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  1. according to Wikipedia his ineptitude was record breaking. Not sure if anybody has done worse since. However, in 1993 Green averaged just 2.74 yards per carry, which is the record for lowest yards per carry among running backs with more than 200 rushing attempts in a season.
  2. There are more people than you think that correctly realize kINTa and Dullton are mediocrities unworthy of praise by fans. No doubt kINTa will pray over this news and say something stupid like he always does. Comical.
  3. Damn I wish this could have happened to Tibor the best thing that happened to me when when Keith Rivers and Rey Maualuga blocked me when I ripped on them. Think Pat Sims too
  4. Not surprised to see the Stillers fans at the bottom of that list. Wonder why?
  5. Happy Thanksgiving to all, even those who rip on Tibor,those who can’t win a playoff or prime time game, and chain smoking tight ends!
  6. imagine being a Bengals fan during the lost years, only you got to spend each and every Thanksgiving watching them completely suck and some of your relatives asking “Why are you still a fan?” Lions fans’ misery has to be worse than Bengals fans’ Browns fan misery is just funny and well deserved
  7. if you had Jack Goff, would you really want to try for a TD?
  8. yeah hopefully they aren’t keeping Huber around because of oh we can’t cut him during Thanksgiving crap. he’s a professional. He won’t cry like Dullton did. Huber sucked and they should cut his ass
  9. if a team claims him, do the Bengals get the chance to add him to the active roster first? If so, then there is no risk. not sure how practice team rules work
  10. Since it was a road game, he either: A. Snuck in alcohol to team facilities (in which case he should be suspended/fired) B. Titans allowed it (which means hefty fine) C. He drank after picking up his car from airport. That would be allowed since it was his own time, but I think the Titans plane landed pretty late so doubt anything was open.
  11. Maybe I missed something but are the Bengals actually carrying 2 punters on the active roster? Isn't this a waste of a spot? They just lost a practice squad player too whom they could have brought to the active roster and gotten rid of Huber. Why hasn't his geriatric ass been cut yet? Or is there some roster quirk that allows them to take on 2 punters and it doesn't hurt them?
  12. Career wins as a starter against Stillers: Burrow - 3 Dullton - 3 Scoring over 24 points against Stillers: Burrow - 2 Dullton - 0 Ring of Honor material for sure.
  13. The picture is the best. Not just Watt you have to worry about - Alex Highsmith wins AFC Defensive Player of the Week award. https://twitter.com/ProFootballTalk/status/1592876992843894784?s=20&t=9-owv2wSeZvOEnY9L7Ud9A
  14. kINTa seems like a grade A asshole. I have a feeling Palmer was well liked by his teammates.
  15. The AFC looks wide open. Bills choke again. Chargers go down as well. KC has no running game and can be beat. Not sure the Bengals can repeat, but there isn't a team obviously better than them.
  16. Whenever Dullton is praised by Bengal fans, Tibor will be there Whenever ignorant fans state that Dullton should be a member of the Ring of Honor, Tibor will be there Whenever fans get excited that Dullton is going to help the Bengals by beating the Rats or Stillers, Tibor will be there
  17. He never head-coached "well" in NE because he never did the job. He's the dumbass who thought Tim Teblows was NFL material.
  18. He had a great college career, wasn't given a chance due to racism, got lucky with QB injuries, and became an average NFL QB for over 5 years. Yep, heart.
  19. heart? That's a joke. The crybaby whined about being benched on his birthday. Never took responsibility for his playoff failures. Blake had heart.
  20. The Dullton sucking yet again against the Stillers Rinse and repeat.
  21. Here is great stat from Twitter that encapsulates perfectly how big of a loser The Dullton is: Andy Dalton-led teams vs. Stealers - Points Scored 21 21 20 20 20 20 20 17 17 17 16 16 14 13 7 3 https://twitter.com/ScottKacsmar/status/1590985540501143553?s=20&t=TuKWhnvcR03XSJ3B04tyqw
  22. Dullton could have AJ Green in his prime and would probably still stunk it up. Wait, scratch "probably." He did have him and was still a bum. Nice try. Fun fact, which 2 QBs are 0-4 in playoff history? Andy Dullton YA Tittle
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