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  1. Yes. It's looking like Bieneimy would have been a better choice. He probably would have been able to assemble a better staff, atleast one without a guy with negative track record like Turner.
  2. It was a comp pick, which is basically the most valuable thing in the universe. But seriously though how could the Bengals have known that Whit would still be playing at a high level, it's not like he was coming off Pro Bowl and All Pro seasons....oh wait, he was... At least the front office saved a few million dollars by not re-signing Whit, score one for the cheap guys!!!
  3. Don't forget about the orange slices and Capri Suns...it's the Bengals way.
  4. Ultimately Glenn is just following the lead of the Bengals ownership, they're fleecing the city and their fans, and Glenn is doing the same thing to them. Turnabout is fair play.
  5. I've never seen Jerry Jones, another owner/GM, look like he's sleeping at a game. One of the most popular cliches that the talking heads spew is it all starts from the top, and this is what the Bengals franchise is working with:
  6. I think he has a different definition of winning, to him winning is being profitable regardless of the on the field results.
  7. In a what have you done for me lately business like the NFL, his track record over the last 4 years hasn't been good. His hubris, believing that he had constructed a competitive roster and it was Marvin Lewis that was holding the team back, has directly affected this team. No one outside of PBS believes Dalton can win a big game, but he's still the franchise QB. The oline has been in shambles but the big fix is an injured draft pick and resigning Bobby Hart. The LB corp is awful, so lets add a 3rd pick and never play him...my point is Tobin's personnel decisions have been questionable at best and the result have the Bengals at 0-6 and none even considering a Super Bowl as a realistic goal.
  8. His dad was famous for going after Mel Kiper on ESPN. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/draft/2019/04/25/nfl-draft-looking-back-feud-between-mel-kiper-colts-gm-bill-tobin/3573252002/ He worked for the Lions, Bears, Colts and drafted Marvin Harrison and Marshall Faulk.
  9. His dad was a long time GM and his uncle was a NFL coach, I seriously doubt Duke would have gotten the opportunities if not for his families connections. I'm sure he works hard but his track record is less than stellar.
  10. Absolutely, I'm just concerned about his future. If it takes him 2+ months to recover from a concussion what happens if/when he suffers another one. There was no obvious play in which he suffered a concussion. So what happens if he self reports another injury, could it force him to retire? Very interested to see how this plays out.
  11. It's the ugly side of nepotism, he's in the GM position for the Bengals because of nepotism and not merit. The whole front office reeks of nepotism and it's the main reason why this franchise has been inept for so long. From Mike Brown, Duke Tobin, and Katie & Troy Blackburn; they are all in their current roles because of who their daddy is/was, not because they were hands down the best person for the job.
  12. He's too sexy for his barber, he shall be known as Right Said Fred from here on out
  13. They could win with AJ and Geno, if they got a better QB that can make plays when the game is on the line.
  14. Yes and yes they went with Taylor over the former Bengal with more relevant experience.
  15. CBS was awful today, the announcers were uninformed and annoying at best. Give me Spielman for 16 weeks.
  16. How sure are we that Taylor is some offensive genius because his offense is struggling to score more than 20 points per game. The offensive is horrible in the red zone, he makes bad decisions on challenges and play calls, and is roster moves so far leave a lot to be desired. I know Brown is on this search for the next Bill Waslh, aka the one that got away, but I don't think Taylor is that guy.
  17. Dalton is holding this team back, they should have won a game by now if he could play better. We both know Dalton will never win a Super Bowl so why not move on now.
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