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  1. I'm actually SHOCKED this trade hasn't already occurred as I first thought it was a possibility this time last year...... With that said...I LIKE Margus Hunt (I know - makes ZERO SENSE) and would LOVE to see if he could produce with a NEW DL coach.. I don't know why but he is just the one guy I can for some reason going somewhere else and becoming a superstar......
  2. oz_bengal

    2 point conversion

    Your driving down the field and need a TD to overcome a 5 pt deficit and surely HAVE TO KNOW the 2 pt conversion is equally important so have to have a play in mind but instead we look like a rabble and come up with "that". ?? If not pounding it with Hill why not jet sweep Sanu of a direct snap?? I like Hue but sometimes I'm convinced he's lost his damn mind.
  3. The explanation / rationalisation makes NO sense. If you try and "win the game" surely you have to balance that with NOT "losing the game"?? 30 yard TD passes on 3rd & 2 aren't easy to come by........why not get the 2 yards and if your so intent on "winning the game" in one big play throw your 28 yard bomb on the next play......... Hot tip Hue........if Patrick Petersen wasn't on the field for 3rd & 2 with a minute to go in a 3 point game I find it hard to believe he is back in for 1st & 10 from the 28......
  4. I think........a day removed it all comes down to "balance".......Seems pretty unanimous that AD audibled to the deep throw but I do question whether the mistake is entirely on him........Surely when Hue send the play in it is predicated with a reminder re down, distance and time remaining. The blame is shared equally. Everyone I guess can get "caught up in the moment"......and I'm sure the pressure on the Bengals & in particularly Andy not having won the "prime time game" got the better of him.......Andy has to realise that both: 1. He played a GREAT game last night and 2. He is surrounded with incredible playmakers who need to share the load..... I do feel at times Hue and the team lose sight about #2. Tyler Eifert does nothing but get open and score TD's in the redzone (ie. the area of the field which is ment to be the most congested) but he has what ??? ONE catch between the 20's. Even Mo Sanu (I know many here have issues with his apparent inability to get separation) but for me he is MONEY on 3rd down and in the past when he has been asked to get open (absence of MJ & AJ) he has caught balls........(BTW the overruled TD call where he went full Cam Newton was a thing of beauty!!) Like him or hate him.........Andy Has improved. He just needs to be reminded he DOESNT need to do it all himself (30yrd TD pass attempt on 3rd & 2 with the game on the line) when another option (Hand off to Gio, quick hit to Mo, Eifert, etc) may not win the game in one play..........but win it eventually and most importantly.....wont lose it.
  5. Supporting the blitz theory BR is that the DL looked OUT ON THERE FEET on those final three passes.......
  6. This is why I just DONT get this team........all of the above are NO BRAINERS........I know "coaches are smarter than us / they know things we don't" but REALLY????? If you run that draw to Gio and he gains NO YARDS.......you still kick the FG from the EXACT SAME SPOT as you ended up doing trying to complete a 30 yd TD pass on 3rd & 2.....
  7. I know its easy to be a "Monday morning QB" and I know you like the matchup of AJ vs anyone NOT PP but seriously???? Don't you GET the 1st down there.......absolutely control the clock and take MULTIPLE ATTEMPTS to score the winning TD and deny Arizona any time rather than stick all your shit in one basket with one throw....... Maybe Gio isn't "still running" but he EASILY gets 2 yards........and moves the chains
  8. Wow........good thing we got the ball to start the 1/2.......
  9. Well I guess we will both be applying for the OC gig when Hue gets his HC hook up mate! lol
  10. Is there ???? some unwritten rule about throwing the ball anywhere near Eifert unless were in the redzone??
  11. Yeah I don't see how we have ??? 8 penalties whilst that "Dip Shit" Jermaine Gresham doesn't even have a false start yet!!!
  12. oz_bengal

    8-0 Bengals

    I feel your pain VB.......currently "locked in" to a 4am kickoff for the 1pm ET games.........next few weeks is awesome in as much as the primetime games kickoff around midday......
  13. Thanks all - appreciate the feedback. Gary cool offer mate.......my situation is a little complicated unfortunately in as much as I live in Australia but travel to LA for work (airline industry) so need to request trips that correlate with the west coast games. I have a trip for Arizona so are finalising that now. I should know in a few weeks about SF / Denver so will touch base with you then mate.
  14. Hey Guys, Exciting times huh? Guys I was hoping to get some advice in regards to ticket purchasing for away games. I intent / hope to go to the upcoming games in Arizona, San Francisco and Denver. I traditionally just buy my tickets via stubhub, etc but as I'm attending the game alone - was hopeful of possibly sitting with some other Bengals fans. Is anyone aware if there is a ?? process to do this? Thanks in advance.
  15. I do question........Everyone is saying Hue / Marvin / AD should all go (Agreed) but ???? what about Paul Guenther..........The D has surely regressed since last year.......appreciate there have been injuries but jesus........how badly have they SUCKED the back 1/2 of this year......

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