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  1. It's hilarious how he runs down and tries to make the tackle. It would be cool that he could back up Shooter and maybe even take kickoffs off of his plate if we needed to. I just don't know how high I'd jump to draft a punter...I guess I'm too old school to think about anything higher than a 6th maybe. I read in a couple of places that teams are thinking as high as the 3rd or 4th which is too rich for my blood.
  2. DeMarvin Leal and Wydermyer are two I'd be super happy if we were able to get. I like Mike Harley too as a developmental WR.
  3. It's crazy to think about a guy that can consistently punt the ball 60+ yards. Could be a weapon assuming he gets good hangtime and can be accurate 40+ yards out. Sounds like I'm talking about a hall-of-famer if he can do all of that. Sheesh...
  4. Matt Araiza seems to be a hot pick for Bengals mocks. I wonder if he can hold for FGs and XPs or if that would go to Brandon Allen. It's a small, but important part of Huber's game that he did really well. I think we still have Drew Chrismann (sp?) on the PS as well.
  5. The only thing I didn't like about this one is I couldn't get a WR or CB higher. I'm not a big fan of Coby Bryant, but he looks to me to be a 4th or 5th corner type of guy. This would push Eli Apple back into the starting lineup where I thought he performed admirably last year. I'm really hoping we can get Wydermyer in the 3rd or 4th. He's got all of the physical tools to dominate, he just never quite put it together at A&M.
  6. I read somewhere the Trettor practiced very little or at all last year due to some injury. He played in all of the games, but with all of the new pieces on the line and a new scheme for him, I'd think he'd need a lot of practice.
  7. On top of that, to make sure they keep building a good team, they have to start thinking about those Burrow, Chase and Higgins contracts. Can they re-sign all three? If not, I'm assuming they keep Burrow and Chase, both of whom will be signed as at LEAST top 3 at their position. Gotta bring in players this year and/or next that can potentially replace Higgins in the future and be depth now.
  8. This offseason for us has gone better than I could have imagined. Then, hearing the news we’re interested in Gilmore (real news or not) lets me know the FO isn’t as oblivious as many of us have thought in the past. They know exactly what they need and they are executing their plan. I’m happy with how this front office is doing business right now. Who Dey!
  9. Well, it sounds like Deshaun Watson will waive his no trade clause to go to the Browns...I hope this isn't true.
  10. I'm of the opinion that you can NEVER have too many pass rushers. The times Hendrickson was off of the field last year, we got zero pressure. Ossai might be able to help that, but we only have half of a pre-season game on him. Percentages would say it's more likely for him to bust than boom. I don't know how much Ingram has left in the tank, but I'm never against more pass rushers...especially with what all of these AFC teams have done so far in free agency. Bills got Von Miller AFC West all have good to great QBs and names like Khalil Mack, Chandler Jones, Joey Bosa, etc.
  11. I tried Fanspeak and I wouldn’t be mad at this. Build up the D line and get a nice TE to develop.
  12. Sounds too much like this year's line. I don't know that we can expect Carman to be better; we can hope.
  13. We're really setting ourselves up nicely to go BPA in the draft. Still need a backup TE (CJ preferably) and another edge. It would be nice if Ossai pans out, but our pass rush was anemic whenever Hendrickson was out. You can NEVER have too many pass rushers. Need a backup 3 Tech and a #1 or #2 CB. We may not be able to reasonably fill all of these needs, but I like the start.
  14. It's like I don't even know this team anymore...and that's a good thing.
  15. If we could wait until the 7th to get Araiza, that would be great. I read in a couple of places teams were looking at him in the late 3rd or 4th round. I admittedly have never seen him punt, but he's got about as much hype around him as a punter can have. I think the most underrated part of Huber's game is as a holder...the Harris/Huber connection/operation has been solid for a long time, I'll hate when that is changed at some point.
  16. I only did a four rounder as I starting running out of people I’ve even heard of. This is based off of the thought that we trade or Collins and sign Austin Corbitt from the Rams. The board on TDN was falling really unfavorably (IMO), but I’d be ok with a draft like this.
  17. Last year we did a few different mock draft simulators — it’s always fun to see different scenarios in the draft. I’ve list a few I play around with below: PFF: https://www.pff.com/draft/nfl-mock-draft-simulator TDN: https://thedraftnetwork.com/mock-draft-machine Fanspeak: https://fanspeak.com/ontheclock-nfl-mock-draft-simulator/ PFN: https://www.profootballnetwork.com/mockdraft/ Mock Draft Database: https://www.nflmockdraftdatabase.com/mock-draft-simulator
  18. https://brobible.com/sports/article/matt-araiza-punt-god-nfl-combine/ If SDSU Punter Matt Araiza is there is there in the 6th, it may be worth taking a flyer.
  19. It would be great to have him, but not at those numbers. We made to to the SB with Eli Apple as our #2. Spend that money on the OL and DL, sign a #2 CB in FA, and keep Eli as our 4th corner. Here are our needs as I see them: 1. OL (at least OG, OT, but really OG, OG, C, RT) 2. DL (3 tech) 3. DL (edge) 4. TE 5. CB I think it's possible to get at least 2 OL, a TE and a CB in free agency. Then going into the draft we'd have to focus on OL and DL and this is a good draft for those.
  20. Wow! It just boggles my mind how other teams do this and here we are $30M+ UNDER the cap and we're already talking about how we may need to replace Boyd and Higgins! Burrow hasn't even signed his new contract yet. Other teams seem to make it work, I'm hoping we have a capoligist that can make it work for us too. I do like that we're never in cap hell, but at the same time I don't know if we give ourselves a consistent shot to win managing the cap like we do. Being a Lakers fan, I love how they went all in for a championship in 2020, but now they're in cap hell and will probably miss the playoffs this year.
  21. This WR room is going to start getting really expensive in the next couple of years with Boyd, Chase and Higgins. WE may want to look at drafting a WR in the later rounds to see if we can develop someone behind the those three.
  22. Here are our top salaries. If we sign another center, saving 6M by cutting Hopkins would be nice; and as much as I love Mixon, I hate paying that much for a RB...especially one that's not a 3-down back because he can't protect. I'm not suggesting cutting him, I'm wondering if there's a way to lower his cap hit. Looking at the overall roster, we spend way too much on the RB position.
  23. overthecap.com has us at $34.6M under the cap. spotrac has us at $35.8M under the cap. These numbers include the JBIII franchise tag, but I'm hoping we still get a long-term deal done with him. Hobson normally says we keep, what, $10M for injuries and draft picks...so that would give us about $25M to spend in FA? I'm no cap/FA expert, but it feels like we're going to run through this money quickly. Add another $10M by cutting Waynes...that should have been done yesterday as far as I'm concerned.
  24. More evidence (like we needed more) that we need help on the line. Burrow seems to be about average when it comes to NOT creating his own pressure. I think he needs to do a better job of taking a 6 yard sack vs. a 16 yard sack though.
  25. With Chido and Hilton (slot) he’s already down to your third best CB, meaning get a better boundary guy and he’s your 4th. Only need one starting CB to make this happen. Draft a mid-round rookie he could potentially be your 5th. Seems very realistic.
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