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  1. So wait...ODB, his new nickname, is acting like an unprofessional douche...who would've thought..
  2. The Prince who was promised..Aegon T
  3. Keeping Mixon fresh for the season is critical, let these young guys get some snaps and take the hits in training camp/preseason.
  4. From this day forward I dub thee Inspectah Deck, now go forth and protect ya neck...
  5. The Wu Tang documentary will be on Showtime this weekend, check it out
  6. The Bengals still need at least 1 legit OT, 2 would be nice. No faith in Hart, I'm sure Dalton and his family would agree.
  7. It seems as if the coaching staff and front office are giving a lot of the guys from last years roster a legitimate chance to make the roster. You don't normally see this little turnover from a new coaching staff, normally they have their guys but that's one of the plus/minuses with this staff. The Bengals were 4-1 with this roster minus a few draft picks before the injuries started to pile up, if they can stay healthy and get something out of the young guys the could have success next year.
  8. I would say this is a prove it year for Jackson, he has to make more big plays in order to get an extension, imo. If he doesn't make an interception or 4 this year he's not going to have a big FA market.
  9. https://amp.businessinsider.com/florida-massage-parlor-founder-orchestrated-trump-donations-from-spa-employees-2019-3
  10. Good interview with Sheffield, interesting prospect.....https://www.nfldraftdiamonds.com/2019/03/sterling-sheffield/
  11. I think Sample and CJ could be the TEs of the present and future with Eifert on the outside looking in.
  12. I agree about the Bengals rep as a place where you can get that last NFL check if you are a fringe NFL talent. Hopefully with the new players that were drafted and players that have been cut and will be cut the culture and rep of the Bengals will evolve. It seems as if they avoided any players that had character red flags and were known for being tough and smart. If the Bengals can continue to add these guys and win some games then that culture change could occur sooner than later. Marvin had guys like Pacman, Hill, and Burfict that were talented but came into the league with character concerns and it cost him at the worst possible moment.
  13. What you're missing is that our coaching staff knows what players fit their system better than some internet/TV draft expert. If Taylor, Callahan, and Casey said Sample was the best TE that was available at that time and they believed that he would be drafted before they had another pick based on the information they were able to attain, remember they were trying to trade up in the 2nd and ended up trading down so they were in communication with the other teams, then how can an observer with limited access and knowledge say they made a mistake? Time will tell if Sample and the coaches are able to have success, but until then I think it's naive to say with certainty that this was a bad pick.
  14. Seems like this guy could be a steal, I'm going to be very interested to see how he holds up vs. better competition.
  15. He made quite a few big plays rushing the QB on 2nd down in the base defense. It will be interesting to see if the Bengals coaching staff uses him in a similar manner. At the worst he should be a quality special teams player.
  16. Fun fact, Anderson is from Katy, Texas which is the same hometown of Andy Dalton. He has two deep personal connections with both Dalton and Mixon, that definitely helps in the locker room and off the field.
  17. Also, the coaches know what they value and need from players in order to be successful, in theory, so it's very subjective as to the "ranking" of the draft prospects. Kyler Murray was the the #1 overall pick because he was a great fit for the coach, same thing here. Sample obviously fit what our coaches are looking for and until he actually gets to play I say let's hold off on the negative bullshit because some random couch scout says Sample is a 4th round pick. If he can help improve the pass and run blocking then who cares if you think that maybe he could have been available a few rounds later?
  18. It seems as if the Bengals are honestly trying to improve their blocking and invested in it early with players who are supposed to be the best at there position when it comes to blocking. Dalton and the gang should be happy because this pick makes them better and hopefully the Bengals take another tackle and LB in the next two rounds.
  19. Awesome pick, a marriage of BPA and need. Glad to see the Bengals finally address the oline early, they should have did it in 2017 but they were still holding out faith for Ced. This makes our offense better and there is still plenty of talent left in the draft to improve the defense. Getting the hands down best OT in the draft is something the Bengals haven't done since....Munoz..not saying he's going to be the next Munoz but he's got a chance.
  20. I would love this scenario, Bush and McGary would be instant upgrades and contributors to this team.
  21. Remember when some fans on this site used to say Andy was better than Russell....lol He's not over paid; guys like Stafford, Cousins, Garoppolo, and Carr haven't won in the playoffs, much yet won a Super Bowl, but are still making comparable money.
  22. That would be the dumbest trade ever, how do you trade rape yourself? Trading up to get a QB is a horrible idea, with all of the needs, especially when it comes to depth, this team has they need all of the draft picks they have. The Bengals need at least 1 starter quality OT and they refuse/are unable to get them in FA, therefore the draft is the only way they will acquire the level of talent they need. They need to go OT in the first and LB in the 2nd(Mack or Pratt), don't over think this draft just get the talent this roster needs.
  23. 1.OT-Andre Dillard,WSU 2.LB-Mack Wilson, Alabama 3.OG-Connor McGovern, PSU 4.DE-Sharif Miller, PSU 5.LB-David Long, Jr., WVU 6.OT-Mitch Hyatt, Clemson 6.QB-Easton Stick, NDSU 6.TE-Alize Mack, ND 6.DT-Ed Alexander, LSU 6.RB-James Washington, WSU 7.WR-Antonio Wesley, TTU
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