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  1. It highlights the fact that Tibor is an on-line persona
  2. According to twitter, Hendrickson was full participant in practice today.
  3. Despite the fact that people contend that Tibor is universally hated, this is clearly not the case. Several posters have expressed humor at my posts and I have met three people throughout the years just from Bengals message boards - WhoDey03, HavePityPlease, and LeTigre. I had hoped to meet up with BengalFaninTO and indianacane but those did not come to pass. I seriously doubt I would post somewhere if everybody truly hated me / my posts. The most humerous charge throughout the years is that my negativity (and my black and gold Simpsons Bumblebee Man avatar from Huddles) is proof I'm a Stiller fan. I'm pretty sure no Stiller fan has a clue who Sean "Sewer" Brewer is let alone Wilson Phillips, Artsmell Hawkins, Toast Jones, John "Pete" Thornton, Kevin Wasteverharn, Ifeayni Ohehateme, etc etc. The most touching thing somebody has ever written about me is that they were watching a Bengals game and saw somebody screw up horribly and they posted "yeah, that put him in Brewer contention." Just somebody humerous to pass the time when the team truly was embarrassing at times. Even if others didn't say the Brewer was dead, this year hasn't been that much fun for Brewerness. The team is just better. Other than Wilson Phillips there isn't a bum on the team. Hell, even Eli Apple isn't Rotten somehow.
  4. Yeah. Look at all the negativity ol Tibor has gotten... Check out the dates.... tibor75's Warnings × 1 Trolling Stop being asshole. Acknowledged Warned by Montana Bengal, August 27, 2020 1 Trolling Stop being a dick. I am tired of reading all you bullshit Acknowledged Warned by Montana Bengal, March 21, 2020 1 Warning your just a dick about everything Acknowledged Warned by GoBengals, June 7, 2005 Points no longer active 1 Warning Acknowledged Warned by Jamie_B, June 2, 2005 Points no longer active
  5. I guess today was as positive as it could be for Hendrickson he is progressing and was limited in practice
  6. One of the nicest things anybody has said about me. Watching that video made me think of something else. The feeling at the end of this Bengals game reminded me of 2002. Not Bengals (that was a horrible 2-14 Leblows year), but the 2002 Ohio State season. Back then, OSU hadn't done much in over a decade. They had 4 chances to win a NC in the 1990s but choked every year - 3 times to UM, once to MSU (coached by Saban). So when they entered the 2002 UM game unbeaten there was a nervous feeling during the whole game - are they going to blow it? I was at that game and on the final play, UM had the ball at 25-30 yard line. One final play to win it. When the play started, I couldn't watch. I looked at something else on the field and waited for the cheers or the wails/groans. I got cheers. This past Saturday when Carr went back to pass, I also had to look away. I waited for the screams or the cries and I got the former. I saw a mass of people near the goalline and had no idea what happened. I remember when Burrow took the kneeldown at the 4 yard line, I was confused. I thought the LOS was at the 10. Only later did I realize there was an INT. I still was confused why the ball wasn't thrown into the end-zone. I guess I'm still confused with that --- as are Raiders fans.
  7. Thoughts on this. From The Ringer. At the time I tended to agree. Mixon got the ball too often for how little he was producing and how LV couldn't stop the short passing game. Zac Taylor is the biggest threat to the Bengals offense. Wild-card weekend’s first game ended up being its best. A Raiders team that couldn’t get out of its own way—and had no answer for Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase—managed to stick around just long enough to give itself a chance to force overtime. I’m still not quite sure how the Bengals needed a red zone stop to escape with a victory. But it probably has something to do with Zac Taylor’s insistence on running a bad imitation of Sean McVay’s offense. Recently, Taylor has done a better job of turning things over to Burrow and the passing game on early downs. Over the first half of the season, Cincinnati ranked 20th in early-down pass rate, according to RBSDM.com. That led to a lot of obvious passing situations on third down and put pressure on Burrow to beat complex coverages and hold steady behind a struggling offensive line. From Week 9 on, though, the Bengals jumped up to 12th in early-down pass rate and the offense took off. On Saturday, Taylor reverted to his old ways, calling runs on 21 of 47 first and second downs. Those run plays lost the Bengals a total of 4.83 expected points and only 19 percent of them produced a positive EPA, according to RBSDM.com. Fortunately, Burrow was able to bail Taylor out on third down—Cincinnati converted five of 12 attempts—just enough to avoid a first-round loss. But things won’t be so easy as the Bengals advance through the playoffs. Next week, Cincinnati will get a Titans defense that finished second in success rate allowed on third down, thanks in large part to a dominant interior pass rush and some clever coverage concepts. Taylor can’t afford to throw away those early downs against Tennessee. If he does, the Bengals will need more than another superhuman effort from Burrow to advance.
  8. Very nice to see Odell Beckham doing well in LA after sucking in Cleveburg. Has to make Cleveburg fans feel even worse which they completely deserve.
  9. Did anybody have flashbacks to Plamer when Derek Carr stupidly spiked the ball with 28 seconds left? He had the offense set - should have thrown a fade or something like that to Renfrow. I remember Palmer would stupidly spike the ball in situations like that. Or when he would kneel after the snap after a defensive offsides. I'm assuming Burrow won't be this foolish in the final minutes of a half/game.
  10. It's so awesome to see other teams "Brewer" more than the Bengals now. Pick 6 on Murray. Partial credit to AJ Yellow for screwing up the play before
  11. And of course dropped it. The called it a catch though. Which is total BS>
  12. Do these grades take into account the quality of the player you are facing ?
  13. I would get rid of the 2 minute timeout and institute the clock stoppage for 1st downs only in the last 2 minutes.
  14. he did nothing in Cincinnati for all his regular season glory. Some of that is on the Dullard but some on him. I would rather he fail miserably today
  15. Yeah, that sucks. Because if you signal timeout at the same time as the ball is being snapped, no way should a timeout be granted. Same way that you allow a play to happen when the snap occurs at the same time the play clock strikes zero.
  16. I think the officials need to say what happened. I don't know what this review process is called but they could have said "Review by central office indicates the previous play was a catch."
  17. Agree. People think it looks weird because the Raiders stopped when the whistle happened. Nope. It looks weird because of how they reacted and how Boyd reacted after he caught the ball. When they heard the whistle they turned back towards Burrow and assumed that he must of stepped out of bounds. Even Boyd doesn't really celebrate. When you watch it in real time it looks strange for that reason. But when you slow it down, it was obvious that it had no impact on the play pre-catch.
  18. Since I was at the game I missed what was said about some of the other officiating issues 1. Did the Raiders really call a timeout? I have never seen a situation where a play went from beginning to end, a referee huddle happened, and then they said "you know what, a team called a timeout." Maybe you see that on a field goal attempt, but never on a regular play 2. There was a play where the Raiders player made a diving catch. Officials signalled no catch. The Raiders lined up for the next play. Official stops them, and moves the ball forward, saying "The previous play was a catch." I assume that was the result of the in-game reviews that are allowed now without a challenge?
  19. In the end, each team would feel like they got screwed. By letter of the law, the play shouldn't have counted By common sense, it should have. In the end, the true failure was with the officials. In the end, if this had benefited a team like the Cowboys or Stealers, nobody in the media could care. And of course Raiders fans will feel like their team got screwed because the NFL does that all the time. The whole leaking of Chucky emails but covering everything else up stinks to high heaven. Don't you think there are emails that show Snyder or Jerry Jones are racist pricks?
  20. some of the nice guy stuff in the past is a myth. Dullton was not a nice guy. . Never took responsibility. Cried like a fool when he was benched on his birthday. His whining is probably what caused the Bears to stupidly tweet “QB1” next to his picture. He was full of himself and failed as a result. He was another me-first player that this team can do without. If you are going to act like that, you have to back it up. The Marvin players failed time after time.
  21. Just realized the Bengals have never won a road playoff game. Ever. Another fact that shows how horrible this franchise has been historically. And other piece of history for Burrow to reverse.
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