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  1. Any of this boards UK fans have tickets for Monday they are looking to sell?
  2. [quote name='scharm' date='18 April 2010 - 09:24 AM' timestamp='1271600676' post='878758'] Still to have the #2 team going into the tournament in one year, going 35-3? I recall alot of people claiming something like that would be unrealistic expectations. [/quote] i do like the recruitment of doron lamb, i doubt he will 1 and done. UK needs to land Terrence Ross, he would be a brilliant pick up.
  3. in shock? he turned around Umass and Memphis pretty damn quick and they had no recruiting power to take advantage of. he took a good chunk of his sick class he had going to Memphis and got them to switch to UK then added a couple more for the few he didnt get to move on with him.
  4. [quote name='scharm' date='17 April 2010 - 08:18 AM' timestamp='1271510330' post='878548'] How am I bragging? This is a thread dedicated to the Kentucky Wildcats. Duh. It's not like I'm on a Duke board or thread talking about 7 titles. Your a fan of Duke, a Kentucky fan doesn't care what you think is appropriate to be proud of because you don't have what Kentucky does. Personally, I think it is dumb when Bengals fans discount the Steelers history because deep down inside every Bengal fan wishes the Bengals were that successful. Just makes them sound like haters and guess what the Duke fan sounds like in this thread? Back to the players in the NBA. Cal is going to grab the best players. A downside of that is these players will be able to perform at the highest level of basketball. So they will move on. Titles won't come every year, final fours won't come every year. By the time Cal is done what you are going to have is Miami Football of the 80s/90s or Kentucky of the 90s or Kentucky of the 50s or Yankees of the MLB payroll disparity era or Reds of the 70s and yes Steelers of the 70s. You get the point yet? I don't really worry about what a rival fan thinks what will be successful. Not to long ago Kentucky fans were told they should be happy with Tubby. Why? [/quote] I don't care at all what the Bengals did before I was born. I don't care what the Bengals did last year. I care about what they are doing right now. If you brag about your history then that means your future is lacking. I am not coming in this thread and hating. I didn't come in here and bash Kentucky. I came in here and said if they don't change their way then I don't see them ever winning a title. Coming in here and hating would have been coming in and saying, "UK sucks, Cal sucks, you are never going to win a title!" I only came in here to discuss why I think Cal needs to change his recruiting ways a little. If he goes for a few top players and then drops back to get more good players that are 3-4 year guys but good then he will be way more successful. You are putting way too much on a bunch of young guys to 1) play good 2) overcome adversity and 3) become leaders instantly I can't recall a team EVER winning it all that didnt have a few good juniors/seniors on the team. Even Cuse with Melo had solid junior/senior leadership. The fab five didn't work out. It seems like any time a team is really talented and young they lose in March when they have an off game. It takes a ton of luck to have 6 games in the March tourney without being off. Considering how much everyone here likes to critique the Bengals, Reds and other teams you would think you would have enough common sense to look at the holes in UKs plan. Duke has been down a bit the last 4-5 years because Coach K gave up on recruiting top talent so he would have guys that stayed 4 years but he gave up on that talent difference too much and they would face a team that was so much more athletic and physically gifted than them that unless they rained 3's all day they couldnt win or even stay in the game. Look at a team who has consistently been there in the hunt like MSU or Kansas. They have a mix of young talented players with juniors and seniors who are good but not great. I think if Cal dropped 2 of his scholarships on 1 and dones and put them on guys who are 3-4 year players to build an identity and presence that it would make UK a consistent, realistic title contender each and every year. Thats not hating on UK thats an opinion that has a lot of history/experience/stats to back it up. Hell you want to go on and on like a tool about 7 titles then go back and look at the talent and experience on those rosters. They werent a bunch of super talents that didnt stay for a while.
  5. [quote name='scharm' date='17 April 2010 - 08:21 AM' timestamp='1271510504' post='878551'] Coach K and Duke is nothing more than Bob Knight and IU in terms of elite programs. Once coach K moves on or retires. Duke goes back down to the next tier level of programs like IU is currently. Their program is defined by a coach. [/quote] Disagree with that. It is more like UNC and UK where as long as you hire an intelligent head coach you will be fine. UNC will never be as good as when Dean Smith was there and UK will never be as good when Rupp was there and Duke will never be as good as the Coach K years but if you hire a head coach who gets it then they can sustain at a high level because the recruiting power will have a major assistance from the program. UK dwindled at the end of Tubbys career and Billy G was terrible but it is coming back with Cal. IU was falling apart with Mike Davis and Sampson murdered them with cheating but Tom Crean will have them elite in a couple more years. UNC died off for a bit with Matt Doherty but are good again with Roy. IU only disappeared because Sampson decided to do everything against the rules and really sucked at not getting busted lol. As long as the head coach is decent Duke, IU, UK, UNC should all be in the upper echelon of schools. UCLA is more in the ND fball area where it has been such a long time since they have been good that no one really gives a shit about their history. I don't know of many HS recruits who give a shit about NDs fball history or care to go there and from what i hear 20 years ago if you were good you wanted to go there. That same thing goes for UCLA. [quote name='Bunghole' date='17 April 2010 - 10:13 AM' timestamp='1271517236' post='878595'] You shut your filthy, lying, whore mouth boy! [/quote] ha, im only stating what i witnessed.
  6. [quote name='scharm' date='16 April 2010 - 09:42 PM' timestamp='1271472120' post='878490'] I cheer for Kentucky. Duke is moderately successful when compared to the Big Blue Nation. Declaration of top 5 is great for any other program not named Kentucky. I don't think Duke can even attempt to put themselves in the top 4 or event top 2. That is the neighborhood Kentucky lives in. It's strange why you wouldn't worry. The load of talent coming is simply going to add to the legacy that is Kentucky and thus margin widens. Yeah, but who really cares? Gee, a rival fan is going to question the future chances of success of Kentucky. Gee, that's new. Kentucky fans have been here before and using history as an indicator typically Kentucky fans optimistic expectations are proven correct more than any program ever. Our banners don't score points. I don't think I claimed they do. The NBA rosters flocking to Lexington however do score points. That is a big reason and it is playing out in front of your eyes. Your assumptions are wrong and your doubt is generated from fear. Yeah, like Kentucky fans are supposed to believe NBA talent can't win a title in the NCAA. Why? Our rival fans tried to sell us on Tubby Smith a few short years ago. Kentucky fans were told that it's just unrealistic to expect top classes every year. Why would I be pissed off? My team will dominate the NBA draft and future NBA draft is lining up again in Lexington. 7 titles are second to one program. So, what exactly don't you understand? Kentucky knows how to get it done and the fans know when they are on the path to getting it done. You can't discount that. So you bring up Steeler fans, OK. They are good, have been good, and although I hate it they will be good in the future. You want to tell them that their current plan isn't going to work, fine. But I'd put my money that Pittsburgh until ownership changes will manage to be a winning program. Sure like anything in sports they will have down times but it won't be deep or long as other teams. So let's discuss the idea of Cal's plan. Currently a No. 1 and no worse top 3 recruiting class is lining up for this year and next. Doubters or rival fans are hanging their hats they all will flock to the NBA like this past year. I don't think that will happen to the extent that it did this past year. In addition the one and done climate is fairly new and there just isn't enough data to making sweeping judgments on a particular model of success. The reality is the team lining up for Cal is going to be talented. It's going to win a ton of games. It's going to get a top seed. So I like those chances. [/quote] You are bragging about 7 titles that = steelers fan. Its great that your team has history but to sit there and talk shit cuz you won a bunch of titles in the 40s and 50s is retarded. They have won a total of 3 titles since 1959. I'm already over Dukes win this year and you are going on about wins decades ago. That means you are really in need of a title badly. Who gives a shit about how many players you put in the NBA? And having a top recruiting class is nice but if you lose the whole class after this year and have no experience then what is the point? You get super hyped then let down in march because you have an off night and lose because you have no experience or leadership. That isnt something to be proud of.
  7. [quote name='#22' date='16 April 2010 - 07:18 PM' timestamp='1271463488' post='878451'] They played over their heads this year. I didn't think Coach K had any coaching left [i]in him[/i], but he proved me wrong. [b]That, and they had an easy path to the Championship game this season.[/b] In 10 years, though, no one will look back and say they were undeserving. [/quote] 16 seed, Wake Forest, Cornell, WVU is easier than 16 seed, Cal, Purdue, Baylor, WVU, Butler so dont give me they had an easy path. All the 1 seeds had pretty easy paths because of so many upsets. I would pick Cal to beat Wake, I would pick Purdue to beat Cornell, I'd pick Baylor to beat WVU, Duke beat the fuck out of WVU anyways. UK or Kansas or Ohio State and Syracuse could have had an "easy" path to the title game but they failed to win games they should have won. On paper i had UK as the 2nd best team behind KU and on paper I would pick UK over Duke. But i would pick Duke over either of them to overcome a bad performance and still win, partially because of Coach K and partially because of the fact that Duke was way more experienced. I dont like UK because of their fans but i respect their team and they have had some players who i really rooted for go through there.
  8. [quote name='scharm' date='16 April 2010 - 06:14 PM' timestamp='1271459650' post='878430'] Funny. The fan of the lesser program is going to tell Kentucky what matters and what doesn't. Sure. What does a Duke fan know about 7 national championships? Duke fan should just be happy with their moderate success. Look it's real simple Cal is going to load up Kentucky. In the process Kentucky will further separate themselves from the other moderately successful programs like Duke. I'll leave the determination of what matters and what doesn't to the fans of programs that don't matter. Duke is so not concerned about Kentucky they post in a Kentucky thread on a Bengal board, funny. Let's just keep it real. Cal and Kentucky got you worried. Nothing wrong with that, if Kentucky played in the NBA the Lakers would worry. It's natural to fear Kentucky. [/quote] UK doesnt have me worried at all. i post in the UK thread because it is the offseason and minimal thread movement anywhere on these other sports boards and i like to talk about sports. Duke isnt moderately successful its one of the top 5 best programs of all time. in my lifetime its a top 2 program all time. UK fans act just like Steelers fans. UK is also a top 5 program of all time but that has NOTHING to do with my statements. I stated unless coach cal changes his ways he wont win a title. Instead of quoting some bullshit total # of rings in your past which means NOTHING about Cal and the future please give me reasons why Cal WILL win a title before he leaves for the nba. Don't just say cuz he is going to get the best talent. There is a reason the teams that tend to win the title have juniors and sseniors on the team its because those guys are a big part of the March run. Leadership and teamwork > talent. If it was only based on talent then Duke sure as fuck wouldnt have beaten Baylor and WVU wouldnt have beaten UK and Butler wouldnt have beaten Syracuse among many other upsets. Talent helps but you have to have experience and leadership and teamwork and that was a weakness of Kentuckys. They were one of the most talented teams ever this year but they were far from flawless. Cal is a great recruiter (probably the best ever) but he needs to improve his coaching in tough situations, you can throw Thad Matta in that same general area but a step or two below Cal. I'm not in here to just piss you off i am in here to state an opinion to facilitate some interesting offseason discussion and no one has been able to argue against that opinion they just start yelling 7 titles! So lets discuss the idea of a bunch of inexperienced vs experienced players instead of being steelers fans.
  9. [quote name='#22' date='16 April 2010 - 05:09 PM' timestamp='1271455749' post='878401'] Like in 1998? [/quote] they shouldnt have even gotten to the elite 8 in 1998. they played over their heads that year.
  10. [quote name='scharm' date='15 April 2010 - 07:58 PM' timestamp='1271379482' post='878138'] Hilarious. [b]There is one school with more NCs than Kentucky and it isn't Duke. So I'm not sure were you are getting this assumption that Kentucky is just happy with E8s and S16s. [/b] I like you posting in this thread, I can smell the fear. Cal and UK with 1 season have already got the rivals upset. Yeah so he took a program from NIT to E8 in one year and maybe it take season 3 to cut down the nets for No. 8. Like Duke wins NCs every year. Sure Duke and UNC had no interest in Wall. That's kinda a nice a story to explain Kentucky swooping in and taking him from their own back yard. [/quote] Good job but uve won a total of 2 while ive been alive and maybe 3 while uve been alive. because you won 4 in the 40s and 50s doesnt make you a stud now. no one gives a shit. any reds fan that wasnt alive to witness the Big Red Machine doesnt use the 75 and 76 WS titles as something to brag about or talk shit. That is a steelers fan move. Since 1978 you have 3. 0 in the 80s and 0 in the 2000s. Before this year it had been a while since anyone thought UK was a contender and UK fans sound happy as hell with their elite 8 showing. That makes it look like you were pretty damn happy with just elite 8s and sweet 16s. Oh and im not sure why you used the word rival. I dont consider UK a rival because since ive been alive UK hasnt concerned Duke. You want Duke to be a rival because you are still devastated but they look right over you at other teams.
  11. [quote name='scharm' date='15 April 2010 - 12:57 PM' timestamp='1271354240' post='877977'] You think other SEC schools are building trophy cases with this going on? [b]You think UNC and Duke enjoy Kentucky waltzing in North Carolina and take the No. 1 player that is in their back yard (John Wall). [/b]You think IU and Crean (although they are used to it by now) are happy that top highschool Indiana talent is leaving? Your above statement is respresentative of the spin job from other programs. Sure UNC, IU, UL, Duke and their fans will spin whatever they need to tell themselves, but I'm sure they'd love to have Tubby back at UK so they would have one less power school to fight off for top talent. [/quote] Considering Coach K has avoided 1 and done players since Luol Deng left i dont think he gives a shit lol. I will never fear UK when Duke is in the hunt for a NC because they are going for way too many 1 and dones and need to get some balance and veteran starters on the team. Go get 3 top 10 players but then drop back and get some guys who are in the 50s range so you have some juniors and seniors down the road. Rotating in a completely new SL is going to take its toll in march every year.
  12. [quote name='scharm' date='08 April 2010 - 07:26 PM' timestamp='1270772778' post='876213'] Cal will eventually leave UK after he cements his legacy by hanging a national championship. [/quote] he said that at memphis and it didnt happen. i dont see it happening at UK either. he will bail before then unless he changes his philosophy.
  13. [quote name='Bunghole' date='08 April 2010 - 04:21 PM' timestamp='1270761660' post='876169'] LOL @ the "coaching the Nets" comment. Cal is a great recruiter, he'll have the best talent every year, so to a degree, that formula is sustainable. [/quote] why would u LOL @ the nets comment? Cal has stated he'd like to coach in the NBA again. Nets fan base wants him, Nets new owner has stated he is interested, Cal is all about the money and Nets owner will throw ridiculous money for a HC he wants, plus Cal can go to the Nets and get John Wall with the first pick and they have a chance to lure Lebron or one of the other big time FAs.
  14. [quote name='Bunghole' date='02 April 2010 - 10:43 PM' timestamp='1270266190' post='874891'] I don't see Orton leaving, and Bledsoe is FAR from NBA ready. [/quote] orton is more than halfway out the door. he's been told based on his size and potential he is a top 20 pick for sure
  15. [quote name='Bunghole' date='01 April 2010 - 06:58 PM' timestamp='1270166300' post='874597'] Where'd you hear that? EIGHT scholarships? Why? I don't believe that. They don't have [i]that[/i] many seniors/NBA-bound players. Maybe a few guys will transfer to smaller schools if they aren't good enough to play significant minutes at UK. Regardless, Calipari can recruit and gaps will be filled, and we'll have enough returning talent to compete. [/quote] Patterson Wall Cousins Bledsoe Perry Stevenson Daniel Orton (yes he is said to be declaring cuz he will be a 1st round pick soley cuz of his height/potential) That is six. Krebs and Harris are seniors are they on scholarships? I could see Dodson and/or Liggins wanting to transfer.
  16. UK lost because they finally met a team that played great defense and UK settled for jumpers. Why? Because Calipari doesnt incorporate a lot of teamwork into his coaching. He focuses on 1 on 1 ball and thats why he gets a bunch of 1 and done players. He did the same thing at Memphis. Before the year started i told the UK fans i know that if they have an off game from a couple of their stars they will be in trouble because Calipari doesn't have the ability to adapt the gameplan because he doesnt really run an offense. That is exactly what he did at Memphis. His weakness is creating a team offense just like Huggins struggles with making a good offense. Both are damn good coaches but those weaknesses are what keep them from having titles and going into the great coaches discussion. I'm not attacking UK or WVU/UC so don't get all pissy. And I don't want to hear about UK looking like a great team offense against Wake or Cornell because they were playing against guys who werent even in their league.
  17. I'm glad Vaughn finished his career with a good game after having an offseason.
  18. [quote name='#22' date='14 March 2010 - 08:32 PM' timestamp='1268616721' post='870565'] You mean the same Demon Deacons who lost by 21 to Miami about a week ago? They will be lucky to stay within 30 of Texas. I picked Wake to go to the Final 4 last season. Perhaps that's why I have such a hardon for them. [/quote] haha, final four last year? ouch. they are young and inconsistent but if Texas counts wake out at all wake will beat the shit out of them. wake talent wise is top 5 in NCAA (#1 in ACC easily) but they are young with an inexperienced coach as well. they show up and they dominate people, they dont show up and they get dominated.
  19. [quote name='JC' date='14 March 2010 - 07:36 PM' timestamp='1268613388' post='870552'] Texas in round two is kind of brutal.. [/quote] round 2? texas has a fucking bitch of a matchup with wake forest.
  20. [quote name='Bunghole' date='14 March 2010 - 01:08 PM' timestamp='1268590084' post='870450'] Miss State playing like their Big Dance dreams depend on it! That's right, because they do!! [/quote] if Miss. St could have played like that all year they wouldnt have been a bubble team that just burst lol
  21. [quote name='#22' date='27 January 2010 - 12:59 AM' timestamp='1264571971' post='859956'] Yeah, 2 weeks ago, it was hard to put Cousins over a 250 pound man in an imaginary matchup. Now, it's not so hard. B[b]TW, Cousins=Nazr is only about as dumb as UT=2010 National Champions. [/b] Whatever, though. I'm more than happy to be wrong about Cousins. [/quote] lets bash a preseason pick! you know damn well UT would be in the running for the NC if they didnt have a couple of idiots do stupid crap and get kicked off the team.
  22. [quote name='FulcherVulcher33' date='23 January 2010 - 07:22 PM' timestamp='1264292576' post='859272'] We will be #1 on monday,I been waiting for this for sometime now [/quote] well at least you got a day haha. so whoever said Cousins = Nazr? wtf?!?! Cousins is FAR superior. He is one of the best freshman centers to EVER play in NCAA.
  23. [quote name='#22' date='26 November 2009 - 02:13 AM' timestamp='1259216039' post='833194'] That game should never have gone to overtime. Yancy was [i]clearly[/i] fouled. [/quote] ya but the way UC fucked themselves at the FT line im sure he would have missed both.
  24. [quote name='IKOTA' date='25 November 2009 - 11:59 AM' timestamp='1259164772' post='833060'] I doubt it. They have the potential to, but they're a young team. 2 Freshman, a Sophomore, Jr and Sr starting with the top reserves a freshman, a sophomore, a junior and finally Toyloy a Sr. They have insane depth though. I actually think Syracuse or West Virginia may win the league over Villanova or at least have the potential to. I think Villanova, Syracuse, WV, UC and UCONN will battle it out for the top 5 spots in the B-East. Pitt is decent also, just lack offense but they'll play hard each game. [/quote] I think nova wins it. WVU is good but i think UC is better. Syracuse is good but they wont continue that domination once their schedule gets difficult in the heat of big east play. i really dont believe in uconn. their post game is kind of weak and their 1-3 are better defensive than offensive players.
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