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  1. I still stand by being disappointed in Burrow today. Yes, he was efficient but I expect more out of him. Did the Bengals even get one first down after going up 24-7? That's unacceptable. The ugly is not being able to run out the clock with Mixon getting stuffed on 3rd and 1. I was half-expecting some defensive player getting injured on the next possession. The ugliest thing was how pathetic the Bears looked today. I still can't believe we lost to them last week. They suck.
  2. Haha. Well the final score in a consecutive stretch would be answered, correct? I won't put you on ignore. Unlike other thin skinned people or those who whine because they don't like what others have to say, I like to see all the opinions of the stew that is a Bengals message board.
  3. Fields is a Buckeye so he will likely never be ready. The amount of quarterbacking trash that Columbus has sent to the NFL is pretty shocking: Art Schliester Bobby Hoying Kent Graham (given that he wasn't that great as a Buckeye, it's impressive he became an NFL journeyman) Mike Tomczak Joe Germaine Craig Krenzel Dwayne Haskins (jury is still out I guess - he'll be playing in Pittsburgh pretty soon I bet) Cardale Jones Troy Smith Terrell Pryor Most successful OSU QB? Tom Tupa. He wa a punter in the NFL. Tupa scored the first ever 2 point conversion in NFL history. You know who he scored it against...
  4. AJ Green went over 100 yards Gioviani Bernard scored in garbage time Randy Buttocks went 1/1 I assume Billy Price is Wrong sucked ass? William Jackson? The Bills destroyed the WFT so he probably sucked.
  5. Pet peeve of mine. Incorrect use of the word "unanswered." Unanswered is not the same as consecutive. The Packers points were not unanswered....the Bengals answered them in abundance. I'm always amazed how announcers use the term incorrectly.
  6. Two straight wins against the Stillers! The winner of the Sewer Brewer is nobody.... Keep this up, and the board will have it's wish and it will go away.... Is there an ex-Bengal we can nominate instead?
  7. Great win. But another pedestrian performance from Burrow has me concerned. Is he truly a franchise QB?
  8. No Tee Hee Higgins, so maybe a chance for Tate or Michael Thomas to embarrass themselves. As always, Rotten Apple can be expected to suck again. Week 1: Eli "Rotten" Apple Week 2: Joe wheelBurrow
  9. That's big news. No excuses now. Best player out. Stillers offense is a joke. Bengals lose, and they are far worse than we thought they were.
  10. As much as Rotten Apple (again) and Vontaze Bell embarrassed themselves with penalties, this game was clearly lost by the offense. Yeah, Tee Hee Higgens is a close second as would be Jonah Williams.
  11. Yeah, here is hoping. Steeler game will tell us a lot. If he looks like crap, it's the same ol Bengals.
  12. First time winner! Joe Wheelburrow. Still winless in road games. Definitely needed some embarrassment after stupidly acting like he was the shit after last week's lucky win over a mediocre team. This ain't college.
  13. Maybe the team shouldn’t have been that confident after getting lucky last week. you beat a non-playoff team at home because of a lucky fumble in overtime. And they acted like this was a new team. Laughable. Wheelburrow was garbage in first half
  14. Rotten Apple can't even commit PI in a competent manner. He's total trash.
  15. What’s that award called? Terrible Tibor Thread Award?
  16. Fully expect that the worst player on the field is Andy Dullton. Oops, wrong team. Despite the win, interior line didn’t play well last week. May be worse today on the road with the crowd noise Week 1: Eli “Rotten” Apple
  17. Yeah that’s a great story. I heard about it when it happened. And yes he was a definite Sewer Brewer contender back in the day with his stone hands But do you know that he caught Andy Dullton’s only playoff TD pass? I was always surprised that he and Frostee Rucker managed to play as long as they did for the Cardinals
  18. Do the Stealers ever lose a player in free agency and live to regret it? It seems that every solid player that leaves them ends up sucking somewhere else. Maybe because they can't cheat anymore?
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