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  1. The real curse is that we as fans have been conditioned to expect that injuries are expected, yet we will do nothing sand just go to war with what we have. Mike Brown will never ever dole out short term money to plug glaring weaknesses. The long term impact has always been valued over the short term goals - but the NFL is a year to year league, so the long term play rarely works out. So, I expect some scrap heap signing, lamentations that we can’t break the bank for a short term gap, and the usual lethargy set in when other teams find a way to sign replacements for their camp injuries. It’s good to be a Bengals fan when you’re a masochist...
  2. To be honest, if I were a young, unproven coach, I’d pick the Bengals too. They kept Shula around for what seems like way too many seasons, and their patience with their HC is well known. Therefore, he doesn’t have to fear learning on the job and getting canned before he can prove himself. If nothing else, this will be a good resume builder for him regardless.
  3. I’m still amazed that you can’t review critical penalties like that. Baffles me to no end. It’s too quick for a human being to make a judgement call like that.
  4. I smell commercial now so they can take ample time to lambast us picking Lamar Jackson
  5. Great, more money for injury provision slush fund. You know, just in case... can't spend it on free agents.
  6. Here you go pervs: https://heavy.com/sports/2014/11/andy-dalton-wife-son-jordan-jones-photos-bikini/6/ wasn’t able to copy And paste the pic.
  7. Well, you list all the things that aren't Marvin's fault, but I would offer you even more reasons why Marvin might be better in the FO than a game day coach: - Poor game day management, using time outs like they were Candy passed out on Halloween. Totally Marvin's fault. - Player discipline ON the field. He can't control what they do off the field, but the repeated breakdowns in player discipline on the field are his fault. As a HC, it's his job to reign that in. - Lack of half time adjustments and in game management. Marvin certainly projects lethargy during games, he lets things run their course rather than adjusting. That includes showing a bit of emotion when things don't go right. Whether it's just perception and not reality, as a HC you have to show you care to both your players AND your fans. I've seen a downward spiral where it seems the "energy" just isn't there anymore. Again, Marvin's fault. - Conservative nature - protecting instead of taking risks. I think this is his biggest flaws - he aims to protect what he has and knows (lead in games, veterans, coaches, plays) rather than taking risks. I think he is so risk averse that it hinders the development of this team and the ability to adjust where needed. Letting younger, high potential players play more instead of relying on vets that clearly aren't performing has been a constant theme in the last few years. Being overly conservative is all on Marvin. - I'm also not totally convinced that letting Whit and Zeitler go weren't Marvin's fault. What if Whit and Zeitler just didn't see enough perspective with Marvin at the helm (besides taking the money?). Yeah, I know Zeitler ended up on a shitty team, but I bet his decision to go there was not purely money as I'm guessing he could have had the same kind of money on other teams besides the Browns. So, I say, it can't get any better, so why not take the risk and try a new approach. As one says, sometimes you gotta take 1 step back to go 2 steps forward.
  8. He didn't even reach out with his hands to try to pull or push him down. Led with helmet, clearly intended to hit with his helmet, even lowered it. At some point, leading with the helmet needs to be completely eradicated or completely allowed. Hitting and leading with your head is just as bad as hitting someone else's head and will lead to concussions just the same. So much hypocrisy in the NFL about concussions, and it's reached a point that they should write in any NFL contract that brain damage will be inevitable and that the owners will be forced to provide mental and brain damage treatment coverage for life into every contract. And then either get rid of the rule, get rid of helmets, or enforce a targeting rule (to protect the hitter and the target) without fail and without bias - targeting meaning any forceful impact that involves the head as the initial contact point, whether it's the hitter leading with his head or the impact on the head of the target. But it's just tough Stiller footbaw.
  9. Not only that, the rest of their schedule is fairly easy. They could easily win out, which is not something I could say of our team right now...
  10. Watching Mike Zimmer today just makes me even more sad about what could have been. His passion on the side lines is undeniable, and for me, that is the biggest flaw Marvin has. Getting in players faces, letting the refs know how he thinks about certain calls and not looking like a deer in the headlights is something is so refreshing to see. And it helps he built his team into a contender as well. Sigh...
  11. It's not hard. Fade to Aj green in the end zone = touchdown. Works more often than not.
  12. I like my Arlo cams. Completely wireless, remote, and good SW interface, The nest cams are better now too since they upgraded the resolution to 1080p. The Arlo cams come with a hub that doubles as a loud siren.
  13. Sure, I think we can trade him to Broadway Musical Productions. I heard they are always looking for talented tap dancers.
  14. It's all a silly argument. Marvin would never have the balls to let a rookie kicker try a 61 yard game winning field goal, especially after missing one earlier in the game. Sometimes, a coach just has to trust that his players will rise to the occasion.
  15. Marvin Lewis would have been too pussy to try a 61 yard field goal with a rookie kicker.
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