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  1. I am going Just fly out in Thursday AM so will miss the game Bought airfare before the schedule came out... Still looking for a buyer for my game tix
  2. SOLD I am selling 2 seats, section 122. I will pull off ticketmaster if someone offers a good price so that it goes to Bengals fan
  3. The challenge will be how his teammates feel about this and will it impact team chemistry... Are there things he does that is outside of the measurements?
  4. Cordell Volson CORDELL VOLSON NORTH DAKOTA STATE G Cordell Volson runs official 5.27-second 40-yard dash at 2022 combine Player Bio It took Volson a couple of years to crack the NDSU starting lineup, playing in nine games as a reserve his redshirt freshman season and then in all 15 games on special teams the following year. The younger brother of former NDSU FCS Rimington Trophy winner Tanner Volson (top center) finally started in 2019, beginning all 16 games at right tackle on the team's third straight FCS championship run. Volson also started at right tackle in the team's only contest played in the fall of 2020, with the rest of the schedule pushed to the spring due to COVID-19. In the team's spring 2021 season, Volson switched to left tackle to replace 2021 second-round pick Dillon Radunz. The versatile Volson earned first-team Associated Press All-American and All-Missouri Valley Football Conference honors for the national champions in the fall of 2021, starting 15 games at right tackle. -- by Chad Reuter Analysis By Lance Zierlein NFL Analyst Draft Projection Rounds 6-7 Overview Offensive lineman with excellent size and thickness to transition inside to a full-time guard spot. Volson has good core strength to compete against power players and possesses the athleticism to work up into positioning as a second-level blocker. He needs to cut down on the penalties and make hand placement a greater priority. There are some holes in his pass protection, but he should be average in that regard as a pro. He has Day 3 talent and could become an NFL backup. Strengths Broad shoulders with thick frame. Three-year starter with guard/tackle flexibility. Moves with fluidity as blocker in space. Strong core with good balance into contact. Gets lower body engaged into opponent. Maintains base width in pass sets. Spies late box add-ins looking to blitz. Has the anchor to battle back against a bull rush. Weaknesses Making a big step up in level of competition. Slow to get his feet chopping through initial contact. Defaults to mauling rather than getting hands right. Slides off down blocks due to pad level and hand placement. Needs to shoot hands quicker in pass pro. Gets beat inside due to over-setting issues. Opens hip/shoulder to meet a counter rather than sliding square to it.
  5. Head scratcher for sure as he was projected as a 6th or 7th rounder according to nfl.com
  6. My question would be, is there a character issue on Collins? Skipping drug tests and attempting to bribe the collector??? Let me know if I'm over reacting as he certainly grades well!
  7. I'm amazed they let him on the plane... he HAD to take a long shower!! [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons//24.gif[/img]
  8. [quote name='BlackJesus' date='Oct 12 2005, 01:03 AM'][b]really glad to hear that.... hey feel free to email her my owned pic to give her a good laugh [/b] [right][post="168061"][/post][/right][/quote] I will do that! Thanks for the well wishes! We came up with a slogan inspired by a shirt she has that says on the front: Cleveland Sucks, on the back: and Couch swallows. We want one that on the front says: Cancer Sucks! and on the back: Chemo swallows! She certainly has a great sense of humor about her condition!
  9. [quote name='BlackJesus' date='Oct 12 2005, 12:47 AM'][i][b]yeah the irony was that I was openly preaching for and end to discrimination against Blacks.... and then an hour later a black cop jacks me in the head  [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons//23.gif[/img] it's all good though..... I didn't get hurt, and I have still never been arrested in my life !!! (don't ask me how.... like 20 close calls) [/b][/i] [right][post="168051"][/post][/right][/quote] I am truely glad you didn't get hurt or arrested. Glad you survived your wild drinking spree... I did mine on Saturday night but I no where close to drinking how much you drank! UPDATE: My friend got herself checked out at the hospital today and she is fine :-)
  10. [quote name='GoBengals' date='Oct 11 2005, 01:09 PM']yikes lsl, sorry about your experience, i agree with the mascot stuff, i kept thinking "jesus, this is some pathetic shit" but i think the jags are desperite for some attendance, anything to get the crowd hyped they will do, i wasnt impressed with anything the jags & co did, fan wise, nothing special at the stadium, the intro was cool, with the jags in the cage and the totem poles with fire... that was clever, but thats about it... [right][post="167626"][/post][/right][/quote] Yes, I thought that was cool too. I like our fireworks better though. The halftime fireworks were sort of cool, but I think I wasn't too impressed with that as Cinci knows much better how to do fireworks.. I'm glad no one else so far has been assaulted by other fans like we were. Sorry about BJ's experience with the cops, that sux too! No one deserves to be hit by cops unless they are trying to assault the cop or something like that... I plan on writing the NFL about the mascot thing... it was so classless... My friend is headed to the hospital today to get checked out to make sure she's ok. She seemed fine in the car though so I don't expect any problems from being hit. The guy is lucky she wasn't healthy otherwise she probably would have broken his nose...
  11. I hope to get my pictues posted to the web site tonight :-)
  12. [quote name='BenglsBuksPstons' date='Oct 11 2005, 01:07 AM']sorry to hear that LSL glad you and your family are ok though from the trip now your in a safe city!! [right][post="167370"][/post][/right][/quote] Thanks :-) We made it back safe and sound. I come home appreciating our stadium environment and fans!
  13. I just got in from Jacksonville. Sounds like a good thing I wasn't able to hook up with some of you but unfortunately, I have a bad story from the game for myself!! I was attending with 2 friends and her son (25 year Navy guy). The friend with the son is going through chemotherapy for breast cancer and had her last treatment on Friday (yeah!) but she has no hair so we painted her head orange with black stripes. Unfortunately, in Bengal gear and actually most times, she's not very feminine and was constantly being mistaken for a guy. That's happening allot and not necessarily at Jacksonville only... anywho... she and the other friend go up to get another beer and smoke a cigarette. We were in the south end zone in the Bud Zone. while walking and not saying anything, some guy PUNCHED HER IN THE BREAST!!! (fortunately is was below her port). He was lucky she is very weak from chemo as she looked at him and he just stood there so she punched him back in the face. The security guard sees this and she asks him, "did you see him hit me in my tit?" He just say to her.... move along and we never found out if anything happened to the guy but she never saw him again. We were seriously harassed in a very unsportsmanlike way. I was an aweful experience. Her son almost got in numerously fights because people kept called his mom "he". There were a few nice fans in front of us and we also were around several other groups of Bengal fans. I'll post pics later and maybe you all can play "where's waldo?". Was anyone else disgusted by the Jag's team mascot's antics? The NFL is supposed to support good sportmanship and gets upset by players dancing after a touchdown but it's OK for the mascot to kick a fake bengal mascot in the head and drag a stuff tiger around and jump on it and kick it? Pretend to shit on a sign that was calling Chad Johnson an ass that he had been carrying around? I can't believe the NFL allows that violence and clearly the fans and from this thread, the cops, find violence acceptable at their games. Then this brings me to another thing... this Bud Zone place... everyone there didn't have to stay in there but hung out at the top of the section so anytime you left your seats, there was so many people crowding the isle, you had a hard time getting anywhere. They clearly don't worry about the fire code like they do in Cincinnati. It was a mob scene at the top of the section where you go to get drinks, food or go smoke. My friend who was hit is also on anticoagulants but fortunately, this guy was pretty wimpy and so far, she hasn't had any complications. But she was shooed away and couldn't have pressed charges if she wanted to. In my section in PB, visiting fans are never treated anything close to how badly we were treated. There were a few cool fans but I would classify most of them as assholes. Hope others had a better experience. I did see a whole lot of Bengal fans there and when I post my pictures, you'll see a whole section (pretty far away) that was almost all orange. It was a beautiful sight! Who-Dey!
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