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  1. He cost Fox a lot of money. Well, Fox cost Fox a lot of money, but they needed a scapegoat I guess. I hear Fox is woke now.
  2. Good morning? I figured he now greets everyone with, "up yours."
  3. How long before OBJ crybabies his way off the Ravens?
  4. I assume/hope that because of the CBA there can't be Bobby Bonilla style shenanigans with Joe's contract? The Reds only have to make two more $3.59M payments to Ken Griffey, Jr.
  5. It's ok. They never planned to deliver anything.
  6. Still waiting on consequences.
  7. I'll bet you a dollar it won't be consumer-friendly.
  8. pic taken by an English mate [buddy] of mine in Z├╝rich. I told him to yell, "WHO DEY!" but it was too late; the Bengal Fellow was already gone.
  9. Collinsworth, lol https://nypost.com/2022/10/17/cris-collinsworth-drops-explicit-comment-on-sunday-night-football/
  10. What about her e-mails?
  11. even if he hadn't gone there for a short while -- maybe he's a sports fan and thought it would be fun?
  12. I found you some more pixels.
  13. No, never. But in this case I was agreeing with you.
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