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  1. Hmmmm...I'm curious when all this was really decided...I'm guessing it was actually a long time ago. Lots of posturing, lots of smoke, lots of carefully placed statements. All just a big show? 6 weeks is pathetic IMHO. On the other hand, people don't change so I expect Watson may strike again in the future in some form.
  2. Sadly with training camps open and other stuff going on, this whole Watson fiasco has been back burnered...probably according to plan. I fear a light sentence is coming tomorrow as a result.
  3. Honestly, JB is the last person I worry about in terms of missing practice. As Sparky said, just hope there are no complications. In some ways it will be interesting to get the other QB's some #1 time in practice. I guess there will be some impact of JB not being able to have time with the rookies and other new guys, but moreso for their benefit, not JB's really.
  4. Last I heard, Reiff and Spain are still available as free agents. Some interest in Reiff from Jets and Lions, but not signed. I was kinda expecting the Bengals to resign Spain at some point, but never did...Spain seems very interested in coming back. I'm guessing both are on Bengals speed dial in case anything bad happens. Develop the younger guys while folks are healthy, but bring back vets if/when the shit hits the fan?
  5. Cool visual. I had assumed the white helmet would go with a white uniform...but the white helmet with black unis looks pretty interesting.
  6. Actually I read somewhere that he went to First Watch restaurant downtown...he said the waitress/server was too young to remember his name, but suggested that when he was done (tip?) that she'd never forget him. Chad is a good dude. I'm guessing he'll be going to PS or McDonald's for dinner though.
  7. Bummer. I was hoping this train was heading towards a resolution...now it looks like its a derailment. Can't really blame either side...just the nature of the business and diverging mutual interests/needs/priorities.
  8. OMG, now I can't unsee it either. HILARIOUS!!! Is there such a thing as an "eye worm"?
  9. Yeah, this isn't the first time I've seen/heard using last year as part of his "punishment". WTF does last year have to do with it?
  10. I had read about the OSU offer to Chris Henry Jr (as well as other schools offers including WVU)...the kid is going to be a freshman in HIGH SCHOOL. He's already 6'3" tall and looks pretty fluid! I don't typically follow this kind of thing, so I'm curious how common it is to make offers to kids this young? WOW!
  11. Hey Bung, nice to see you around these parts again. FWIW, Jamie's spelling has improved, haven't seen Old here in a loooonnnngggg time, and BJ was quite active during the Draft process and still posts here lately. I still remember that time you got on Cincy Talk Radio and dropped the "Go-Bengals.com" bomb. That was you, right? Good times! Anyway, I hope you're doing well and have improved health.
  12. While I absolutely agree with the consensus of opinions above, I do think there are still some out there with the mindset of "same ole Bengals", "got lucky last year", etc. To that end, I think there is still some out there who do think this year is kind of a "prove it" year...but it maybe not so much for Burrow individually, but for the Bengals as a team.
  13. See above. I'd personally like to see him continue to wear it, but its ultimately up to him and coaches I suppose. Honestly, I'd prefer he wear a complete suit of armor, but I'm guessing that's out of the question.
  14. I have to admit it's a little bit concerning to me. I know Bates has LOTS of support/friendships with his teammates. I'd hate to see this become a festering wound in the team chemistry and/or affect how the young players are accepted. I keep telling myself its just a business and all is fair, but I think team chemistry was big part of last year's success.
  15. Curtis and then it's a coin flip between Krumrie, Willie, Fulcher, and Parrish.
  16. Hmmmm...not seeing Cleveland on that list. Did they do the smart thing and just fold?
  17. Still surprised that we've never played those Bastards in Week 1 before. Bring it on...can't wait!
  18. Unless those 80 sources include actual big board values from each of the NFL's 32 teams, then I couldn't care less about Arif's list. The supposed "NFL Media" and "Draft Pundits" seem to consistently promote lazy and recirculated opinions which are no more accurate than the average fan's opinion. Where was Tom Brady drafted again? Where was he on Arif's list? I'll give you my opinion on this years draft in 2-3 years.
  19. Still can't grasp the thought of PBS being "old" or even "middle age". To me, Riverfront is old and PBS is still new.
  20. Just saw this...HILARIOUS!!!...and sad Number of Red Wins for the month of April: 3 Number of Bengals Wins for the month of Jan: 4 Yeah, a bit off topic, but thought it was nice non-Draft escape.
  21. BJ are you saying you'd spend a 2nd/3rd Round pick for Araiza? I'm hoping he doesn't go that high, but I guess special teams players values are rising anymore.
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