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  1.   That's the mind set that needs to change; as long as the Bengals are being operated like a mom and pop by an owner that drives a Lumina and doesn't have air conditioning in his house they will be overly loyal to players that are past their prime and never be serious contenders for a Super Bowl championship.    The NFL is a business and I would hope the Bengals would be more concerned with players worrying about playing up the level of their contracts and winning than winning the popularity contest because guys know they can come to Cincinnati and get one last paycheck.    Most teams that are serious about winning would cut Peko and Hall and use that money to get younger more productive players,but the Bengals are more concerned with how they will perceived by other players. Players respect winning, that's it..they want to be with a winning organization.    Hobson is insulting the fans level of intelligence with these articles, every year it's the same bullshit. 
  2. Oh man, I'm drowning from the big splash that is the AJ Hawk signing...Super Bowl here we come...You know this off season I'm sure after the annual first round exit from the playoffs Marvin and Co were sitting around saying, if only we had AJ Hawk we would have won that game,well now he's here...let's get those 5 peat shirts ready!
  3.   lol....lays it all on the line....yeah you mean when he was sitting out the entire season because of an injury but was posting videos of him playing hockey with Cyclones a week after the Super Bowl....give me a break that bs...Eifert lays it all on the line, what does that even mean? How does Eifert lay it all on the line exactly, because you want him too...   http://youtu.be/IQgdJbmdL0E   Funny how you will dismiss Gresham's injury as a boo boo, as if you even know what kind of injury he had..but Eifert misses the whole year because of an injury he suffered in September and a week after the Super Bowl he's healthy enough to play hockey.   Just admit you hate Gresham and your baised against him because he's not Jimmy Graham or Rob Gronkowski...never mind he doesn't have Tom Brady or Drew Brees and isn't given the same opportunities as those guys..
  4.   Gresham's worst season is still better than Eifert's best...But Gresham is a cancer that has to be shown the door because local beat writers and goofy ass David Lapham want to question his toughness....   How come no one is questioning Eifert's toughness and his ability to get back on the field? Dude was out all season but as soon as the season's over he's shooting hockey pucks like he's trying out for the Cyclones..wtf is that about. If his shoulder and elbow are healthy enough for him to get out on the ice and shoot some pucks shouldn't he have given it a go during the playoffs or did his injuries just magically get better when the season ended....where's goofy ass Lap and his sidekick Dehner to question Eifert's commitment and toughness. 
  5.   You are so lame, I guess because you blindly back whatever the Bengals do you think you are superior to others.      You've got to be kidding me, why do have a man crush on Eifert? Dre has lead the team in INT's despite coaches not wanting to put him on the field..what has Eifert has proven shit besides he injury prone, outside of that he's done very little in the NFL. Thompson has proven he can be a quality player and not miss a whole season due to injury...what has Eifert proven.    Eifert isn't better than Gresham, not even close. Can't block better Gresham, can't stay healthy, and hasn't put up better pass receiving numbers...besides fans like you wanting him to be better than Gresham, he hasn't actually proven that he's better. Eifert is all hype at this point, sure you can have hope and faith that he's going to be better than he actually is but that doesn't mean that he's better than guys available like Gresham...
  6.   Trent Cole would be awesome but the Bengals aren't interested, AJ Hawk on the other hand....
  7.   Boling is gone, the Bengals aren't going to out bid any team for a FA services...I can see the Bengals signing Fasano because he's old and washed up, the big splash players we always add to help us get over the hump...AJ Hawk has no one else trying to sign him so I wouldn't doubt if he signs with us because he has no other options other than retire.    As for those QB's you mentioned...lol..the last thing they want to is upset Dalton and actually give him some real competition..he has his new BFF in Cooter, Marvin doesn't want Andy to actually have compete for his position that would be too much for Andy to handle.    Sheard would be ok, but he's a situational pass rusher that doesn't play the run well. If another team goes after him hard I can see them outbidding the Bengals easily.     I could see MJ coming back because he actually wants to be in Cincinnati and he ruined his big chance in FA by being a bust after getting his big pay day.    Lofton definitely isn't coming here and Carter is coming off a major injury...no thanks. 
  8. Fasano is just the piece we need to win the Super Bowl, first AJ Hawk and now Fasano..MB is building a Super Bowl roster this off season!!!!111!!!  Who needs young guys in the prime of their careers, we just need old guys on the last legs of their careers to get us over the hump.    We need big time play makers on offense and defense, so the first names that obviously come to mind are Anthony Fasano and AJ Hawk! Super Bowl here we come!!!
  9. I hope that signing washed up never really that good AJ Hawk isn't what the Bengals consider to be a big splash in FA. Hawk has been the weak link on GB defense for years, I can't imagine he's going to come here and much of anything. 
  10. Boling is a good player but not great and if teams want to out bid each other for his services then so be it. Let somebody throw $20 million in guaranteed money at him, I don't blame the Bengals for not trying to break the bank to get him back on the roster. 
  11. Hell no, it's never a good idea to trade all of your picks for one player.....
  12.   Gresham to Raiders would be a good move for him, they have some talent on that team and with Del Rio as coach they aren't that far away from competing. 
  13.   Wayne is done, he keeps getting hurt and he's not the fastest guy. We need to get guys in their prime, not guys on their last leg. 
  14.   You realize that the Belicheck run Pats have a long history of cutting big name vets when he feels like they can get a younger/cheaper option, Ty Law, Willie McGinnest, Lawyer Milloy, Wes Welker, Adam Vinatari etc...they even asked the face of their franchise Tom Brady to take a pay cut and he did..but asking Leon Hall to do the same is unnecessary because we've got the cap room. If Leon Hall played for a franchise that actually did everything they could every year to win a Super Bowl he would be asked to restructure or be cut, but he plays for the Bengals where they value loyalty over production.    Speaking of having 30+ million in cap space what good is having cap space if you don't USE IT to help you win a championship, you don't get trophies for being frugal when your competition is spending money and winning!!!! I would much rather be up against the cap every year than have 30 million in unused cap space and can't win a playoff game. Why would you want to keep resigning players that can't get it done when it matters, that's insane. 
  15. Lamur should be a nickel back that is only used in obvious passing situations and on special teams as of right now, hopefully the Bengals coach up the current LB's on the roster and add some in FA or the draft so that guys like Lamur aren't playing out of position and exposed. 
  16.   Oh you the mean the team that annually goes to the AFC Championship game just won their 4 Super Bowl in 15 years...yeah wtf do they know about how to run a successful NFL franchise...obviously MB can't learn anything from those guys on how to run a championship caliber franchise.
  17. The cuts that other teams are making show how they run their franchise like a Fortune 500 company, where tough non-emotional decisions are made to move the organization forward. The Bengals are being ran like a small family owned business where who you know is more important than your production and what you bring to the table.   As a player you probably prefer playing for the Bengals than some other franchise that treats you like a commodity, but as a fan you want results and the current business model in which the Bengals are using isn't getting the desired results. The problem is they have an owner that refuses to make the necessary changes and settles for mediocrity instead of doing what needs to be done in order to ensure a winner.    Guys like Peko and Geathers would have been off the roster of most NFL franchises years ago, Leon Hall would be forced to reduce his salary or be cut, etc...These are the tough decisions that most successful companies make and they help them in the long run. 
  18.   Don't try to infuse logic into this thread...alleycat's on a roll showing everyone how much smarter he is than us stupid asshats.    Coley Harvey made up some shit about the Bengals signing Greg Hardy and now it's going happen, because Coley Harvey said so!
  19.   Targeted at me or not, it's not necessary to call someone an asshat just because you don't agree with their opinion. A smart guy like you should know that...
  20.   If anyone here is an asshat, it would be you...you have proven that time and time again...why don't you go back to the Bengals site for the enlightened fans who are more knowledgeable then us asshats. 
  21. Hobson makes it seem like Cleveland and Oakland are the only teams that active in FA, when NE signed Revis and Browner and won the SuperBowl; Denver went big in FA and got a first round bye, the Packers signed Peppers and would've made it to Super Bowl if not for a special teams blunder.... Plenty of great franchise with exponentially more success than this franchise have went big in FA and had success.    I'm not saying that the Bengals have to spend big this off season or the sky will fall, but to act like the only teams that go after big time players in FA are the annual bottom dwellers of the NFL is ridiculous.    I think this spend thrift mentality that the Bengals have can be attributed to the fact that the owners are not billionaires who bought an NFL franchise as an expensive toy, but treat this franchise like a Mom & Pop corner store. Most NFL owners are people who made their money in other areas and know what it takes to succeed in business, they understand that some times you have spend a lot of money to have success and if it doesn't work you don't abandon all hopes and never venture into the deep waters again. 
  22. If this team will give Andy $100 million dollars they should definitely resign Gresham, he's a former first round pick that has been relatively healthy and reliable. Is there room for improvement, without a doubt, but at least they know what areas where improvements have to be made and how to handle him. Gresham is talented and knows the offense, why not bring him back?
  23.   Yeah when Hobson started talking about signing former first rounders like Jamaal Anderson, Derrick Harvey, and Jason Allen as if these weren't former first round bust that were on their last legs in the NFL I knew where he was headed with this story...
  24.   That applies to every LB on the team, Burfict was glue that held this defense together. He is basically an assistant DC that is also an All Pro LB.  
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