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  1. Okay, since KC won, does that mean it's back to them having home field if they play us in the AFC Championship game rather than a neutral field? I assume it would still be a neutral field if they play Buffalo since Buffalo could have also had 14 wins if not for the cancellation.
  2. I kind of hope KC wins today just so I don't have to be pissed about missing out on the #1 seed.
  3. Everyone in Cincinnati has done the right thing through this, from management, players and fans. Buffalo needs to do the right thing and end this shit that is going to ruin the playoffs for a lot of teams. They were going to lose the game anyway.
  4. I'm sorry, but Buffalo needs to step the fuck up and forfeit the game that they were losing in so the games can continue as they should.
  5. I actually agree, BJ made the same argument last night and I think it's the most fair thing for all. I actually think the Bills should come out and, if they don't want to use the word forfeit, they should concede the loss.
  6. Sucks for them, but it should be a Bills forfeit, or however you want to say the game is over and the score stands. If we had been losing they would get the win.
  7. $1,377,120 right now. No telling what it will end up being.
  8. If I heard it right on Sports Center, Hamlin has some sort of charity that had about $10,000. They said it is now over $1million.
  9. I'm no expert, and it seems no one really is. All you can do is research and decide for yourself what to believe, opinions vary widely.
  10. Some will think I'm a crazy conspiracy theorist, but it sounds like Covid vaccine reaction to me. There's a lot of evidence out there of people dropping dead soon after the vaccine/booster, or weeks/months later. Not saying that's what it is, but I wouldn't rule it out. Not looking for a debate about whether or not that's batshit crazy, but you might want to research it a little before you discount it.
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