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  1. Erickson can run the same 2 routes near the goal line and be available for most games. If the Bengals can get anything for Ross they should. The new regime doesn’t need to cater to at best a #3 receiver who is rarely available. If he isn’t able to run without pulling muscles his speed is simply useless. He isn’t good enough to play at 80% and run great routes. Never drafted for that.
  2. I think Old is hoping that lady sees our depth chart and long suffering fan base and buys Trent Williams for us.
  3. Playing the Jets, not the Stealers. The refs just wanted to get home.
  4. I don’t remember Mathis quitting. Contract was up, signed with the Eagles and played well. Again, Zac Taylor is the current coach, not Marvin.
  5. Same diatribe that proclaimed AJ McCarron should be a starting QB. Funny how that worked out. Maybe he tried to take a knee like Kap. Yes, it was a grand conspiracy by Marvin to keep a starting caliber O lineman on the bench and start trash instead with his job on the line. That is what happened.
  6. He was a 5th round pick. That means Mr Top shelf was passed by every team at least 4 times before ending up in Cincy. He was a borderline backup on the perhaps the worst o line in the NFL. He and AJ McCarron were robbed.
  7. Meh, guy was a borderline player on a terrible offensive line. Writing was on the walll. Good for him and good luck. Wasn’t jumping ship, was getting on with his life.
  8. Come on now, I gave you a classic Stevie G fist pump!
  9. The Cowboys will be killing themselves if they sign Dak for $40 mil a year. They would be better off trying to get Dalton from us for $25mil a year and IMHO. Meh, if the season goes to shit time to move on. The only odd thing is the last time everyone thought we would be total shit, Andy and AJ's first year, they made the playoffs. We will not go 3-13.
  10. Is Wild Man Walker still alive? An 0-11 start would give him nightmares. As for as LFC is concerned Stevie G says well done lads!
  11. That was my 2 boys right around 2007-2010. Last game they went to with me was vs the Dolphins in 2010. Nail in the coffin. Oldest son is exclusively a Saints fan and the other is a bandwagon douchebag Patriots' fan because of Gronk. Loves LeBron too. Post Millenials follow players more than teams because of social media.
  12. How good were those Ram defenses in the 60s and 70s. From 1962 to 1981, 20 years, their defense was ranked in the top 10 18 times. 12 times in the top 5.
  13. If there ever was a guy who lived up to his cool as hell name it would be Jack Youngblood!
  14. I don't blame Doc at all. Spurs are playing Liverpool in the morning at home and he won't get to go..., I would be pissed too. That would be an awesome day to see both games err matches.
  15. Their top rusher had 390 yards that season. I am sure Dalton could do the same with 650 attempts.
  16. I would definitely wear that! People would be like WTF are you wearing!! And I would say, "Bitch..., its Gucci."
  17. Their numbers were fairly similar last year. One time pro bowler. Not much difference to be honest except he was the #1 pick coming out of Georgia so the media slobbered over him. He has averaged more yards passing per game but Detroit never ran the ball much after Sanders, only Reggie Bush in 2013 rushed for more than 1000 yards (1006) while Stafford has been the starter. They are regularly near the bottom of the league with rushing yards and attempts. We could probably swap players and neither team would notice much of a difference.
  18. Game winning drives is a meh stat. Since 2011 regular season only: Dalton 24 GWD 68 wins Brady 15 GWD 96 wins Stafford 31 GWD 63 wins Brees 25 GWD 76 wins Wilson 23 GWD 75 wins in 1 less season (rookie 2012) Rodgers 15 GWD 75 wins
  19. My prayers have finally been answered, we finally have a championship team in Cincy. It may only be an over 60 club soccer team but gosh darn it that's good enough for me!! Congrats Cricket.
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