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  1. I think Tibor is just saying that the Bengals are a graveyard for Buckeye talent. Not that the Buckeyes can’t produce NFL talent.
  2. I bet a lot of this No Trade stance has more to do with Mike Brown seeing some of the impacts of our former players at other teams (Whitworth, Burkhead, Sanu, Marvin Jones, Zeitler). Remember, once upon good old Mikey Boy used the excuse that he'd rather re-sign our own talent than bring in high priced FA. Even though he's clearly proven that he is incapable of keeping/rewarding our own talent, he's probably playing hard ball out of fear that our talent could propel other teams to levels he couldn't while they were here. I bet it's all about personal stubbornness with Mike why these guys aren't on the trading block - and ultimately, that will continue our futility. We aren't going to win anything the next 2-3 years, so why not trade in your chips regardless the perception, and start a rebuild with a clear cut strategy, one that is transparent to fans - we are the ones he will have to win over first of all.
  3. I’m amazed that we never seem to have any money under the cap to sign key FA, yet the Patriots can add a 15 Mil one year contract to their payroll AFTER the season start and the Stealers can trade a 1st round pick and also add to their payroll after the season start. It all starts and stops with our conservative team management.
  4. The real curse is that we as fans have been conditioned to expect that injuries are expected, yet we will do nothing sand just go to war with what we have. Mike Brown will never ever dole out short term money to plug glaring weaknesses. The long term impact has always been valued over the short term goals - but the NFL is a year to year league, so the long term play rarely works out. So, I expect some scrap heap signing, lamentations that we can’t break the bank for a short term gap, and the usual lethargy set in when other teams find a way to sign replacements for their camp injuries. It’s good to be a Bengals fan when you’re a masochist...
  5. Season 2 of The Man in the High Castle on Amazon hits today. Getting ready to binge...
  6. It's a purely sunjective matter. If you believe government has the right to intervene into the most intimate and difficult decision a prospective mother can make, than you're pro-life. If you believe a propective mother has the right to choose over her future, then you're pro-choice. I don't think there is right or wrong here on either side, but I do believe that government shouldn't intervene when there is clearly a divisive nature in the aspect of whether it's right or wrong, and leave this most difficult decision to those it affects most. By the way, I also think every pro-lifer should have to register as an adoptive parent, because quite clearly if you're pro-life, you should also ensure that unwanted children will get raised the right way.
  7. True, I don't get her either. She is tolerable in this movie, but yes, overall she's bleh for me too.
  8. I kinda liked him in American Ultra. Mediocre movie, and he does his emo "shtick, but he made me laugh.
  9. If you have Amazon Prime, I would highly suggest The Man in the High Castle. Pretty intense story telling in a "what if the Nazis and Japenese won WWII" scenario. GF and I binge watched the hell out of it.
  10. Yeah, but having the Playoff without a Pacific Coast team could be a weighing factor. Need to attract viewership west of the Rockies as well. I wouldn't be surprised if they picked Stanford over OSU to ensure a) there aren't two teams from one conference, and b) to ensure they aren't labeled with the "east coast bias".
  11. It's the female version of Chris Farley's Motivational Speaker living in a van down by the river
  12. I watched both Episodes. While not on the same level as the original, it still is a worthwhile watch. It has the impending doom and gloom feel, and it still plays with the "what would you do in that situation" vibe of the first one. But yes, it's more human drama than moving action and killing. But most of the walking dead episodes are typically build up episodes to the big bang kill fest, and this feels the same. The anticipation to the big escalation of shit hitting the fan is building up. It still feels a little underbudgeted as well - for example, we get to "hear" a riot happening outside, but don't get to see what's actually happen. The authors definitely like to create an athmosphere of the viewer knows what's going on and therefore, we don't really have to show it.
  13. Www.fanatics.com works best for me. Plus, free shipping.
  14. Someone tell these big ten referees not to favor the underdog if they want the big ten to have more teams ranked in the Top 10.In the SEC, all these BS calls would be going the favorites way to ensure the rankings aren't affected. That said, shooting ourselves in the foot doesn't help.
  15. Avengers in 3D was also enhanced for me over the regular version, and I've seen both. To each his own however...
  16. For me, every movie until this comes out will be ho-hum: [url="http://www.darktowermovies.com/20120314/warner-bros-to-back-dark-tower-movie/#more-540"]http://www.darktowermovies.com/20120314/warner-bros-to-back-dark-tower-movie/#more-540[/url]. [b] Warner Bros to back The Dark Tower movie[/b] by Mike on March 14, 2012 in [url="http://www.darktowermovies.com/category/news/"]General News[/url] [img]http://www.darktowermovies.com/images/warnerbros-logo.png[/img] After several months lost in the wilderness we finally have another studio showing interest in adapting Stephen King’s post-apocalyptic Western; The Dark Tower. Mike Flemming is [url="http://www.deadline.com/2012/03/stephen-kings-the-dark-tower-wjavier-bardem/"]reporting[/url] that Warner Bros are in talks – in fact very close to closing a deal – with director Ron Howard and partners, to fund their adaptation of this epic fantasy. If you remember, Universal Pictures originally took up the option to back Howard on this hugely ambitious project with Akiva Goldsman writing the script for a full movie trilogy, plus a couple of TV series. But, last spring Universal put the whole thing on hold asking Goldsman to drastically cut the budget until two months later, in July 2011, [url="http://www.darktowermovies.com/20110720/universal-quits-the-dark-tower/"]Universal walked away[/url] after deciding they still couldn’t handle the cost of making such a project. That Warner has taken an interest in this shouldn’t be such a surprise when we recall that just a few months back Brian Grazer was interviewed by MTV News stating that the TV segment of the project would be taken up by critically acclaimed studio HBO ([i]Game of Thrones[/i], [i]Band of Brothers[/i]). As HBO is a Warner Bros sister studio, this indeed bodes well for Dark Tower fans. Warner Bros themselves are no strangers to mega multi-part movies having backed projects such as [i]Harry Potter[/i] and the [i]Matrix[/i], so they’re certainly going to have the willingness and resources to back something as grand as The Dark Tower. For now, everything that was in place previously is set to remain; Howard, Grazer and Goldsman, with Mark Verheiden ([i]Battlestar Galactica[/i]) being brought in to co-write the TV series, and [url="http://www.darktowermovies.com/20110408/javier-bardem-gunslinger-deal-almost-done/"]Javier Bardem in the lead role[/url] of Roland Deschain. A possible production start date is Q1 2013. It’s great to see a studio of Warner’s stature take an interest in the Dark Tower. With their recent big-budget movies and HBO’s quality track record I’m really getting excited by this news. This saga has been on-going for several years now; [url="http://www.darktowermovies.com/20070301/king-announces-dark-tower-movie/"]J.J.Abrams was first on the scene[/url] way back in 2007 when he famously bought the movie rights for $19, and yet each time we’ve been left disappointed. Still, summer is just around the corner and I’m getting lots of positive vibes, so I’m going to put my neck out and say I think this could be it; the Dark Tower will be a Warner Bros movie.
  17. Noah Spence looked like a Man amongst boys in the Under Armour game yesterday. Can't wait to c him in action at the shoe.
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