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  1. If Lamb comes back, I feel more confident having him run the point than Harrow or Beckham. I already feel sorry for Nerlens Noel. There's no way he's going to be Anthony Davis pt. 2. Anthony Davis was the kind of player that you don't see two of in a generation, nevermind in back-to-back years. I think Wiltjer could be a [i]stud[/i] by next March, fwiw. Practicing every day against Anthony Davis and Terrence Jones (who, IMHO, would have played himself into the lottery on any other team) has made him pretty good already. I hope that Hood can contribute some minutes next season, too, but I'm not going to hold my breath. Kid has a good shot and some serious hops, but he can't defend.
  2. Yeah, that was probably the best Kentucky team I've ever seen. I think they could beat the '96 squad probably 55% of the time. The 2009 squad is in there somewhere, but they never played as cohesively as this team.
  3. Well this is an unexpected turn of events.
  4. Danny Ferry leaving the Cavs means 1 or 2 things, btw: 1.)LeBron is gone. 2.)LeBron brings in a coach he likes. If 2, then we could be in a jam.
  5. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100528/ap_on_sp_co_ne/bkc_uconn_ncaa Cal is going to have his work cut out for him trying to keep up with Calhoun. LOL
  6. Yeah, Washington should really hate Kentucky about now...Jones and Kanter were both stolen out from under the Huskies.
  7. [quote name='ThurmanMunster' date='16 April 2010 - 06:14 PM' timestamp='1271456045' post='878404'] they shouldnt have even gotten to the elite 8 in 1998. they played over their heads that year. [/quote] They played over their heads this year. I didn't think Coach K had any coaching left [i]in him[/i], but he proved me wrong. That, and they had an easy path to the Championship game this season. In 10 years, though, no one will look back and say they were undeserving.
  8. [img]http://freelancewritinggigs.com/networkblogging/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/Please-dont-feed-the-trolls.jpg[/img]
  9. That was the best game UK has played all season, and one of the best all-around games I've ever seen. Let's hope that they can just do [i]that[/i] 4 more times...
  10. You mean the same Demon Deacons who lost by 21 to Miami about a week ago? They will be lucky to stay within 30 of Texas. I picked Wake to go to the Final 4 last season. Perhaps that's why I have such a hardon for them.
  11. My preseason final 4 (which I think is on here somewhere) was Kansas, WVU, Nova, and UK. I'm still feeling pretty good about mine. and UT wouldn't do shit with or without those three rocket scientists they lost, because they play sloppy defense, rely too much on the three point shot, and can't hit free throws.
  12. Yeah, 2 weeks ago, it was hard to put Cousins over a 250 pound man in an imaginary matchup. Now, it's not so hard. BTW, Cousins=Nazr is only about as dumb as UT=2010 National Champions. Whatever, though. I'm more than happy to be wrong about Cousins.
  13. Perhaps, but that was a HUGE win for the program...
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