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  1. The Packers were a distant affair because I have family in the U.P. but they are rapidly moving up. I liken this team to a marraige thats gone stale and we hardly sleep in the same room anymore. Packers look better and they are more exciting and I find myself wanting to spend more time with them. This team just doesn't deserve my affection. They simply don't love me as much as I love them. I'm moving out for now and we'll see if she cares.
  2. I've been around here lurking for as long as this board has been up and running. Enjoy the racist badge of honor, victim.
  3. Don't forget 2 false start penalties on their first offensive possession overcoming the first but the second one putting us in 3rd and long forcing them to punt after Leon Hall breaks up a pass.
  4. Where do yall get your team gear? I want to get a Burfict jersey but don't have whole lot to spend. i'm a 2x.
  5. says i cant get in as a guest. cant close all the windows. fuck it ill just listen. thanks for the help
  6. I agree with your suggestion about going to mid major college games. I live right down the street from William and Mary and go to alot of games. the atmosphere is great. you can take your kids and feel safe plus they play their asses off even though they know very few will make it to the NFL. Seems purer to me.
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