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  1. Holy hell Superstar, keep up. You're complete misinterpretation is difficult to read.
  2. Bengal27

    F* the Bengals

    Dalton is not the problem. In no shape or form. We don't need better at QB. The more you say that, the less credibility you have, at least with me. We may need some shake up but we are set at QB for years. I really question the IQ of some on here. Just amazing. Now with Ben going down and our schedule easing up some, we have a real shot to get back in this. Quit being Pussies, man the fuck up and so on.
  3. Bengal27

    F* the Bengals

    Dumbass alert! Dalton carried the offense today.
  4. My wife asked me last night why my mood changed from good to bad so suddenly. It was from watching the game last night. The stealers truly make me sick to my stomach. I can't enjoy any game they are a part of unless they get their ass kicked. I hope we win this week cause losing would be horrible. Might have to track down an inbred stealer fan or ten and maim them.
  5. If I recollect correctly, Blandino was the ass hat that came out the following week after dissecting the play, telling everyone it was a legal hit cause Shazier didn't line him up. He's a joke.
  6. Williams has become the biggest idiot in the NFL. Had Burfict not hit Brown high, he wouldn't have been flagged and Pittsburgh wouldn't have beaten the Bengals, let alone the Broncos. He gets dumber by the quote.
  7. Braxton is off the charts athletically. I'd take him at 24. He'll become a franchise player. Great team player.
  8. So many pussies that post on this site. Man the fuck up! Pathetic!
  9. Does anyone know how serious DeAngelo's injury was? That could be huge.
  10. Merry Christmas! All I want for Xmas is a playoff bye.
  11. I live 6 hours away outside Albuquerque. We share season tickets with my wife's family. They are big Bronco fans, terrible. We come up twice a year. I obviously lay claim to any Bengal games. I can't wait.
  12. I'm rooting for Stealer injuries. Denver has a physical defense. They will pressure Ben. I hope he runs for his life to no avail.

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