage his career with a winning organization and root for him all the way. I will. If a trade was possible in which you could get more value than comp picks, go for it.
  6. This is fucking pathetic. Not a Dalton fan but the dude has a right to pissed. Oline blows and he’s getting killed. AJ Green doesn’t play a down this year. I really hope they let him go to a winning team as to not waste a whole career. Damn nothing changes.
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  8. Congrats and thanks on beating Mich. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. We are Penn State!!! A great victory in a dismal season. Michigan will crush them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. [quote name='CincyInDC' timestamp='1314305031' post='1021002'] a Ravens fan once tried to get a rise out of me and Jamie, but we [i]were [/i]wearing Bengals jerseys in M&T Bank Stadium. I suppose we had it coming. [/quote] I go to the Bengals game every year in Baltimore and, comparatively speaking, the fans there are pretty tame. Walking out the stadium it's hard to tell if they won or lost. It's the complete opposite in Philly. Hell, baseball in Philly is far more brutal for opposing fans.
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