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  1. [quote name='Bengals_12th_Man' date='Oct 12 2005, 02:19 AM']This is too funny! It almost makes up for us loosing... [right][post="168120"][/post][/right][/quote] It definately took the sting away [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons//24.gif[/img] [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons//24.gif[/img] [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons//24.gif[/img]
  2. [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons//24.gif[/img] [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons//24.gif[/img] [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons//24.gif[/img] [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons//24.gif[/img] That is too funny [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons//24.gif[/img] [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons//24.gif[/img] [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons//24.gif[/img] OCTOBER 9th, annually to be remembered as Jacksonnati Day or J-Day; or something to commemorate this event. Additionally, we should come up with something like crash the Jags forum on this day for no apparrent reasons just to talk shit to em. [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons//24.gif[/img] [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons//24.gif[/img] [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons//24.gif[/img]
  3. They probably thought he was an escapee from the county jail [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons//24.gif[/img] [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons//24.gif[/img] [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons//24.gif[/img] [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons//24.gif[/img]
  4. [quote]He got beat up by the cops, no joke[/quote] One can imagine what shit he was talking Good to hear he is Ok
  5. [quote name='Homer_Rice' date='Oct 10 2005, 10:39 AM']Me, too. I suspect he's sleeping it off somewhere. Lawman, sound familiar to you? Reminds me of that time at Barbarella's in Palma.......... [right][post="166776"][/post][/right][/quote] ... Nassau, St. Thomas, Crete and the morning on Pensacola Beach
  6. damn that boy, BJ where are you I hopes he's ok
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