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  1. The team hasn't won a playoff game since I was in high school. But yeah, keep being the stupid Bengal fan who thinks Andy Dalton is a stellar QB
  2. And zero playoff wins and 1 playoff TD pass. And memories of god-awful throws and idiotic fumbles.
  3. Andy's problem wasn't arm strength, it was : No pocket awareness Inability to make plays on the run Choker Lack of football intelligence - he's simply a stupid football player.
  4. If the Bengals don't get too cheap, they should get the pick of backups. As somebody said, every backup thinks they can start. And as good as Burrow looked, he's going to be a rookie. And if he struggles (and especially if he takes a beating while doing it), the Bengals may bench him. Any veteran who is not going to get a starting job would love to come here. Especially if Green is playing.
  5. Exactly. Let Dalton go to another team, suck there, and realize his mediocrity has turned into horribleness. And then the dumbest fans in the league will ask for him back still.
  6. I completely forgot about the Bengals being stupid enough to bring Laura Palmer's sister here as backup QB. In fact Laura could use that as proof that the Bengals aren't serious about winning "I told them to sign my sister to make me happy as a joke, and then they did it"
  7. Unlike the Stillers, the 49ers didn't cheat to win so I can't hate them Bengals choked in SB 16 They overdosed, dropped an INT, and Boomer sucked ass (people forget this) in SB 23. I prefer other teams to be as miserable as the Bengals. KC, NY Jets, and Miami all won super bowls but nothing since I have followed sports (1984) so it doesn't count as far as I'm concerned. Hope for continued misery for KC, NYJ, Miami, Cleveburg, Detroit, SD, Atlanta
  8. Second round memories! Drafting a useless turd like Artsmell Hawkins ahead of three future studs. 2 43 Cincinnati Bengals Artrell Hawkins S Cincinnati C-USA 2 44 Miami Dolphins Patrick Surtain † CB Southern Mississippi C-USA from Carolina [R2 - 3] 2 45 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Brian Kelly CB USC Pac-10 from Atlanta [R2 - 4] 2 46 Tennessee Oilers Samari Rolle † CB Florida State ACC
  9. The Cleveland Browns are hiring Cincinnati Bengals quarterbacks coach Alex Van Pelt as offensive coordinator, a source told ESPN. Van Pelt spent the past two seasons with the Bengals. Before that, he was an assistant with the Green Bay Packers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Buffalo Bills. He was the Bills' interim offensive coordinator in 2009. Van Pelt spent his two seasons in Cincinnati under two different head coaches. After Marvin Lewis and the Bengals parted ways after the 2018 season, he was retained by the offensive-minded Zac Taylor, who praised Van Pelt throughout the season. "He is, in a sense, a veteran at the position," Taylor said in December. Van Pelt played quarterback for 11 seasons in the NFL, with the Pittsburgh Stealers, Kansas City Chiefs and Bills. In addition to his years coaching in the league, Van Pelt's time playing quarterback was considered a huge asset when it came to grooming inexperienced QBs.
  10. Ah Brad East St Louis. What a piece of trash he was at the end of his Bengal tenure
  11. Keep hoping some day the Bengals will draft a killer LB. I had high hopes for Burfict but he went crazy. The trash just keeps on coming - Simmons, Spikes (no, he wasn't that great), Rey Maualuga, Carl Lawson, Jordan Willis, Malik Jefferson, Nick Virgin, Paul Dawson, Odell Thurman, Keith Rivers (god, what a bum) , etc etc. The Stillers just draft Devin Bush... and you know he will be great
  12. Comical When you are a Bengal fan, if you don't bitch about everything, you're a fool. 50 years of failure and counting. But keep praising Dullton, please.
  13. What is AJ Green thinking? Maybe I'll actually have passes thrown to me where they should be? How will a WR respond when shitty Dullton has been throwing passes to him for almost a decade ?
  14. Dullton is no longer better than Cassel. He sucked ass this year - worst QB in the NFL
  15. Dalton sucked for the second Houston loss. Defense only gave up 19 and Leon Hall scored on a pick 6. Although I do believe AJ Green could have caught a deep Dalton ball that could have put them up 20-19.
  16. Nope! Signing the fatass was the kiss of death for them.
  17. I'm not the one praising the worst opening day starter in the NFL.
  18. Ooops Second straight playoff meltdown by Jackson. Just call him Lamar Dalton in January
  19. Three years too late. His sorry ass should have been sent out of town years ago.
  20. Stafford is also winless in the playoffs, true His stats in 3 games: 4 TDs, 3 INTs, passer rating 87.8, 302 yards per game Dullton in 4 games: 1 TD, 6 INTs, passer rating 58, 218 yards per game No comparison. None. Bengal fans, stupidly ignoring Dullton's suckitude year after year...
  21. Cowboys hire McCarthy. The idiot who can't figure out how to win a playoff game and who can't figure out halftime adjustments will have to keep waiting.
  22. I'd hope so, since Dalton's ceiling is Andy "Zero Playoff Wins" Dalton
  23. Without a doubt Cleveland fans are probably the worst in United States. Of course, the national media would have you believe we should feel sorry for them, but they deserve to cheer for shitty teams. 1. The incident LeTigre referenced 2. Throwing batteries at refs (Jaguars game) I believe 3. Throwing things at Albert Belle 4. Death threats against Modell 5. Burning LeBronze's jersey
  24. One of the worst starting QBs in the league cannot be your bridge QB. Dullton is good for a backup job. I guess people haven't noticed how badly he has sucked since the Stiller playoff debacle. Could Dullton become a Tannehill? Lightening in a bottle for a few games with one of the best RBs in the league, decent WRs, and a competent coach? That's his ceiling. Fully expect Tannehill to be the opening day starter next year and then regress to his mediocre mean.
  25. I was dying to know what Fejedelem thought about Andy Dullton.
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