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  1. Again, it's not the first time we've seen this type of thing from AJ and it isn't the first time we've heard the coaches call him out. So how many times are we going to praise Hue for calling out the same player for the same thing?
  2. Well, don't blame me the next time Uncle Earl comes crawling with his panties in a bunch.
  3. If they're not going to let me handle things the way I want I expect them to handle things the way they want. Instead they do nothing. No foul language and no specific names used yet its enough for clowns like you to whine and bitch again. And speaking of posters who have no stones, aren't you the same dink who keeps complaining about people who complain?
  4. HairOnFire

    Next 3 Games

    Its a big game unless you're a sad sack trying your best to remain unimpressed.
  5. Mods doing nothing again?
  6. Hue called out this very thing during the offseason.
  7. Somewhere, right at this very moment, a sad sack is facing the realities that you and I are too cowardly to acknowledge. Or so the story goes.
  8. The Bengals are the better team, they've proven they can win on the road in Baltimore, and being desperate won't make the Ravens more focused. Both teams were going to be amped for this one regardless of the records. And fwiw being a so-called wounded animal isn't an advantage. If it were the Bengals would have won a Super Bowl last year. I've been saying it for months. The Bengals are a better team than they were a year ago. Perhaps much better. Meanwhile, the Ravens bled talent during the offseason. Bengal players won't need to be motivated for this one.
  9. You can always tell when autumn arrives. The leaves begin to turn colors, the air gets a little more crisp, and Bengal haters attempt to out do each other by bragging about how unimpressed they are. Fuck 'em.
  10. HairOnFire

    Power Rankings Week 3

    I'm curious. Are the Bears ranked 32nd because Jay Cutler just got hurt or is it because he was their starter in the first place?
  11. Can't imagine anyone is looking to make a switch now...or that Hill will be in the doghouse very long. Hill is going to be hungry for redemption. Let him get it against Baltimore.
  12. I think I prefer to target defenders rather than receivers. All three of Dalton's TD passes (Green, Jones, Eifert) targeted the same defender, Brandon Flowers.
  13. Agreed. The defenders were there. Gordon just beat them. Well, you can't accuse him of peeking into the backfield on that play...or even acknowledging the RB for that matter. Seems totally focused on taking Keenan Allen out of the play...and lets the back run right by him. Is it possible he was trying too hard to get physical early in the game with a WR known for being inconsistent?
  14. Good stuff. The minutes leading up to the half looked like a battle to see which of the two head coaches could be more conservative. I'm guessing Marvin Lewis wins most of those battles. FWIW Charger fans were just as livid with McCoy for not attempting anything with 40 seconds left, a timeout, and Capt. Comeback at QB.
  15. Yeah, I just waded through a 136 page game thread on Chargers.com and one thing stood out. A surprising number of Charger fans admitted they got the benefit of plenty of non-calls, including a bunch of holds. Some of them seemed to be in a mild state of shock about how badly both of the Chargers lines were outplayed. Their pregame thread was filled to overflowing with predictions of blowouts and forcing Dalton to make mistake after mistake, but on the few occasions where they got heat it was mostly due to a player being unblocked, and Dalton was able to throw the ball away on all but one of those. The exception was the tuck rule play, and even there most Charger fans admitted the refs got that one right. Bengals weren't getting sucked in IMHO. Definately gameplanned that way from the start. Bengals had plenty of coverage on the edge even after the ends crash inside, but Gordon kept beating all of those guys to the outside. Just guessing, but against a familiar foe like Baltimore I'm guessing the go back to having their DE's set the edge more often.

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