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  1. I don't know how to embed this properly, but here is the play: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huolfNTLgB0
  2. If its the one I'm thinking about, the Bengals were in a goal-line offense with Peko as a fullback. Hairboy tried to fill the gap on a run play and Peko just flattened him like buzzcut. TOUCHDOWN BENGALS!!! Outstanding!
  3. Please don't go anywhere membengal. Most of us really enjoy and appreciate your contributions here, e.g.: loved and looked forward to your (& Griever/etc) recent training camp update posts. Conversely, many of us only tolerate tibor and take him with huge grains of salt or ignore him completely. You can't be serious. Tibor posts classic troll messages and then personally attacks anyone who disagrees with him. I admit I get sucked into his antics at times, and sometimes I can relate, but he is also very volatile to say the least. I've learned to tolerate him, but defending him like he's just a harmless circus side act is wrong. Like Dan says, can we just get back to focusing on Sunday's game now? The title of this thread is "Bengals at Bears: Game Week News...".
  4. Maybe I'm getting the plays confused, but I thought it was Apple who missed the sideline tackle. Again, could have been a different sideline tackle. Anyway, I thought both Bell and Bates had pretty good games, as did the rest of the secondary with the exception of the bad apple.
  5. In her defense, she is pretty damn hot. In all seriousness, the newer crop of athletes are a bit more "me" focused than some of us old-timers would like, especially at swagger positions like WR, CB, etc. Ja'Marr is certainly no exception to that from the interviews I've seen. However, the even worse trend is for "journalists" to misinterpret or misrepresent an interview quote for headlines/hits/sensationalism.
  6. It was news to me...something about a hamstring too. Put on IR, 3 weeks minimum. He had a really good game against the Vikes too.
  7. Not a fan of this thread either, but I need to relieve some stress...Taylor should get it, but he's not a player...so... 1) Apple...3 straight plays where he was ultimately responsible for a Vikes TD. 2) Hopkins...looked like a statue on several plays and gave up at least 2 sacks 3) Perine...he sucks at pass protection was repeatedly put into that role
  8. That kid is going to win us some games this year and hopefully years to come.
  9. Quite frankly I do get the perennial hate and negative categorizing for the Bengals in general...what I don't understand is the lack of respect and blatant discounting of Burrow. Maybe its all grouped together for the lazy media types? If you can't see the talent in JB you're either not watching or just blind. Maybe I'm just being a Bengals homer?
  10. I wonder if a copy of that article is hanging in JB's locker yet? I know he had a pretty small sample size last year, but Lawrence is mentioned more favorably than JB and Sunshine hasn't even taken a snap in a real NFL game yet. Reading that article would lead you to believe JB is a noodle arm also ran. How disrespectful.
  11. I don't think we're necessarily replacing Ossai either...I think Ossai's replacement was already on the team...we're more likely swapping the guy after the guy that is replacing Ossai in the depth chart. Depends on team competition and how things shake out, maybe Spence will be awesome and jump the depth chart, but in general it's "Next Man Up!" and backfill from there.
  12. x3. Not to get off-topic and not necessarily aimed at TJ, but I'm amused by tracker-phobs and anti-vaxxers worried about chip implants all while holding their beloved cell phones and posting frenetically on social media. Like it or not, the ability to track you has existed for quite some time without the need for conspiracy theories and a cost/manpower saving stadium app.
  13. Chase will be just fine when the real game lights come on and JB is throwing to him.
  14. Wow! I wonder if/when we'll hear more info about this development. Last I was aware it was a wrist injury and he was hopeful for opening day. WTF? Arguably one of the brightest spotlight players in preseason goes down to what could be season ending. Bengals luck for sure. FMR indeed.
  15. Bust or just unable to come back from major injuries without getting injured again? Maybe no real difference at the end of the day.
  16. I wonder how much longer those will be around. My Aronoff Theater tickets were recently changed to ElectronicOnly. Wifey is not happy since she used to put her paper tickets in a scrapbook. I've heard of other venues going to all electronic ticketing too. Kinda sucks from a collectors point of view.
  17. Don't wanna be a whiner, but I'm not a fan of all these "1-handed grabs" when it's not necessary. I get that receivers/rb's are trying to impress, but I'd rather see them do what they'd do in a real game. "You are what you practice".
  18. Thanks for the posts/updates guys...really appreciate it. Great stuff. First preseason game is only a little over 2 weeks away. Can't wait!
  19. While both statements are definitely true, I think in this case the Bengals decision was just fine. They got the work they wanted to get done finished. I always hold my breath regarding injuries this early in the process anyway, so I'm fine with it. Yeah, I can relate to that. But...but...something feels much different this year, so I have faith too! Do I often say that too at this time of year? Uhh...ummmmm...maybe?
  20. Thanks for posting the update Mem...was wondering about the status of those two myself recently, but was too lazy to look further.
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