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  1. This topic is brought to you by grandmas and the rest of the old people at McDonalds every morning by 6A. Word is they also voiced their intention to use their spit-covered thumbs to make sure his face was clean too, but typing and eating soft foods is just too hard. His fuckin shirt.... Aye Motherfuckin Carumba.
  2. Go to youtube and watch a few of the tapes of every play he was in on for a given game. I watched Auburn and Utah right after he was picked. He's not just a "good" blocker, he's dominant. There were a number of plays he was the block that sprung a run or turned a loss into a few yards. Also, watch the routes they have him run. He runs almost exclusively crossing routes and short outlet routes. The times he heads up field, the routes are more vertical but the QB never looks in his direction unless he's running for his life, which coincidentally seems to be pretty much every time he drops back to pass and doesn't throw at his first target. His numbers aren't telling because he wasn't actually used as a WR and was pretty much not thrown to whether he was open or not.
  3. This dude looks to me like Jason Witten if Jason Witten wasn’t asked to run routes.
  4. I'm all for this and trade from the 3rd to the end of 2 to take Grier and I'd be happy.
  5. This is difficult because the current thought is he could be a game changer but if the top 4 teams not only passed on him but didn't trade out of their spots, I'd question if he was worth being chosen that high in the first place. If you believe he's a game changer then yes and you just got the steal of the century. If you weren't sure to begin with, then you stay and if he falls you think hard about taking him at 11.
  6. Show us on the doll where Mike Brown touched you.
  7. Here are some keys. Pretend they jingle. Babies love jingly keys.
  8. You apparently didn't read the post I was responding to. It said the two best, not any two. Also, you, I, and everyone else on this board has no fucking clue who they've talked to. How do you know they didn't offer both similar money and they turned it down? You don't. I don't. But God forbid anyone not think about dicks in hands, because they just don't understand that just the thought of those dicks in those hands is all you need to rage at what the internet said.
  9. Seriously, just watch a game after the first 2 or 3 and keep your eyes on Bobby Hart. The interior of the line was reason 1, 2, and 3 as to why the run game sucked at times and probably 9 out of every 10 pressures. Unless a free agent RT can play 4 spots, then they would make no difference.
  10. Did no one tell you that websites with articles by people who read other websites say he is terrible? Once you know that, you can just let rage do your typing.
  11. Mosley got about 17 per. Brown got about 16 per. That's all but 10 mil of their cap space. One linebacker and one OT, even if they are the best available, don't make this team that much better. What you just described is only a good idea if your team is one or two players away. Sure, there are a ton of other ways to be terrible, but that is literally the one lesson that is on display every FA period and yet...people want shiny things so temper tantrums will be thrown.
  12. Just watched the Bucs and Saints. Same thing. He's a little soft on bull rushes occasionally but the overwhelming majority of the time one he's centered on his guy he maintains the block and doesn't get tossed left or right. He has come a long way to being better at defending the outside speed rushers, but every tackle is gonna have issues with the best ones. One thing I have noticed is that the o-line in general was trying to pull guards and more complicated run plays against better defenses and it looked like chaos and confusion.
  13. Anyone out there a PFF member that would know how where to find grades and stats (penalties and sacks given up) for each game and might be willing to post those for Bobby for last year? I want to watch his tape from last year and it would be helpful to match grades and the negative stats to what I'm seeing. I just watched every snap of the chiefs game and he looked okay. He had a false start and had one or two guys get past him on the edge early in the game, but by and large he was fine. He just looks like he's thinking too much and is getting used to playing against the speed of the NFL. A few times late in the game he made pretty decent plays against twists and he is really light on his feet for a big guy.
  14. It's a one year deal for 5.4 with options for the following 2 at about 5 per and a 2 mil cap hit if they cut bait next year. It's insurance, not a direction. If he's not needed at RT because this year's draft pick is good, then they have depth and can try him at RG. If he's good enough, they have a cost controlled RG for two more years and can replace Boling and Glenn next year with a pick and a signing. If not, he is cut and no big deal.
  15. Why wait until the tampering period to do this deal if there was no bidding?
  16. Paid like a back-up that may have to start some in 19 and will be a back-up in 20 and 21. He's an expensive insurance policy that provides depth, not the answer to fixing RT. This is... not that big of a deal.
  17. If they are going to draft a rookie in 1 or 2 to play RT, it would make no sense to sign an RT to a big contract. No decent RT is gonna sign a deal in a place they think will be drafting their replacement. So, they have nothing currently on the roster and no guarantee to get a player they want in the draft, especially if White is there at 11. They had to get someone there and the price for average linemen is insane to the point that someone may have paid him 6 or 7 in a situation where they HAD to get someone and were cash strapped. Plus, they also have no real RG, which watching Hart's problems (imo not laterally quick enough), seems like it might be a better position for him any way. If they draft a beast at RT and he becomes a RG, then it's a good move. If they intend to make him the RT for the next three years, then by all means continue on with the melt down.
  18. Give me either of the Devins with White clearly being A and Bush being B. White is an absolute beast. For anyone who might want to go to the combine, I would recommend it, but be aware it is kinda weird compared to any other sporting event you will ever go to. The day went as follows: Breakfast with Legends (Cliff Avril and Donnie Edwards) talking about their combines. They just started letting fans in about 6 years ago so they were talking about how different it is. There was a raffle at the end for three signed items. It was clearly rigged. Two kids at the same table won the first and third prizes with consecutive numbers and when it was over all the guys on stage came over to the dad at the table and it was clear they were all friends. I really didn't care about a Matt Hasselbeck signed helmet, but it was just odd to make a couple hundred people sit there with tickets in their hands so you could give things away to someone you already knew. Weird, but whatever. Then we went up to the seats. We were given a program with a list of all the athletes and an ear piece thing that had the NFL network broadcast. They had TV's in the front row of each section so you could see. Those were nice touches. They didn't have all the fans in one section, they broke us up into groups of probably 30 or so and sat us in the front row of the club level. Very soon, it became clear why. You were not allowed to talk in a normal voice. Everyone whispered lower than people whisper in a library. You were not allowed to take pictures or even be on your phone at all. My wife texted to ask when we would be home. I got two words into a response and there was a person with their hand on my shoulder telling me I could not use my phone for anything. At any given time there were an average of 2-3 people pacing back and forth behind us watching our every move. It was really weird. Overall it feels like an event that they really don't want fans there for but are forced to. Every possible way that a fan could interfere with any part of the day is has two or more layers of security, distance and several people vigilantly making sure you don't even get the chance to make a noise. If you are gonna go, I'd suggest doing a little research into all the players so you know who/what you are looking for and can keep yourself interested the whole time. They don't put the numbers up on a screen for anyone to see so we only heard them when the broadcast was going. Don't plan on taking pictures or getting into conversations about what you are seeing unless you want to go out in the concession area. In short, it's cool to go to once to say you've been, but I watched several people with kids walk out after about 10 minutes because it just wasn't a fit and not being able to take even one picture was just weird considering the whole place was on TV.
  19. Update: Donnie Avery and Cliff Avrill up on stage talking about their combines. We should get to see half the DL and all of the LB's.
  20. I don't think they'd pick a QB in round 1 anyway so I hope as many go before 11 as possible. I'd take Grier in 2 without hesitation. 11 is hopefully either gonna be an LB or an OT and I'm hoping White is there.
  21. Just looked it up and here is the website to get tickets. I have no idea if there are actually any left. https://1iota.com/Show/877/2019-NFL-Scouting-Combine
  22. The things I've read so far: Catered breakfast VIP gets seated up front We get ear bud things to listen to NFL network during After underwear football we get to go across the street to the convention center and watch them do the bench. Everything kinda mentions that there are general admission people there too, so I'm curious if they’re selling tickets or if there's some sort of sign-up.
  23. I will be happy to do so! I couldn't go any day but Sunday, so I'll get to see the LB's and DL. Hoping the Devins do well!
  24. Anyone ever been to the combine? I won the season ticket holders VIP access thing and was curious if anyone else has been in the past or if anyone else won.
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