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  1. Yeah he's being brutally honest, but he's also deflecting and trying to make himself look good by putting the Bengals down.
  2. Nah, I left that job and Cincinnati a few years ago..I haven't talked to that person in a few years.
  3. He had the o line there, if he would have stood up Pacman they would have definitely had is back. Let's say Andy got into with Pacman, don't you think Zeitler and Whit would have his back? If you're the franchise QB you don't take any shit from anyone, especially someone like Pacman Jones. It's that swagger and alpha dog mentality, is what Dalton is missing.
  4. I got one of those notifications from Facebook today about a post I put in regards to the Bengals being 7-0....that seems like a lifetime ago.
  5. Just to add my two cents, I had an old co-worker that is married to one of support staff for the Bengals. This person is always in the locker room and would tell his wife stories about the team. Being that his wife and I are big Bengals fans we would spend company time discussing the team and she would share the stories with me. One particular story was about Andy being disrespected by Pacman after a tough loss. Basically, Pacman was going after another teammate because he felt like they were responsible for the loss and Dalton tried to play peacemaker...Pacman told Andy to STFU and Dalton just had this stunned look on his face. Whit asked Andy if he was going to stand for that and Andy did nothing. If the leader of the team is going to let a punk like Pacman disrespect him in front of the whole team he's going to lose his teammates respect.
  6. He seemed to get the ball out his hand quickly and accurately. He's the guy Taylor wanted so let's see what he can do.
  7. Of course the Bengals want to play hard ball with Green, fucking morons. If they don't give him a long term deal he should hold out and force a trade.
  8. Who would replace them, there's no one on the staff that has enough experience to take over those units.
  9. Tampa doesn't want a mediocre, turnover prone QB, they already have one. Chicago has Mitch, once again a younger version, they want an upgrade..not Dalton. If you really think that Pitt and Cleveland want Dalton you're even dumber than I thought. I don't think there's much of a market for a starting QB position in the NFL, he's a good backup. Jon Kitna 2.0
  10. I wonder if Taylor will lose the locker room for how he handled the Dalton situation. Benching is expected, but giving him only 3 hours before the trade deadline and on his birthday no less; it could have been handled better.
  11. Because the Bears missed a FG at the end of the game, their offense has been horrible. It was either Wisenhut now or Lynn later. Taylor has the cache of a homeless man sleeping under a bridge in a cardboard box. No proven coaches are lining up to work for this guy, being Tommy Tuberville's OC and Sean McVay's bro doesn't carry much weight in NFL coaching circles appearently...who knew?? I don't know how the ciaching staffs will improve, but they need to.
  12. It's magic!! classic misdirection...you make them think you are going to pound with the run, but NO!!, you throw quick outs for 2-3 yards to Alex Erickson... magic
  13. He is Wolverine damn it!!! I don't think AJ Green would put himself out there if he wasn't healthy, plus Dre K isn't around to step on his toe again.
  14. As long as he's healthy, he's elite. He would get big money on the open market, no doubt about that. He's probably the only HOF caliber this franchise has had in the past 30 years that doesn't want to play anywhere else, why would you want to get rid of that guy?
  15. Obviously Taylor knows more than the majority of the NFL, just look at his coaching resume...
  16. That's only possible if you get the first letter of your first name. Seriously though, wtf is Turner teaching these guys. Their technique is God awful and there's at least 3 pre snap penalties a game.
  17. That's the way Pawpaw did it in the 50's, so damn it, that's the way it should be done.
  18. I think she's wishing Eifert gets traded, she clear has a crush on this guy. No one covered his mullet like Terrell.
  19. With all of the concussion talk, I thought this was interesting.
  20. At this point firing him is pointless, it's the mid point of the season and they're awful. He was the best option they could get because no one else wanted the job this off season. Taylor doesn't have an extensive network of proven coaches that he can pull to work with him, Lou was his guy...just like Turner. This year is basically a training session for the coaches at the expense of the players and fans. They can try different things, get tape on the teams, and come back next year with better strategies... hopefully.
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