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  1. Adam Jones AJ Green matchups are crazy good stuff.   So far so good. Greg Little is having a nice camp. What he does to Leon Hall in one of the drills is almost comical.   Most impressive play on tape IMHO was Dennards jump route/interception.   I love me some Josh Shaw but that's the 2nd time I've watched Eric Kumerow make a play against him after getting too much cushion.   To be fair, Kumerow looks like a matchup nightmare.
  2.   You must be one of those elitist bastards who claim they rarely watch anything on network television.   Me too.
  3. That was almost as much fun as reading the thread where BAB discovers his own dick.
  4. Since bouncing here a few years ago I've written a couple of thousand posts, told a hundred dick jokes, and made dozens of fake friends and enemies.   I mention those only because IMHO absolutely nothing will make you feel like you're still the "new guy" quite like a 54 page thread started in 2005.   Carry on.
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