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  1. The Stealers have legitimate pass rushers, the Bengals don’t.
  2. I don’t think the offense is playing bad. Turnovers are always killers. We absolutely lack anything close to an average defense.
  3. Which quarter will Ben almost die and miraculously recover?
  4. There is Chat I think, I just can’t get it to work well on my phone.
  5. Oh I almost forgot, Fuck the Stealers!
  6. My how far the former #9 pick has fallen.
  7. The last place a disgruntled player wants to come to is the Bengals or Browns.
  8. I am sure the commissioner will make an exception based on new guidelines from the SDSC. (Stealers Dick Sucking Committee)
  9. I agree. If you have 1 excellent player in the NBA you can win and do ok in the playoffs. 2 makes you a serious contender. 3 makes you almost unstoppable. In the NFL with a 22 man starting roster you need at least 5 to become a contender, they can’t all be on offense and one of them must be your QB and another an edge rusher or freak like Aaron Donald. It’s almost impossible to win playoff games if you can’t pressure the QB, Seattle is a good example. Decent team that goes nowhere in the playoffs. People forget KC has the Honey Badger along with both Frank Clark and C
  10. But at the end of the day, if we are getting no pressure on the QB, Bates can only do so much. It is like being Geno Atkins the last three years, you can’t pick up the slack for 7 or 8 bad players.
  11. I am just sick of seeing teams like Pittsburgh and Baltimore littered with difference makers and we have what? Yeah, Burrow, Boyd, Mixon and Higgins are nice but our defense is just a bunch of guys. We have nothing close to TJ Watt, Minkha Fitzpatrick, Haden or Cameron Hayward on our team. They also have Devin Bush who is hurt. We have nothing close.
  12. They are truly terrible. Josh Allen had all day to throw.
  13. Also, Harbaugh would want a high 7 figure per year salary which is never going to happen.
  14. In his defense, (I just threw up in my mouth) Michigan Football is the most overrated program in the history of athletics. They have won (split) 1 National Championship in 70 years (1997).. And if any of their fans try and claim 11, tell them they are full of shit and basically 10 are made up out of thin air and were before 1950. 4 were from 1901-1904 and were simply produced decades later when some dying Chicago sportswriter put together a list of the best football teams every year since 1900. The others besides 2007 saw them anointed by obscure sports organizations. The AP poll di
  15. I can’t include a player who only played 1 season.
  16. After playing 15 years and earning $84 mil its time for Jo Jo to hit The Villages. Maybe he will run into Rick.
  17. He is pitching for the Twins. As far as Pratt goes, he is playing about as well as you would expect a 3rd round linebacker to play. If you want a good linebacker you almost always have to draft in the first round. The problem with that is.... The Brown family has had terrible luck picking LBs in the first round. Takeo Spikes being the only quality pick to be honest. Rivers looked good until he was murdered by the Stealers.
  18. I think Brooks was let go due to conduct issues. He was pretty good. Burfict, an UDFA, was the only one other teams worried about. A washed up AJ Hawk was one of the better ones which is sad.
  19. I am sure that has already been done by 2 different Bengals head coaches. He doesn’t deserve another shot, we already got guys who earned their playing time.
  20. 5th round CB who didn’t get re-signed by his original team. Not a surprise he isn’t very good.
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