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  1. Going in a completely different direction, the 18 year old wanted to see Brave so we saw it on Wednesday. It was very good right up to the scene where it became very predictable. Saw a preview for Monsters Inc 2 and the one scene they showed was hilarious. They had a preview for the Hobbit and it looks killer. That comes out December 14, I think.
  2. [quote name='gatorclaws' timestamp='1339437636' post='1134876'] That's My Boy certainly is better than anything Sandler has released in years, but that's not saying a whole lot. I found many parts funny, but wouldn't necessarily recommend it to anyone. Everyone I went with was at least satisfied with it. Good spots with Rex Ryan. Haven't seen Rock of Ages, but it looks decent but probably not my cup of tea. Is the entire thing pretty much a musical or are there just big song/dance numbers [/quote] Did you see Grown Ups? That was non-stop laughter from beginning to end. Just Go With It was funny but not quite in the same league. Jack and Jill was better than JGWI but not as funny as GU, at least that's how our household felt.
  3. Took the family to see MiB3 on Saturday. It was just ok and we're big fans of the series.
  4. Did anyone see The Immortals? (I think that was the name of it.) It was the Greek mythology movie out around Thanksgiving. The previews looked good but we never got around to seeing it.
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