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  1. Phish


  2. Might as well just put it on ice for tomorrow morning to be extra special careful... This guy reminds of Mr. Glass himself, Chris Perry
  3. Said it in the gameday thread and will repeat it here, turned out that a few garbage scores don't hide the fact that this was the worst performance since week 17 of 1998, almost 20 years! Now that's saying something, ugh...
  4. much appreciated! didn't know they were gone
  5. Was thinking the exact thought before the game watching Minnesota killing it
  6. don't know why i was given negative reps, look at my posts, im not a jerk at all and don't even post that much. Unwarranted in my opinion but nobody cares im guessing
  7. looking like this will be the worst loss since week 17 of 1998 season where we lost 35-0 to the bucs
  8. Anyone that doesn't believe that the NFL central office doesn't tilt games to it's biggest properties is ignoring actual outcomes. I normally don't get too hyped over this but this was the top result for Stealers not called for holding, check it out, "Benefit Rank" for calls for offensive holding for the 2015 season is, you guessed it, 1st! I would imagine 5 more minutes on that site would lead you to the top 5 franchises in value are probably in the top 10 in benefit rank and if not, could probably be easily explained, like how the Cowboys just fail and fail and fail to make the playoffs on demand, lol http://www.nflpenalties.com/team/pittsburgh-Stealers?year=2015&view=penalties
  9. And to go even further, RGIII has even come out himself and has said that he wants to be more of a pocket passer. Remember when we had Crazy Legs Fitzpatrick running around with his head cut off, he'd look more like that now than he did when he was a rookie before that knee got shredded. Would love to see Hue try to repair this broken not enough NFL abilities leftover from Washington, chalk up +2 wins next season right now...
  10. This is pure posturing like others have pointed out, he's saying "don't lowball me on draft day"
  11. They look really flat on both sides of the ball, no pass rush, wide open receivers, missed tackles and won't even start on the offense as they almost look worse. Where was that first team from last week?
  12. whole first team D got owned on that series
  13. #2 in bengals history next to Dillon in 2001 @ 96 yards

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