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  1. Just read an article stating that the Bengals are now slightly in the lead as the odds-on favorite among 5 teams that "could/would" sign Kap. WTF?!?!? Seriously??!? I thought we were just joking around here? Oh wait, that's all we can do anymore, right? After awhile all you can do is laugh since you've exhausted all the other emotions.
  2. I guess we know what game Catfish will be watching.
  3. I've been watching it on and off...honestly I don't see either QB being an overnight sensation in the NFL. I must be missing something, although I admittedly don't watch much college football.
  4. Was a big fan of him back in the day. RIP #55 and condolences to his family/friends/etc.
  5. Wow, very impressive, thanks for sharing. BTW, what's on the fish n chips plate in the upper right? Tarter sauce? and ???
  6. Interestingly, Tom House is the one who caught the Hank Aaron record breaking homerun in Atlanta and presented it to him. House was a pitcher for the Braves and was in the bullpen at the time. Hey, it's more interestingly than talking about the Bengals, right?
  7. I think the QB guru dude was Tom House. Has worked with lots of big name QB's over the years (Brady, Brees, etc) in regards to throwing mechanics/techniques. I think he does similar with Baseball pitchers too IIRC.
  8. I was very surprised by his release, although he'll probably come back as a practice squad player assuming he isn't claimed. I guess he has kinda fallen off the map after the buzz at the beginning of the season. Still, I would have expected Stanley Morgan being the one released. Maybe Stanley is more valuable to the team now due to his Special Teams play?
  9. I picked #3, but think it's a bit of #2 and #3. No way do I think that we'd be 3-3 with Marvin.
  10. I'd say put her at LT and Dalton would have all day to throw.
  11. Anyone else want to fess up to being in this video? Geez, #1 fan hasn't change much. Who's the girl in the SanDiego hotel room...yowza! Good stuff!
  12. That was HILARIOUS!!!! That was almost as funny as when they said Kirkpatrick was our best CB.
  13. Why don't we buy a DeLorean and FluxCapacitor and use it on Draft Days?
  14. Yeah, I'm really curious to see how the Ravens do against the Chiefs this weekend. That will be very telling of the AFC leaders not named the Patriots IMHO...well...except for the media darling Browns of course.
  15. Not that he'd ever come here and not that we'd ever make such a bold move...but in all fairness...the Pats 1st round pick could very well be about the same (~#32 overall) as what our 2nd round pick is starting to look like at the current rate. Hopefully that's not the case, but just saying that in equivalent value charts a high 2nd and 4th are about the same as a late 1st. But obviously who wouldn't rather go to #teamslikethepatriots.
  16. Sadly he's getting more in-game practice than most too, so that's kinda not fair!
  17. Uhhhh...wait...what??? Did I detect some optimism in that post sir??? Sorry LT, but I just had to bust your chops a bit since you've been taking some grief lately about being negative. FWIW I agree...I sure hope we're more like the team from the Seattle game than yesterday...and I think we've been shown the high and low peaks. Although some commentator last night suggested that something in between is still a loss, I'm trying to remain optimistic about the team this season.
  18. At least he can tackle...most of the time...which is alot more than I can say for the rest of the secondary.
  19. Yeah, Dalton was the problem today and the reason we lost. Without that interception we woulda won easily. Good call.
  20. You know it's bad/sad when Oldschooler posts this. Double bad/sad when everything said is true. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde...you really want to wonder which one this team is, but sadly you already know.
  21. Well, at least "The Good, Bad, and Ugly" thread will be easy. Good: Everything 49'ers Bad: PBS crowd Ugly: Everything Bengals
  22. Glad to hear his daughter is still doing well. Devon always seems like a great guy, hope he's found his life's work outside of the NFL and is doing well for himself & happy. Thanks for sharing, great story.
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