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  1. fdsannie

    Ocho to hit the market?

    NE got rid of one headcase why would they go after Chad?
  2. It starts with the owner. I saw a lot of I's in TO's statements.
  3. fdsannie

    Chad and TO

    Maybe TO backed off so chad wouldn't have a meltdown.
  4. [quote name='oldschooler' post='677793' date='Jul 9 2008, 06:48 AM']Actually, it's not the exact same post. But everything I posted is saved 'somewhere' on this board. And what does it matter? Facts are still facts. Carson is the 5th fastest QB in NFL HISTORY to throw 100 TDs. He has broken many franchise records. The Bengals had the 24th ranked rushing Offense in 2007. They had 3 games, where a RB went over 100 yards. Our #3 reciever was our 4th string RB. The Stealers #3 and #4 recievers had more catches, than our real #3 WR and our TE did. The reason Carson was 3rd in pass attempts, and was tied for the lead in INTs was because he didn`t have a TE threat, no viable #3 WR and no running attack. Again, he WAS the Offense. Out of Carson`s 373 completions, 205 of them were to 2 recievers. That is well over 50%. Out of Ben`s 264 completions, 123 of them were to 2 recievers. That`s well under 50%. Carson had almost as many completions to 2 recievers, as Ben had to 5 Stealer recievers. In other words, Carson was forced to get the ball to 2 players, because he didn't have anymore options. I understand that you like Ben, and I agree he helps the Stealers win. But when the game is put onto his shoulders, he folds like a cheap lawn chair. Anyway, why have this disagreement again? Obviously I'm not going to convince you that Carson is a better all around QB.[/quote] But when the game is put onto his shoulders, he folds like a cheap lawn chair. And you don't think that about Palmer? Are you blind? Palmer has happy feet and you can see when he gets rattled that he falls apart!

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